Pocket Hunting Dimension Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Dont Act Too Cocky and You Can Live Long

Lu Ze flew in the sky with Nangong Jing for about 2 kilometers high and passed through the thick layer of clouds. Then, he saw a space ship stationed in the air.

It was more than 50 meters long and shaped like a water drop. It was completely dark and had complicated golden prints inscribed on it. It seemed very luxurious.

Nangong Jing took Lu Ze to the space ship, and the doors opened itself. Then, Nangong Jing said, "Come in."

for visiting.

Lu Ze nodded and followed.

As soon as he did, Lu Ze looked around with curiosity.

A private spaceship. This was similar to a top luxury car back on the Earth era.

Nangong Jing saw this and grinned with a bit of pride. "What do you think? Not bad, right? My private spaceship? The attack and defense systems can reach planetary state. Its speed is very high too. From here to the Shar system battlefield, we're going to only take six days."

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