Pet King Chapter 1082

Chapter 1082 Appoint

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Zhang Zian saw that Vladimir did not have any intentions of leaving, at least for the time being. He stopped walking, wanting to see what it wanted to do.

Hundreds of stray cats seemed to have anticipated something. Under the leadership of dozens of branch managers, they regrouped and arranged themselves in an orderly line. Although it was not particularly neat, it was enough to shock Zhang Zian.

The stray cats were no longer a disorderly crew, but a fledgling army. Thousands of cats did not run and scream, but instead looked up at Vladimir, waiting for its speech.

“Everyone did well! You fought a fight that we won! We overthrew the evil thing that very arrogant and bullied us for so long! Without the help of every cat here, we would definitely not have won the battle so easily!”

Zhang Zian’s gaze flitted through the faces of the stray cats. They had muddy faces, but high morales.

“My stray cats––this is the last time I can call you that! You have no clothes, no food, no place to live––you spend every day in vagrancy; you were abandoned by your owners; and for some of you, you were stray cats from birth. You could only watch the domestic cats be loved by human beings, but you had nothing!” Vladimir said with strong emotions.

Its words resonated with the stray cats. Some of them bowed their heads in spite of their grievances. Some of them stared at the clouds in the sky. Others were puzzled as to why it would never call them stray cats again.

“Even though you all have nothing, look around you, look around you, look around you! Look at your companions––you have each other. You share the same beliefs. All stray cats are a united and selfless family. You will save food for needier stray cats; you will give homes to stray cats that are smaller than you; you will care for each other and help each other! This is more important than any kind of fine clothes or precious food!”

The stray cats looked at each other. Some of the stray cats had fought hard for territory in the past, but right then, they were standing side by side like actual brothers, feeling the warmth from each other’s bodies.

Vladimir took a deep breath and announced, “From now on, you guys are no longer stray cats, but non-propertied cats!”

Zhang Zian was speechless.

Although it was just changing the way it addressed them, the stray cats were especially excited. It was like they had received new life. They hugged each other and rubbed against each other.

Vladimir looked at them with a smile and waited for their emotions to calm down a little. It then said, “After my analysis, the root cause of our bullying and oppression is the backwardness and decay of human thought. Many people refuse to admit that we are the same as them as they wantonly injure and kill our fellow species!”

The stray cats were angry. Vladimir’s words reminded them of their sad past. They were vagrant wanderers… Which stray cat had not been bullied by human beings? Whether it was adults or mischievous children, they often threw stones and drove them away from their sought after hiding places.

Vladimir clenched one of its front paws into a fist, but did not wave it. Instead, it raised it up high and yelled out, “Eliminate the violent tendency of humans, and the world belongs to the cats!”

Its powerful slogan made the stray cats boil. They could no longer restrain the wild excitement in their bodies. They screamed endlessly. The whole green space became a sea of excitement and craziness.

Zhang Zian was stunned. That was the first time he had heard Vladimir’s slogan. The screams that sounded like the sound of a tsunami made his eardrums ring, and the birds around the green space were so frightened that they flew away.

So, that was the true meaning of “As cats meow about the changing sky.” He had thought it was referring to the Holy Cat Statue in the past, but had always had some doubts about it. He understood it for the first time that day.

It was not just that… He suddenly felt numerous piercing gazes gathered on him.

A lot of stray cats that had come from afar had not met him before, and did not know him. Upon seeing that he was there, they were naturally angry at him.

There was a fine layer of sweat on his back, and sweat on his nose. The example of the Holy Cat Statue was still in front of him. Would he be the next flag worshiper? If he had known earlier, he would not have stayed to see the excitement…

Vladimir changed its tone and said, “That is our ultimate goal. But there are some humans that have already reflected, and a few humans that have higher ideological awareness and sympathy for us. Some spare no effort to shout for our liberation cause, such as the human being standing amongst you. We will all certainly be willing to give them a chance with a clear mind and a clear sense of gratitude, right?”

Its words touched the hearts of the stray cats. They had been bullied by humans, but also helped by humans. Many stray cats were picked up and adopted by humans. Many humans, though unable to take them all due to objective conditions, bought cat food every day to feed them so that they could not suffer from hunger and starvation.

Zhang Zian’s eyes became very gentle. The stray cat sitting next to him patted his shoes with its paws and rubbed his trousers to express its friendship and gratitude.

“Our road to liberation still has a long way to go. The future is bright and the road is tortuous, but our cause will surely win the final victory. No one can stop us!” Vladimir said, cheering up the hearts of the cats.

All the cats quieted down again, waiting for Vladimir’s next order.

It looked around the room again and declared, “In order to convey instructions more efficiently and defend our homeland more effectively, I have decided to restructure our team.”

“Big Orange!” it yelled. The fat orange tabby stood up. “I appoint you as the First Commander of the Meow Army, in charge of the Eastern War Zone!”

Zhang Zian was speechless. You stray cats really know how to play!

Big Orange puffed out its chest and was touched as it backed away.

“Softy, I appoint you the Second Commander of the Meow Army, in charge of the Southern War Zone!” The grey and white soft-eared cat confidently received its orders.

“Little White, I appoint you the Third Commander of the Meow Army, in charge of the Western War Zone!” The elegant, shorthaired, white cat lowered its head to bow.

“As for the Fourth Commander of the Meow Army.” Vladimir looked at the earless black cat and Scald-head. Although it had always been the earless black cat that was in charge of the north side, the earless black cat had a very soft personality and did not like to fight. It needed another cat to help out.

Vladimir announced, “A Que will take up the position as the Fourth Commander of the Meow Army, and Scald-head will be the vice commander. You two will be in charge of the Northern War Zone!” The two of them looked at each other and nodded to accept the order.

Vladimir was done giving out the orders and said in a serious tone, “This is an honor, and even more so, a responsibility. You guys need to do your job properly, and not let down everyone’s trust.”

The stray cat leaders nodded their heads.

“Then…” Vladimir’s gaze moved away, and it stared at Zhang Zian. It seemed to be smiling, yet also not. “I also have an important task for you. Are you interested?”

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