Primitive Tribe Adventure Chapter 2917

Chapter 2917: Confrontation

The monster looked at the knife light that seemed to appear in front of him out of thin air. It was terrified. Its intuition told that its life was about to end.

Unlike the monsters that Fengyun had killed before, this time the monster was stronger than ever before, but its size was not big, and it could even be said to be quite miniature.

It adds up from start to finish, which is just over a foot.

Don't say it is an adult, even a child, you can lift it up without much effort.

In fact, if there are children there, it is really possible to be attracted by its appearance.

Its body is very similar to a crab, but it is round, like the bread crab in a sea crab, but its eyes are bigger, as if two small light bulbs are on the top of its head.

If you have to use one word to describe it, it is cute.

After Feng Yun saw its appearance clearly, he couldn't help but be attracted by its appearance, and even made his killing intent on it drastically reduced for a while, and the thought of letting it go flashed in his mind.

We must know that Fengyuns will is very firm, and it can make him change his view of it, even if it lasts only a very short time, after realizing its terrible, re-decided to kill it, but it is enough to explain it. The appearance is excellent enough, at least deceptively.

Especially the way it looks now, it seems to be really scared, a panicked look makes it difficult for people to think of hurting it.

Feng Yun felt that his determination had been shocked again, and decisively invoked the sword intent, and directly cleared the sea of consciousness, sweeping away all thoughts and thoughts.

After discovering that after killing monsters, the benefits from them can help him improve or even repair the symptoms of emotional indifference. He is no longer so repulsive to clean up the sea of consciousness with the blade.

No other, high efficiency and good effect.

For example, now, although Fengyun can suppress the distracting thoughts emerging from the sea of consciousness, and can also wipe them away, it will take a long time.

Can't wait at all.

He is now launching an attack on the monster, and the existence of these distracting thoughts will likely affect his performance, preventing him from fully displaying his destructive power.

He hasn't forgotten that this time the monster is very powerful, far surpassing the monster he killed before. Especially when facing it directly, he found that its strength seemed to be stronger than he expected. some.

In the face of such a powerful opponent, he can't display his full strength, even if his heart is shaken, it will be more difficult to kill it. Eventually let it escape, it is all possible.

He desperately wanted to eliminate all interference and put all his attention on killing monsters.

At this time, it is undoubtedly an excellent choice to use the knife.

In addition, he would choose the sword intent to clean up the entire sea of consciousness, as well as one of his suspicions that the monster used methods against him and interfered with his mind.

In his opinion, if the monster only looks likable and looks cute, it is difficult to shake his determination to kill it and let it go.

He can be regarded as a better understanding of himself, knowing that he is not an emotional person, even if he was once, he is also traveling into this world, and after so many years of tempering, he has changed.

Over the years, in order to obtain food and protect himself, he has not remembered how many savage beasts and monsters he killed.

There is no lack of outstanding appearance among them.

Just talking about cuteness and cuteness, those who are furry, undoubtedly have more advantages.

But when he started to deal with them, he hadn't wavered before, but this time he couldn't bear it because of his partiality, which seemed quite suspicious.

In order to take effect as soon as possible and achieve a good result, Feng Yun used more sword intent this time.

As soon as his mind moved, a flash of lightning appeared in his mind, the state of the image of the sword.

It was like a normal spear, descending from the sky and inserted straight into the middle of Fengyun's sea of consciousness, and then a light wave spread over it, sweeping his entire sea of consciousness, not even an inch of it was let go.

The effect is also very good, and the sea of consciousness is cleaned up all at once.

"Sure enough."

Before the sword intent had cleared his sea of consciousness, Feng Yun's eyes showed killing intent.

He found that he was right in his suspicion, and this time the monster did move his hands and feet.

The intent of the sword appeared in his sea of consciousness, bursting out a strong light, and when he illuminated his sea of consciousness, he found some suspicious things, which were individual bubbles, very similar to the bubbles blown out of soapy water. Shining colorful luster.

But this is not the point. The point is that every bubble has a monster, lying in it, spitting bubbles, and these bubbles will run out by themselves when they become bigger.

Therefore, the proliferation speed of these bubbles appearing in the sea of wind and cloud consciousness is very fast.

Although the monster that appeared in the bubble, he could see that it was not real, it was just a shadow, and there should be no direct threat.

But the problem is that as soon as he saw them, he immediately understood that his mind would be shaken, he couldn't bear to kill the monster, and even wanted to let it go, it was because they were playing tricks.

"Sure enough, there are two brushes."

Fengyun's evaluation of monsters immediately increased by more than one level.

To a certain extent, he has some admiration for it, and it is not possible for anyone to successfully invade his sea of consciousness and interfere with his mind without discovering it.

But the more so, the heavier his intention to kill the monster.

The change in his mentality was also reflected in his attack.

He slashed the monster with a sense of killing, and made the monster feel a strong chill rising from the bottom of his heart.

This chill had a real impact on it.

Although it is not cold in the normal sense, it has slowed its movements, and even the speed of thinking has dropped by more than one level.

Now it is really desperate.

When it faced Fengyun's attack, it realized his horror, it couldn't handle it at all, and it was very likely to die by his sword.

But it didn't want to die, so it made dangerous moves to interfere with the situation.

The specific method is to first invade Fengyun's sea of consciousness, to influence and shake his mind, and shake his determination to kill it. If the situation is ideal, he will let it go, it is not impossible.

It didn't have the extravagant hope that Fengyun directly let it go.

It doesn't need it either.

Its strength is still very strong, as long as Fengyun shakes its determination to kill it, it is confident that it can still win a chance for itself to escape.

But this approach is also risky.

If Fengyun finds out and counteracts it, it will suffer backlash, making its situation worse.

It's just that the situation is critical, so he can't help but not take risks.

If it doesn't take risks, even if it uses its whole body's solution and wants to survive, the chances are minimal.

On the contrary, only if it wins the bet, can it truly guarantee its survival.

It turned out that it won the bet.

Fengyun was affected by it.

Although the effect was worse than expected, he was very alert, instinctively felt something was wrong, and tried to eliminate its interference, but the result was still acceptable.

In its eyes, the real terrible thing about Fengyun's attack on it is not entirely the super lethality, and the locking effect it produces, which makes it feel like there is no way into the earth.

It is very clear that the key to its escape this time is to get rid of the lock on it by the wind and cloud.

This time, he took the risk and interfered with Fengyun. Although it seemed that the effect was not very good, he managed to loosen his lock on it to a certain extent.

If it can seize this opportunity and truly get rid of Fengyun's lock on it, the chance of escape will undoubtedly increase.

He tried it and it went well.

Maybe Fengyun's knife could not completely get rid of it before it fell completely, but it shouldn't be a big problem to avoid the key points.

It doesn't believe that Fengyun's next attack can still reach the level of this time. As long as there is a gap, even if it is injured, it should be able to escape.

It couldn't help but lifted its mood, and began to concentrate all its efforts to get rid of Fengyun's lock on it.

It's a pity it was too happy too early.

Just when it thought it had won a chance for itself through hard work, suddenly there was a sharp pain in its head, as if someone slashed its head.

The monster changed color immediately.

It knew that the situation it didn't want to see had happened. Feng Yun discovered its invasion of him and countered it, causing it to suffer backlash.

This is definitely worsening its situation, and it almost cut off its already very slim vitality.

However, it is absolutely impossible to let it kill its neck.

It beats its spirit, while working hard to eliminate the influence of backlash on it, while continuing to break free of the situation's lock on it, to fight for the chance to escape the disaster.

However, in a very short time, its hope of escape was completely cut off.

Feng Yun's killing intent on it was directly applied to it through the knife, and it had a great impact on its body and spirit.

Next, there were no more twists and turns.

The light of the knife flashed and fell straight on the monster's body, splitting it into two from the middle, completely symmetrical, even if it was measured with a ruler, there would be no difference.

Seeing the monster slowly splitting into two halves, he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

He attacked it, from pulling out the knife to splitting it in half. Although the duration was very very short, maybe less than one hundredth of a second, there were many twists and turns during the period. Just let it escape.

Therefore, he was able to kill it, but it still consumed a lot of his physical strength and energy, so that after he succeeded, he felt a little tired.

But he soon cheered up again.

He knew that it wasn't the monster that had been completely dealt with now, and he had to kill it again in the sea of consciousness.

It's strength, speaking from the bottom of his heart, he still quite recognizes, especially when he was attacking it, it invaded his sea of consciousness and interfered with his mind, which gave him a very amazing feeling. .

It wasn't that he didn't protect his sea of consciousness at the time, but he still allowed it to successfully invade, and most importantly, he didn't notice it.

He would use the sword intent to clean up the sea of consciousness, more from his suspicion, not from what evidence he had.

Therefore, even if he had defeated it once, he still didn't dare to take it lightly. If he let it come back, he would have nowhere to cry.

In addition, he has to worry that the monster driving the monster might attack him.

The monster that can drive the round crab must be stronger than it. In other words, if it shoots at him, it will be very threatening to him.

Touching his heart, he didn't want to fight against it.

Thinking of achieving this goal, he must make the monster that drives the round crab recognize his power and find no flaws in his body.

This requires him not only to be clean and neat when killing the round crab monster outside, but also to be able to do the same when it appears in the sea of his consciousness, and it is best to solve the problem with one stroke.

In order to achieve his goal, the Crab Monster had just emerged in Fengyun's sea of consciousness, and his incarnation of consciousness raised the knife high and slashed it viciously.

This time I dont know if its because he frustrated its conspiracy and caused it to suffer backlash. In short, it appeared in his sea of consciousness relatively slowly, almost twice as slow as the monster he was killed before. .

But this is good news for him.

Allow him to seize the opportunity and take action before it can react.

Maybe he could kill it this time before it launched a counterattack.

Speaking truthfully, the Crab Monster does have its advantages. Before discovering that he was under attack, the knife caught in the hands of Fengyun Consciousness Incarnation had already landed on top of its head.

After falling a short distance, you can hit it.

Feng Yun's attack power, it has seen it, once it hits it, it can't hold it at all, there is only a dead end.

Fortunately, it is not unprepared this time.

Although it was in poor condition because of the backlash, it still responded to Fengyun's attack.

Its body suddenly trembled for a while, and then it changed from one to dozens, each of which was exactly the same. Even a person with good eyesight could hardly tell which one was the real one.

As long as Fengyun can't confirm which one is its true body, its opportunity will come, not only to avoid his attack, but also to counterattack.


The knife in the hands of Fengyun Consciousness Incarnation did not show the slightest hesitation, and directly slashed at a monster, splitting it in half from the middle.

Compared to its size, the eyes that looked a little too huge revealed an unbelievable color, and then all the other monsters disappeared.

Fengyun hit the monster's true body.

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