Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 1650

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The masked woman quickly took off her mask, revealing a good-looking face with intense shock evident in her eyes.

The young woman before her was actually the leader of the Rose of Death… the legendary Black Widow?!

How could she have believed it when this young woman claimed she was Black Widow just now?!

“This subordinate deserves to die!”

In a flash, the masked woman knelt down on one knee next to Ye Wanwan with terror on her face.

What kind of joke was this… She actually spoke to Black Widow like that just now…

“The ignorant are innocent.”

Ye Wanwan smiled lightly and gently pulled the masked woman up by her arm.

The masked woman looked flattered and overwhelmed, tensely staring at Ye Wanwan from the side.

“Boss, this is Nine Tails. She’s new to the Rose of Death and was once an S+-rank mercenary from Stars and Sun Academy,” the elderly man introduced her to Ye Wanwan.

“Nine Tails…” Ye Wanwan looked pensive.

She had heard of this alias before.

“You’re the defected mercenary who escaped after killing several S+-rank mercenary students from Stars and Sun Academy?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“That’s right!” The woman nodded, confirming it. She was a defected mercenary indeed.

“No wonder…”

Ye Wanwan suddenly recalled that she saw a mission related to Nine Tails when she was at Scarlet Flames Academy’s mission issuance board.

Either kill or capture Nine Tails alive, someone who was S-rank herself…

She didn’t expect this defected mercenary from Stars and Sun Academy to have joined her Rose of Death group.

“Boss… You… you don’t mind that I’m a defected mercenary… and might attract retaliation from Stars and Sun Academy later, right?” Nine Tails frowned deeply and anxiously stared at Ye Wanwan.

Nine Tails herself didn’t expect a formidable faction to dare to take her in after becoming a defected mercenary. Moreover, this formidable faction was the legendary Rose of Death!

Ye Wanwan immediately sunk into contemplation.

The more silent Ye Wanwan became, the more nervous and dejected Nine Tails became.

A moment later, Ye Wanwan looked up at Nine Tails and asked aloofly, “What? You think my Rose of Death would be scared of the mere Stars and Sun Academy?”

Nine Tails’ dejection and nervousness disappeared instantly, and she vehemently shook her head. “Of course not!”

“Stars and Sun Academy isn’t worth mentioning in my eyes,” Ye Wanwan indifferently said.

Although Ye Wanwan was saying that, she was trembling inwardly. Was she boasting too far…? After all, one of the three great academies wasn’t a joke…

“Haha, Nine Tails, what are you worried about? Did you think the Rose of Death would be scared of Stars and Sun Academy? Perform well, and perhaps the boss will eradicate Stars and Sun Academy for you when she’s in a good mood one day!” the elderly man interjected.

“Yes!” Nine Tails nodded frantically.

Ye Wanwan: “…” Eradicate your a**…

Soon, Ye Wanwan followed the elderly man and Nine Tails inside the manor.

After learning of Ye Wanwan’s arrival, Liuying, Old Jiang, and the others immediately came out to receive her.

Although they couldn’t match these new members of the Rose of Death in terms of martial strength, they were skilled at establishing rules and order, so they could be considered as talented manager types.

Ye Wanwan knew everything there was to know about Liuying, Old Jiang, and the other group, so allowing them to be in management roles not only satisfied their vanity and ego but also set her own mind at ease.

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