Pet King Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084 Philosophy

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Upon seeing Vladimir’s real name, Zhang Zian felt that it was out of his expectations, but reasonable.

It was not a cat of a certain person. Since philosophy was different from natural science, Newton’s three laws were put forward after Newton––no one could take that away. In other words, natural science could be accurately described with mathematical language, but philosophy could not be described with mathematical language. Any amount of philosophy that was first introduced by someone would be perfected and supplemented by later generations.

Whether it was Newton’s Three Laws or quantum theory, although they were always talked about, there were only a few people who were really qualified to improve and supplement the theories. For philosophy, however… even a university professor dared to randomly whisper their opinions on the matter.

In that respect, dialectical materialism was no exception. Although Marx first put it forward, the philosophy relying on natural science kept pace with the development of natural science, and was constantly improved upon and supplemented by others.

So Vladimir was not a cat that was born of a single person’s ideas, but a cat that was born from the intelligence of a group.

As for why cats were not other animals… Perhaps it was because those who had made great contributions to philosophy had either raised cats and loved them as much as their own lives, or had said well-known, cat-related sayings.

Besides that, there was also a detail that got Zhang Zian’s attention: The game used the word “fanatic” to describe the strength of Vladimir’s faith.

That was his first time seeing an elfin’s faith described as “fanatic.”

Whether it was Fina, who was “epic/legendary,” or Galaxy, whose ranking was unknown, the game used the words “extremely big” to describe their strength of faith. Of all the many elfins he had collected so far, only Vladimir was described as “fanatic.”

There were two possibilities: One was that, since Vladimir was actually a legendary elfin, perhaps all the legendary elfins’ strength of faith was “fanatic.” Secondly was… perhaps the strength of faith was not related to the amount of faith, but instead was related to the quality.

There were a lot of people––hundreds of millions––who loved cats… However, how many people were actually willing to die for cats?

Likewise, there were hundreds of millions of people who were well-known or knew a little about quantum theory, but how many of them were willing to die for quantum theory?

However, dialectical materialists were willing to shed blood in order to realize their beliefs. That was the difference. That was the difference between “extremely big” and “fanatic.” It was so big that it was like a natural ravine.

Zhang Zian could not judge which of the two possibilities was right, but there was no doubt that, although there was only a half a level difference between legendary and epic/legendary, the belief power of that half a level was unimaginable to most elfins.

That could explain a lot of the questions concerning Vladimir.

Why could it choose when it appeared on the game radar? Why could it break the confinement set by the game with its own strength? And why could it defeat the Holy Cat Statue that the other elfins were helpless against…?

Because it had the power of a legendary elfin, and because of the difference in levels, it was like a university student going to kindergarten to show off.

Zhang Zian was still staring at his mobile phone in a daze. He heard a voice behind him say, “Are you interested in sex philosophy?”

He had yet to be pulled back to reality, and was immersed in the world of dialectical materialism. He responded casually, “Of course. After all, the Marxist philosophy is a compulsory course in universities…”

Before he had finished, he noticed that something was wrong. He looked back quickly and saw Richard turning its little black eyes and staring at him with malice. “What’s the meaning of horse philosophy?” it asked. “Let’s learn from Uncle Ben about sex philosophy!”

Zhang Zian looked around his feet. There seemed to be nothing but mud that could be used as a weapon. He did not want to dirty his hands, so he scolded it, “You––shut your mouth! Don’t you know that Pi’s novel has been labeled as vulgar? It’s all your fault!”

“Ga ga! How can this be blamed on me? You were already very vulgar before I came along, all right? Don’t think that I don’t know!” Richard said unhappily. “Ai! In this time period, not many people can understand sex philosophy. It’s a tragedy to be a bird that has time traveled!”

Zhang Zian didn’t want to talk to it. It was already too late to go back to sleep before it was time to open the shop. It was estimated that the shop assistants would be coming to work soon. He was going to be very sleepy that day, so he could only catch up on his sleep at noon.

“By the way, aren’t you normally still sleeping at this time? What are you doing here?” It suddenly occurred to him that Richard always stayed in bed until the last elfin got up. Why did he fly down so early?

“Ga ga! Without you to warm my bed, I kept feeling like I was missing something. I could not sleep well…”

Zhang Zian saw that it was talking bullsh*t, so he glared at it. He said, “If you have nothing to do, then hurry and go back upstairs!”

“I came here because I have something to do. Do you not have any bit of gratefulness? It’s like playing the piano to a cow!” Richard shook its head in pity. Its dark pupils suddenly stopped moving. “Ga? What did I want to say?”

Zhang Zian was so angry he almost threw his phone at it. “You fooled around for so long that you forgot!” He was already extremely angry. Richard never had anything important to say. It was probably a dream about sex philosophy. When it woke up, it wanted to talk about it to someone.

Richard patted his head with its wings and suddenly said, “That’s right! I remembered! You’d better go back to the store as soon as possible because it’s a mess! They were so noisy that I could not sleep. I had to volunteer to come to you. It turned out that you were saying something about philosophy, so I wanted to tell you… I thought you could carve dead wood!”

“What?” Zhang Zian thought that he had heard wrong. The shop was a mess? Could it be that some thugs had come to make trouble?

But that was not right… Old Time Tea was in the shop. No matter how many people came, they were not his opponent!

Furthermore, he had locked the door when he went out the night before and had not opened the shop door until he went to the green space. What kind of trouble could there have been?

The most annoying thing was that Richard did not know exactly what happened. Zhang Zian kept asking for more details.

After being woken up on the second floor, it flew out of the window in confusion, heading to the green space to find Zhang Zian. When it heard the words “sex philosophy,” however, it lost its train of thought.

There was nothing else to do in the green space, so Zhang Zian decided to instantly return to the pet shop to figure out what exactly had occured.

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