Priceless Baby's Super Daddy Chapter 1232

Chapter 1232 Keeping The Secret

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Through all these years, Yun Xuerou had been keeping the secret. She would never tell anyone and keep it secret forever.

"Helian, dont divorce me. Im not getting divorced"

Yun Xuerou burst into tears. She no longer cared about being elegant. She fell on the floor and pulled on Helian Weis pants.

Helian Wei took two steps backward, looked down on her and asked, "Do you find this marriage enjoyable after all these years? Even without love?"

"Yes, I enjoy it. Im not getting divorced anyway."

Yun Xuerou insisted.

"Gosh" Helian Wei sighed and questioned, "I never interfered with your business all these years. But what have you done? Do you want to take a look?"

"" Yun Xuerou shook her head violently while her tears fell like rain. If Helian Wei had found out about her affairs, she was doomed.

Instead of sending Jin Xiu, Helian Wei had his secret guard investigate Yun Xuerou.

The results were outrageous.

Helian Wei brought out a stack of photos and threw them onto Yun Xuerou. He sneered, "See for yourself what you have done."

It was proof of her unfaithfulness throughout the years.

There were photos of her with several boys from the nightclub, the young film star she kept as a toy-boy, and her affair with his cousin, Helian Xiong.

What was done by night appeared by day.

They agreed to stay out of each others business. But he would have never imagined that she could play so dirty. It was humiliating.

Yun Xuerou was speechless in front of the evidence.

She knew that with these pieces of evidence they could be pronounced divorced.

Helian Wei definitely would not present these to the court. He had to protect the fame of the Helian family.

"Take these photos and go find your lovers. Youre free now, woman!"

Helian Wei mocked her and left the pavilion.

Yun Xuerou sat on the floor with her tears falling like rain. Everything was telling her that she had failed after all these years!

When Helian Wei left, her assistant Eugene came to get her up and reported something.

Yun Xuerou was surprised upon hearing the news. "No wonder! No wonder he wants to divorce me at this point. The bitch is back!"

How could that happen?

When did Jing Ruyue wake up?

Why did Mo Xie fail to keep her in Lstan?

Hearing such important news, Yun Xueruo decided that she had to pay a visit to Lstan soon.

Inside the Yunjing Villa.

Xu Xiyan ran toward Huo Yunshen once he got home. She jumped into his arms and cuddled him around the neck.

She kissed him on both cheeks, held his face with a smile and said, "Honey! You are my hero! Thank you for saving my mother! Thank you!"

Huo Yunshen poked his nose on hers and said, "Silly girl. You dont need to thank me for anything. You broke the rule again. How should I punish you?"

"As you wish."

"Good. You said that yourself. Dont complain to mother later on."


After a satisfying kiss, Huo Yunshen took her into the room.

Hearing the noises, Jing Ruyue came out of her room to see Huo Yunshen taking her daughter into their bedroom. She smiled in relief to see her daughter and son-in-law deeply in love.

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