Priceless Baby's Super Daddy Chapter 406

Chapter 406 Teaching Ye Xun A Lesson

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Back when Huo Yunshen was seriously injured, Ye Xun had not only refused to help her deliver food to Huo Yunshen, but had also told him a lot of harsh words.

How could Huo Yunshen, a sensitive man, not be upset?

How could he not be heartbroken?

No wonder Huo Yunshen had strangely written the words “I wish you and Ye Xun a happy marriage” on the disc he gave her. It turned out that it was all Ye Xun’s doing.

Huo Yunshen must’ve misunderstood. So that was why he no longer contacted her and distanced himself from her.

Right now, he must be really heartbroken. He must have retreated further into his shell!

Xu Xiyan was exploding with anger after learning the truth. She stormed out of the house, went over to apartment No. 104 and kicked at the door loudly.

Ye Xun opened the door and was pleasantly surprised to see her. His eyes sparkled. “Eh? Little Xixi, have you come to cook for me?”

“Ye Xun!” Xu Xiyan shouted at him.

She usually called him her second senior, but now that she was directly calling his name, it only meant that she was angry.

“What’s wrong?”

Ye Xun reached out to touch her forehead. Did she have a fever?

Xu Xiyan shoved his hand out of the way and said angrily, “Why did you do that?”

Ye Xun scratched his head, completely nonplussed. “What did I do?”

“Stop acting dumb! I know everything now! You didn’t get anyone to rescue Mr. Huo that night during the terrorist attack! And when I asked you to deliver the porridge to him that time, it turned out that you didn’t do it. Yes, not only you did not give it to him, but you also made up nonsense in front of him to upset him. Why did you make up the story that we’re getting married?”

Xu Xiyan’s hands were trembling and her chest was heaving up and down in anger. Her tears were welling up in her eyes as she stared at him hatefully.

Ye Xun was still unrepentant. “I just wanted him to give up on you and stop hanging onto you! With his special body condition, he’ll never give you happiness! You should wake up!”

“So what if his body is like that? Why do you have to humiliate him? Is his disability his fault? I don’t want you to say those kinds of words to him again!”

Xu Xiyan was extremely upset. Although the Ye Xun she knew was an irresponsible and carefree person, he still had a good character. But why must he do so many things that she couldn’t understand?

Was it because he loved her?

Did his love for her give him the excuse to harm Huo Yunshen?

If you love someone, shouldn’t you respect his or her choices and sincerely wish for them to be happy?

Furious that Xu Xiyan was still standing up for Huo Yunshen, Ye Xun snapped back at her, “Did I say anything wrong? He is really a crip—”

Before he could say the word “cripple,” Xu Xiyan had raised her fist and punched him hard in his face.

Her punch was powerful. It had contained all her anger and sorrow. It was nothing like a simple slap.

Ye Xun’s head was thrown sideways by the punch. He staggered a few steps backward and hit the doorframe with his back.

He straightened himself and touched his painstricken face with a hand, then looked at Xu Xiyan, bewildered. “Little Xixi, you actually hit me…for him?”

“You only have yourself to blame. Have you even considered my feelings? I’ve always trusted you so much, but, what about you? Why do you want to interfere with your underhanded deeds?”

Xu Xiyan’s face was already soaked with tears. Tears of grievance ran down her cheeks and the hand that she had been clenching was shaking.

She didn’t want to beat anyone, especially not Ye Xun. He was her second senior, and he had been caring for her and her daughter for so many years. After all, she was in his debt for his great kindness.

“I did it because… it… it was all for you!”

Ye Xun was choking with anger. Although Xu Xiyan had punched him, he could not bring himself to punch her back. He could only bear it!

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