Phoenix Destiny Chapter 299

Chapter 299

Chapter 299 - Who's Testing the Drugs?

Hearing this, she let down her guard and started to relax.

Great, he's still alive. I'm not going through all this for nothing.

Maybe it was because Lu Mingshu could finally be at ease, but she fell asleep within no time. Due to being in pain for such a long time, she had no more energy left and she was as dead as a rock now.

Seeing her relax and fall asleep, Xie Lianzhen felt his heart melt.

Who would have thought that she's the girl that the Drug Lord is always talking about? Is she here for me? So the Jasper Sun Mountain issue has been settled?

Xie Lianzhen had mixed feelings now. He felt relief that she was fine, but dejected that he was initially going over to help her, not drag her down the water.

She just came out of the mountain, yet she came for me immediately after knowing that I was lost. Xie Lianzhen didn't know what to feel about this fact. He was somehow touched, happy, sad, guilty, and even proud.

Look, others can't find me, but she did. Indeed my type.

However, I would rather be stuck here on my own and have her be free out there.

When he was watching her being experimented on, his heart felt like it was being sliced into pieces. Xie Lianzhen couldn't even breath properly. He put in much effort to keep himself cool and distract the Drug Lord by talking to him, but…

When the Drug Lord entered, all he could see was Xie Lianzhen staring at Lu Mingshu coldly, as if he was examining her closely. There weren't any feelings in his eyes.

"What can you tell?" The Drug Lord stood beside him and looked at Lu Mingshu too.

"Something's not right." Xie Lianzhen bottled up all his feelings and took out the experiment records. "Look, these few herbs should make one's skin turn purple. And this would cause rashes. Oh, and this should cause atrophy to one's muscles, but she seems totally fine. I didn't see any of the conditions on her."

The Drug Lord scratched his head. "Maybe the drugs would offset each other?”

"Possible. But there might be another reason for this." Xie Lianzhen poked Lu Mingshu, who was still deep in a coma. "Her physique is extraordinary."


"This has never happened before, right?"

The Drug Lord nodded. After so many years, even if his drug men could endure the pain, they would still be poisoned. Some even caused serious damage to their bodies, and they could no longer try strong medicines.

"Special results must be because of a special reason," Xie Lianzhen muttered. "Shall I try it?"

The Drug Lord’s jaw dropped. "Boy, you want to try?"

Xie Lianzhen nodded. "One example is never enough. If it works for me too, then you can be sure that this experiment works."

"Aren't you afraid of the pain?" The Drug Lord could remember clearly that this boy in front of him used a secret recipe in exchange so that he would not have to go through the pain anymore.

Sensing the Drug Lord's suspicion, Xie Lianzhen shrugged. "Of course I am. But as a pharmacologist, sacrificing myself to get the answer is more than worth it."

This touched the Drug Lord’s heart. He looked at Xie Lianzhen, eyes welling with tears. "Boy, you're indeed worthy of my liking!"

Xie Lianzhen smiled thinly. "Let's start tomorrow then. She'll only be awake after three or five days. During this time, we can make a comparison."

Seeing Xie Lianzhen's proactive attitude, the Drug Lord started to like him even more. "Sure. Be at ease, little boy. I'll treat you well – very well!"

"Thank you, Drug Lord." Xie Lianzhen bowed. "I'll stay here first so I can keep track of her."

"Sure. Rest well."

The Drug Lord stepped out, and Xie Lianzhen's face fell.

He didn’t know why Lu Mingshu was able to get through the experiment. Maybe it was the usual thing: her weird skills. All he was sure of was that he didn’t want her to go through that pain ever again.

I'll divert his attention to me, and by doing so, I can also garner more of his trust and dig for more information. As soon as I find out how he did what he did, things will be easy.


The poison slowly entered her bloodstream, clearing her meridians. Lu Mingshu opened up her eyes abruptly.

She stared at the unfamiliar environment blankly for a moment, trying to recall what happened. When she realized, she sat up suddenly.

There was no one in the room.

Where is he? Did the Drug Lord lock him up somewhere else?

When she got ready to get down the bed to look for him, Xie Lianzhen came in from outside.

They stared at each other for a moment, before Xie Lianzhen broke the silence. "Hi, you're finally awake. How do you feel?" He sounded so cold and estranged, as if they were just strangers.

Lu Mingshu understood him and nodded. "I'm lucky to still be alive."

He chuckled and pointed to a bucket in the room. "Wash up. We'll have a checkup later on."

Xie Lianzhen then went out of the room.

Lu Mingshu stood rooted to the ground for a moment before she went to wash up.

He looks fine, which means that the Drug Lord is treating him well. What the grandma said was true; others can only be a lab rat, while he only needs his mouth to be treated so nicely. It seems like, even if I didn't come, he would be fine. Well, duh, he's so crafty, why would he need my help?

She shook her head and threw those thoughts to the back of her head, then changed to a set of new clothes.

"What are you doing here?" She could hear the Drug Lord ask.

She could then hear Xie Lianzhen's voice ringing through. "Drug Lord, I was just going to get you. That girl is awake."

"Oh? That's fast!" The Drug Lord sounded shocked. Lu Mingshu could here footsteps coming closer to her.

Lu Mingshu hurriedly kept her mystic pouch. When she turned around, the Drug Lord had already come in.

Seeing that she was fine, the Drug Lord’s eyes shone brightly and he danced around. "Wow, that's so fast! That means that my method did work!"

"Congratulations." Xie Lianzhen plastered a smile on his face. "But we can't come to a conclusion before we compare."

"Yeah!" The Drug Lord tugged him along, not willing to wait any longer. "Shall we do the experiment now?"

"You go first. I'll be there after I have confirmed all the information here."

"Okay." In the blink of an eye, the Drug Lord was already gone.

Lu Mingshu furrowed her eyebrows and looked up at Xie Lianzhen. "Who is doing the experiment?"

"Not you. Rest well, it's my turn now." Xie Lianzhen laughed and walked out.


"Time is precious," Xie Lianzhen mouthed and went out.

Lu Mingshu stood rooted to the ground.

Why does he have to try again when he has already gotten the Drug Lord's trust? Did the Drug Lord force him into it? Or…

She tried to recall the conversation between Xie Lianzhen and the Drug Lord. “Can't come to a conclusion before we compare….” Lu Mingshu clenched her fist.

She sighed and felt anger rising. I have already prepared myself for this, and the experiment doesn’t impose any harm on me. Does he need to do this?

What is this all for?!

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