Pocket Hunting Dimension Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Teacher Nangong Is Really A Peerless Woman

After feeling the coercion emerging from Lu Ze's whole body, Nangong Jing opened her eyes slightly, a little flash of surprise flashed under her eyes.

She originally thought that Lu Ze could go to the seventh floor of Xuanwu Realm well, but he did not expect that he actually reached the eighth floor of Xuanwu Realm.

This talent is almost going to catch up with her.

I should know that her talents are considered to be top-notch among the boys, and there are only a few people who can compare with her.

Here it shows that Lu Ze's talent is also regarded as the upper class in the son.

Alas, astonishment is only just astonishment.

It doesn't stop her The boy's determination.

I must let this kid know:

Some things are extremely important to a girl who is 18 years old and 142 months old! !!

She raised her brow slightly, and a ray of golden light circulated. Then, the power of terror erupted and scattered the surrounding space.

Lu Luze looked at the golden light on Nangong Jing's body, and froze slightly.

He feels that his strength is relatively violent, but he is a younger brother than Nangong Jing.

The golden light seemed to contain a golden war beast roaring in the sky, extremely horrifying.

Lin Inspiration on the side was affected by the horror of the two, and her depressed face was a little pale, and she slightly backed away by hundreds of meters, so that her originally dull chest opened again.

Then, her smart eyes stared at Lu Ze twinkling with the glory and breeze of the whole body, her eyes shocked and unbelievable.

Although she seems to be smiling and heartless at this moment, she has spent the month on the battlefield, and she has died a few times, just because she is not willing to lose.

Even so, at this moment, she has just reached the second level of Xuanwu Realm.

For a month, from the fourth floor of Lingwu Realm to the second floor of Xuanwu Realm, it seemed like a monster to outsiders, but after understanding her experience, she took it for granted.

She was even invited to stay in the army on many occasions, and all the training resources were provided by the military.

Even so, she declined.

After all, Lu Ze fell from the sky, and the scene of turning the palm to kill the swarm was too shocking. Her current goal is to surpass Lu Ze.

But even so, compared to Lu Ze's progress, it is still a little worse.

After the explosion of power, Nangong Jing's eyes became cold, she looked at Lu Ze and grinned, "boy, I'm on."

He said, slender thighs kicked on the ground, a loud noise came, and Nangong Jing's body turned into an afterimage, which instantly appeared on Lu Ze's side.

The dazzling golden light flashed on the fist of fist, the terrifying force came, and Lu Ze's whole hair was raised.

Hold the grass!

This guy!

The melee strength of the same level is definitely stronger than Uncle Merlin!

In the case of at least equal strength, even Merlin has not put so much pressure on Lu Ze.

This pink powdery little fist punched him down, he was afraid to explode on the spot.

Lu Lu's gaze was cold, his hands turned into palms, and the strength in his body continued to flow, blocking Nangong Jing's small fist.

boom! !!

The fist palms intersect, only a murmur sounds, and even the air waves set off by the aftermath are very subtle.

It seems that the two are just intimately fighting.

But Lu Ze is now the most bitter one.

Auntie! What's the power of this guy?

There was no trace of scum, and all the power was used on the blade.

With just this punch, the horrible force ripped open the softness that Lu Ze originally thought could be blocked, like a turbulent tide pouring into his body.

Lu Luze's whole body flashed with glaze, the spiritual power contained in each cell surged, and the pale golden fist that nangongjing blasted into his body was wiped out.

At the same time, Lu Ze drifted away instantly by Nangong Jing's strength.

He shook his hands, and his sore mouth twitched.

This man is strong!

It was almost two months before the first battle with Nangong Jing.

Nangong Jing was still a twelve-year-old little loli at the time, and she was almost beaten by the little fist and died on the spot.

I did not expect this time, under the same level of power, I still seem to have never played.

When Lu Ze was shocked, Nangong Jing was no less shocked than Lu Ze.

Although it is said that they both use the eight-layer power of Xuanwu Realm, their understanding of power is absolutely different.

How else could she just agree to Lu Ze's request?

Her purpose is to take good care of Lu Ze for a meal, but not frustrated!

However, she did not expect that this was a full punch, and she used her power to the limit without any waste at all. She just repelled Lu Ze? ?

Her original idea was to lose Lu Ze's fighting power with a punch, and then hang him for a meal!

This is completely different from the script she wrote in her heart. !!

Neither of them apparently thought of the shock in each other's heart, they both felt that the other thief was strong, and his eyes were once again staring.

Lu Luze now thinks in his heart, should he secretly increase his strength?

Otherwise, I m afraid I m really going to be hung up and pumped?

She said, with the strength of Nangong Jing, if she secretly strengthened herself, she would definitely feel it?

and many more!

I never seem to say that I am the eighth floor of Xuanwu Realm!

What's wrong with afterburner? ?

Be reasonable!

Thinking of this, Lu Ze was instantly panicked.

I m afraid that the eighth floor of Xuanwu Realm can't resist this guy s little punches, so let's add the wind of magical understanding ~ wuxiaworld.online ~ If you run fast, maybe you do nt need to eat a fist?

And now Nangong Jing blinked his eyes.

I was already full of energy just now. I couldn't beat him.

He said, do you want to increase your strength secretly?

If you increase your strength, this kid should not be able to see it, right?

As soon as I thought about it, Nangong Jing was not panic.

The two thought about it, looked at each other, smiled a little, both were well-informed.

Then, Lu Ze smiled: "Nangong teacher is so strong. It is indeed one of the twins in the human race. Her beauty and good strength are strong, and she is a peerless woman."

Although there are countermeasures in her heart, Lu Ze felt that if she praised Nangong Jing, maybe she let herself go when she was happy?

Tao Nangong Jing was stunned by Lu Zekua, and then smiled slightly: "Classmate Lu Ze is also good, I believe you can live strong under my fist."

Do you want to please me now? ?

I eat my iron fist punishment first! !!

Lu Luze: "..."

Tactical failure.

Lu Luze expressed heartache.

Hell, don't you say that girls like to listen to compliments?

Is this drinker afraid of a fake girl? ?

I think about it too, he has never seen a girl like her uncle drunk like her.

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