Priceless Baby's Super Daddy Chapter 408

Chapter 408 Finally Completed

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The two successfully completed the interview in a playful manner. After the press conference had ended, netizens began to ship Xu Xiyan and Ma Haodong together.

After officially joining the cast, Xu Xiyan began a tight and busy shooting schedule.

Xu Xiyan had planned to go to her prospective employer’s house to discuss the job as a substitute violinist. But since her schedule was so full now, she could only postpone their appointment and focus on her filming.

One-third of the movie, “Root of Evil,” had already been filmed during early production. But due to the incident with Huang Yanran, that one-third of the movie had to be reshot.

The editors did their best to keep whatever scenes were still usable. Those takes with Xu Xiyan as a substitute actor were mostly preserved, saving the production a lot of time and manpower.

Because the film was set to be released during the National Day Golden Week holiday, Xu Xiyan’s schedule was very full during the reshooting period.

Every day, Xu Xiyan woke up early and worked from morning till night. After each day’s shooting, she was so exhausted that she would immediately fall asleep on her bed when she got back home. She didn’t even have time to spend with her daughter.

She had been working like crazy for the reshoot for half a month. It wasn’t until the opening of the Olympic Games that the filming phase was finally complete, and the film was able to enter post-production.

Xu Xiyan took some time off to go to the hospital to settle her grandfather’s hospitalization fees.

When Xu Xiyan got out of the hospital after settling the fees, she saw an ambulance parked at the main entrance of the emergency department. A group of medical staff was wheeling a patient through the main entrance.

Xu Xiyan’s was surprised to see Huo Yunshen’s mother, Chen Yunlu, following the ambulance staff as they rushed into the hospital.

A question came first thing to her mind: who was being admitted to the hospital?

Who had Chen Yunlu sent to the hospital?

Was it Huo Yunshen?

Xu Xiyan’s heart sunk at that thought, her feet unconsciously steering her toward the emergency department. She would not have peace until she knew who the ambulance had sent to the hospital.

Xu Xiyan came near to the emergency room and saw Chen Yunlu, who was anxiously waiting outside the door, but Xu Xiyan did not rush up to her. After all, Chen Yunlu did not like her.

Instead, Xu Xiyan went to the nurse station and asked the nurse there. It turned out that the patient who had been sent into the emergency room was Chen Yunlu’s husband, Huo Zhen. It seemed that he’d had a stroke.

The news left Xu Xiyan feeling conflicted, and she wondered uneasily whether Huo Yunshen knew about his father’s sudden stroke.

Huo Yunshen had been informed along with his sisters and they were all rushing to the hospital now.

Xu Xiyan didn’t have to wait long before seeing them arriving at the hospital. Huo Sanyan was the first to rush into the emergency room. She was then followed by Huo Yunshen’s eldest sister Huo Yijing with her son Lu Qiancheng.

The last one to arrive was Huo Yunshen.

An electric wheelchair came through the corridor and Xu Xiyan fixed her eyes on the man sitting in it. She had not seen him for a long time, since he’d been injured back in Estan.

He must’ve recovered from his injuries now, right?

Xu Xiyan had been staying where she was because she wanted to catch a glimpse of him. Now that she had finally seen him, her eyes did not leave Huo Yunshen.

She noticed that he was wearing a simple shirt and a pair of black casual trousers. He must’ve been in a hurry if he had dressed so simply.

After not seeing him for a long time, he had become a lot thinner. His thick and dark eyebrows were furrowed and his thin lips were pressed tightly together. She could see that he must have been really worried about his father’s condition.

His heart was entirely focused on the man in the operating room. When he passed by her, he did not notice her presence.

Xu Xiyan was standing in a corner where she could not be easily seen. She watched him pass her by and let her gaze follow him until he was united with his mother and his sisters.

His mother and sisters were weeping sadly. Huo Yunshen could only keep comforting them, though his grief was no less than theirs.

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