Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 1976

Chapter 1976 Emperor Ji Goes Missing

Chapter 1976 Emperor Ji goes missing

"Sis Feng, why are you calling? Heavenly Owls boss went missing!" Big Dipper hastily interjected.

"Huh? Went missing?" Ye Wanwan was astonished and caught off guard.

"Thats right, she went missing. It happened just in these past two days, and the people from Heavenly Owl thought it was the Fearless Alliance who did it since Heavenly Owls boss only lowers her defenses against us, the Fearless Alliance. Aside from the Fearless Alliance, its impossible for even a power like Asura to abduct Heavenly Owls boss without any notice!" Big Dipper said with a sigh. "" Ye Wanwan mused to herself. This is seriously a disaster falling from the sky unwarranted, even though all I was doing was sending messages in my office! Heavenly Owls boss is incredibly friendly toward the Fearless Alliance, so why would the Fearless Alliance abduct their boss? Are the people from Heavenly Owl missing their brains?!

"What does Heavenly Owls missing boss have anything to do with us? Are those people stupid?" Ye Wanwan was incensed.

Although the Fearless Alliance often did this kind of thing, the target mattered, alright? Heavenly Owls boss had such a good relationship with her back then and helped her so much when she founded the Fearless Alliance, so there was no way she would do such an utterly heartless thing regardless of how wretched she was!

Soon, Ye Wanwan received news that several higher-ups from Heavenly Owl had come to the Fearless Alliance.

Ye Wanwan didnt slack off and immediately greeted the higher-ups. When faced with their inquisition, Ye Wanwan swore that their Fearless Alliance absolutely wasnt the culprit.

After getting rid of those higher-ups from Heavenly Owl, Ye Wanwan instantly ordered Second Elder to bring some people and investigate this matter. They better not discover someone was intentionally framing the Fearless Alliance for this.

Moreover, the Fearless Alliance was indebted to Heavenly Owls boss, so they had to find her!

However, in the following two days, many famous and powerful figures in the Independent State subsequently went missing one after another, as though they evaporated into thin air. All contact with them was cut, and there wasnt any news of them no matter how hard people searched.

Until the third day

Inside her office in the Fearless Alliance, Ye Wanwan stared at First Elder in shock.

"Thats absolutely impossible." Ye Wanwan was incredulous.

"President, its true. Its absolutely true Emperor Ji went missing last night" First Elder repeated with a frown.

Ye Wanwan could understand it if the boss of Heavenly Owl and some veteran factions in the Independent State went missing, but when it was Emperor Jis turn

Who was Emperor Ji?

Ji Xiuran was the heir to the Ji family, one of the Independent States four great clans, and the emperor of all of Europes underground powers-a frightening figure who could nearly control all of the Independent State with a crook of his finger. But he actually went missing?!

"Emperor Ji really went missing?" Ye Wanwan was still unwilling to accept this unbelievable truth.

"Yes, President, Emperor Ji did indeed go missing. Not only that, but theres news that he fought with someone intensely before going missing since there was a lot of fresh blood inside the room. Its also been verified that blood is Emperor Jis." First Elder had a deep frown on his face.

A person like Emperor Ji held immense power and lorded over the Independent State, but he mysteriously disappeared in his own territory, even leaving behind a large amount of his own blood at the crime scene. That was enough to shock every faction in the Independent State.

After receiving news of Emperor Jis disappearance, Ye Wanwan didnt hesitate and immediately ordered Big Dipper to drive her to Emperor Jis headquarters and the Ji Estate.




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