Pocket Hunting Dimension Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Isn't This Person Saved?

Just when Lu Ze felt a bit sad because of the failure of the praise tactics, Nangong Jing had disappeared again. .suimeng.l

The next moment, the small fist of golden light appeared in front of Lu Ze's eyes.

It looks like it is just an ordinary punch, there is no terrifying coercion, but the dangerous breath contained in it allows the cold sweat behind Lu Ze to ooze, the pupil shrinks sharply, and the whole body is tightened.

I go!

This guy didn't use all his energy just now?

Is it because you see that you are not too embarrassed, so you add strength?

Say this guy just uses the power of the eighth floor of Xuanwu Realm. This combat power is a bit too much, right?

Lu Ze didn't have time to think about it. The glaucoma flowing through his eyes turned into a breeze and disappeared in place, avoiding Nangong Jing's fist dangerously and dangerously.

The fist hit the air, and the power of terror finally burst out.

boom! !!

There was a loud noise like a dragon roaring. The power of that small fist expelled the air, and the punches surpassed hundreds of meters, and Lu Ze's heartbeat almost stopped.


This fist punched him down, he was afraid to be cold.

At this moment Nangong Jing's brow slightly raised.

This boy s wind-powered understanding has deepened again?

Could it be that he did not use all his strength just now?

Alas, this speed is a bit fast.

Nangong Jing's eyes flickered. If it was such a speed, she probably didn't necessarily hit Zhong Luze.

If that's the case, give it a boost!

At this moment, Lu Ze looked at Nangong Jing solemnly. Suddenly, Nangong Jing's whole body momentum rose again, her legs kicked on the ground, and a dull crackle sounded. Then, her speed also improved a lot.

Lu Ze's mouth twitched, and once again raised the use of the wind system magic power.

So, on the vast martial arts ground, Nangong Jing and Lu Ze chased me and fled, and their bodies kept flashing.

Every time the figure appeared, you could see Nangong Jing punching out, and then Lu Ze broke out at a speed, avoiding the punch, and the fist hit the air wave in the air for hundreds of meters.

This horrific momentum opened Lin Ling's agile eyes wide while watching the battle.

The fluorescent light flickered in her eyes. After using the magical power, she could clearly see the fighting between the two.

Lu Ze was aggressive at this moment. He found that his magical powers of wind system had been used to the limit, but Nangong Jing's speed had been able to catch up with him after he had improved.

Is nt this martial art? ? ?

Is Nangong Jing really so strong?

Nangong Jing is also aggressive, she now uses more power than the eighth floor of Xuanwu Realm, and almost has almost reached her power when Xuanwu Realm was completed, but it was a little worse to catch up with Lu Ze.

This kid's current speed can't even catch up with the first level of Danwujing, right?

Should she use some magical powers?

Just then, Lu Ze suddenly shouted, "Mr. Nangong, have you cheated ?!"

Nangong Jing heard that her body was stiff and stopped.

With one hand on her hips, she scratched her head, looked away, and exclaimed: "How could I cheat ?? Are you kidding me ?!"

Lu Ze: "..."

This person is afraid he won't lie?

He looked at Nangong Jing, who was guilty and embarrassed, a little speechless. What's more, this guy didn't even admit it, huh ...

Lu Ze said silently: "Mr. Nangong, my strength has reached your goal?"

After that, he felt that sooner or later he would be captive, decisive.

Nangong Jing heard that he opened his mouth to refute, but could not explain why.

After all, he has indeed met her requirements, and even exceeded them. He can't talk and be ignorant, right?

At this moment, Lin Ling came with a look of shock and watched the two of them compete. Her smart eyes glanced at Lu Ze and grinned: "Lu Ze, you are much stronger. Now I am afraid you have reached Danwu Realm. Is that right? "

Lu Ze smiled: "The main reason is that the magical power has improved a lot. If you want to talk about spiritual cultivation, you may be better than you."

If only spiritual cultivation is considered, Lu Ze's current level is almost only low-level basalt level. His strength is mainly in the body of glazed glass, the degree of understanding of the wind system is relatively high, and he has the power of supernatural power. Dan Wujing's combat power is about the second floor.

Just now Nangong was forced to make Liuli's body, the wind system was fully open, and only the power and magic were left unused. As for the fusion of the fire and magic, even if Lu Ze used it fully, it would not last long, and it could not be regarded as routine. Combat power.

Lin Ling said with a smile: "It seems that I still have a big gap with you now, so I will not compare with you for now, and I will compare with you when I have confidence to defeat you!"

Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling with surprise. This guy's goal is so ambitious that he was going to defeat him?

Unfortunately, Lu Ze felt that this guy was afraid that he would not beat him all his life.

However, since Lin Ling had this idea, Lu Ze would certainly not fight. He nodded with a smile: "Well, when do you want to be better than to be accompanied at any time, just don't cry and lose."

Lin Ling heard the words, and gave Lu Ze a silent look: "I'm not that kind of delicate girl."

Afterwards, Nangong Jing said, "Since you don't compare, let's go out."

Out of the virtual reality warehouse, the three returned to the hall. Nangong Jing looked at Lu Ze with curiosity, but Lu Ze looked a little embarrassed.

He turned around and looked at Nangong Jing a little, and said, "Mr. Nangong, why look at me like this?"

Nangong Jingxianyu generally lay on the sofa, drank tons of wine, satisfied with a sigh of relief, and then smiled and said, "Your kid's talent is probably top-notch in a short period of time. So much progress. "

Lu Ze heard the words and smiled proudly: "How about? Do you think you picked a bargain and picked such a good student as me?"

Nangong Jing heard the words and laughed, her voice gritted: "I still remember the hatred you called me last time."

"I was wrong! Teacher Nangong, please let me go, but I have been a good student for 18 years!"

Lu Ze bowed his head decisively to the boss ~ wuxiaworld.online ~ Although I have escaped once today, it does not mean that I have escaped every time, and I laughed most at the end!

One side of Nangong Jing and Lin Ling looked at Lu Ze's face without a knot, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Isn't this person saved?

At this time, Lin Ling said, "Sister Jing, how did the Battle of the Blood Liang Starfield fight?"

Nangong Jing heard the words, looked at the light screen with a little surprise: "You have hit the blood beam star field?"

Lu Ze looked at it with curiosity. The light screen was a dark universe. Numerous space battleships floated on the screen. Some were familiar human warships. Another was black, angulated, and spiked. In the middle, there are lava-like flashes of warships. It is not clear which kind of spaceship Lu Ze is.

The warships on both sides spewed out terrifying energy cannons. At any time, the warships were destroyed, exploded, and turned into debris in the universe.

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