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Pokemon Untold summary:

A hidden enemy, an ancient order and a war across time and space. What has Atiqo, just a huge Pokemon Fan, gotten himself into?! Our MC shall uncover the hidden mysteries and secrets untold in the Pokemon Lore! Explore this World which has a huge potential yet to be excavated, and re-discover aspects of Pokemon never seen before or ever heard of! I wanna be the very ...

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Pokemon Untold Chapters

Time uploaded
52 Revelation4 weeks ago
44 Hidden Power4 weeks ago
33 Superpowers?4 weeks ago
27 Swiss Cheese4 weeks ago
26 Useless4 weeks ago
19 Challenge4 weeks ago
18 Dream Team4 weeks ago
15 Pacts4 weeks ago
14 The Pokeball4 weeks ago
13 Scars Of War4 weeks ago
12 Oak Family4 weeks ago
9 Hot Pursui4 weeks ago
7 Berry Burger?4 weeks ago
6 Viridian City4 weeks ago
5 Forgotten4 weeks ago
4 Awakening4 weeks ago
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