Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet Chapter 1977

Chapter 1977 Theres Big Trouble

Chapter 1977 Theres big trouble

However, whether it was Emperor Jis headquarters or the Ji Estate, they were dizzy with work and were madly searching for Ji Xiurans whereabouts. Combined with the fact that a tremendous number of factions also dropped by the area to obtain more information, no one had any time to receive Ye Wanwan or anyone for that matter.

To avoid causing trouble for Emperor Jis faction and the Ji family, Ye Wanwan had no choice but to leave and stop disturbing them.

Although Ye Wanwan didnt feel any adoration for Emperor Ji anymore and had given her whole heart to Si Yehan, Ji Xiuran was her benefactor. Without Ji Xiuran, where would she be today?

Hence, Ye Wanwan was immensely worried about Ji Xiurans disappearance.

When she returned to the Fearless Alliance, she immediately dispatched a lot of members to help search for Ji Xiurans whereabouts. She was aware that the impact would be minimal, but she and the Fearless Alliance had to do something at a time like this or else she wouldnt be able to rest easy.

Ji Xiuran truly provided a lot of warmth to Ye Wanwan, especially when she just arrived in the Independent State-a stranger in a strange place. When she was asking a tiger for its skin in the Fearless Alliance, it was Ji Xiuran who stayed by her side and helped her gain a better understanding of the Independent State and the Fearless Alliance, allowing Ye Wanwan to develop a better chance of survival. This warmth was familial, and their feelings for each other were like that of an older brother and a younger sister. Normal people might not comprehend it, but Ye Wanwan understood it.

Inside the office, Ye Wanwans face was so dark that ink could drip from it. Her chilly and sinister eyes stared outside the window. She swore that if someone dared to harm Ji Xiuran, she would rip them into shreds!

"Actually, Sis Feng, theres one more matter."

The quiet Seven Star spoke up after a lengthy silence.

"What is it?" Ye Wanwan asked with a frown.

"Sis Feng, Big Brother Wen Ziran left for a long time, and logically speaking, he shouldve returned long ago. However, there hasnt been any news from him recently, and when the Fearless Alliance attempted to contact Big Brother Wen Ziran these last few days they couldnt reach him at all," Seven Star replied.

"Sis Feng, Brother Ziran isnt dead, right?" Big Dipper was brimming with worry.

Big Dipper and Seven Star were led by Wen Ziran after Ye Wanwan left the Independent State, so they had a superb relationship.

Seven Star turned to Big Dipper. His lips drew open as though he wanted to say something but couldnt utter a word.

It was hard to accept this kind of result, but it wasnt improbable.

Ye Wanwan couldnt remember Wen Ziran at all, but she knew Wen Ziran was her sworn elder brother.

Wen Ziran was also known as the number one fighter in the Fearless Alliance, so she wagered that she couldnt defeat him back then

How could a fighter like that disappear and die?

"Many strange things have indeed happened in the Independent State lately, Sis Feng. Heavenly Owls boss, the leaders of some top-notch, long-established factions, and even Emperor Ji and Big Brother Wen Ziran all disappeared peculiarly. Is there a connection here?" Seven Star started analyzing the recent situation in an attempt to calm himself down.

"Old Seven, are you saying its the same group of people behind the disappearances of all these bosses and big shots?" Big Dipper stared at Seven Star incredulously. What kind of cosmic joke was that?!

"I also think its inconceivable, but it isnt improbable. If this is true, are Emperor Ji and the others currently still alive or gone from this world?" Seven Star asked.



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