Primitive Tribe Adventure Chapter 2919

Chapter 2919: Willow

"So fast?"

Feng Yun found that his perception had just touched the sea water of the strange sea and there was data transmitted to his mind. To be honest, it was indeed beyond his expectations.

According to his vision, even if there are gains, it should take some time.

But he himself does not reject such a result.

Knowing that his current situation is not safe, he stayed to analyze the water of the strange sea, in fact, taking a considerable risk.

Had it not been necessary for the sea to deal with the wreckage of the killed monster and the decay gas released from the wreckage, he would definitely choose to take a risk.

Therefore, what he did was compelled.

He naturally hopes that the sooner there will be results, the better.

This will not only help him solve the problem, but also leave this place of right and wrong as soon as possible.

He stabilized his mind, calmed himself down, and then began to analyze the data and information that appeared in the sea of consciousness.

He behaved very seriously, because he knew that the answer he wanted might be hidden in it.

But as the analysis continued, his heart couldn't help but began to sink.

This time, although his perception was very good, in a very short period of time, he helped him get a lot of data and information about the strange sea and sea, which made him very happy and full of expectations, but many The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

Unfortunately, Fengyun encountered this situation this time.

Although there are quite a lot of data and information acquired by perception, Fengyun discovered that they have no value, and they are all common things.

What he cares most about is how the water of the strange sea can deal with the wreckage of the monsters and the decayed air released by them, nothing is involved.

"Calm down. Nothing can be successful casually. Be patient."

After analyzing all the data and information in the Sea of Consciousness, not surprisingly, after not finding the answer he wanted, Feng Yun comforted himself like this.

Next, while waiting for his perception to deliver new data and information to him, he deliberately recalled the ups and downs that scientists experienced in order to obtain the answers he wanted in the world before he traveled.

Many scientists have spent a lot of time. Without the willpower like steel, they simply can't hold on.

Even so, there are still some scientists who still failed to get what they wanted until they died.

Compared with these scientists, the setback he suffered this time is nothing at all.

He thought about it and found that the effect was very good, his mentality slowly became calm, his mood was as clear as a mirror, and there was no gloom.

In this state, Feng Yun found that his mind became extra clear. The data and information that appeared in the sea of consciousness did not require him to conduct serious analysis. He had a fairly thorough understanding of them, and even Found many details that he hadn't noticed during the previous analysis.

It was a pity that he still did not get the answers he wanted from the data and information.

It's just that his state of mind is different now. There are only shallow ripples in the lake of his mind, like a breeze blowing across the water, and his calmness is quickly restored.

When Perception delivered a new batch of data and information, he completed the analysis of them in a very short time.

Even if the data and information this time are much more than the last time, it is conservatively estimated that it will be more than ten times, but he spent almost half the time.

He still failed to get the answer he wanted, and even after completing the analysis, he couldn't help but give a very pessimistic inference. Even if it continues, it may still be difficult to fulfill his wish.

He did not take his perception from the sea.

Although he himself is not optimistic about this, he cannot be sure that he will not get the answer he wants.

Besides, he doesn't have any other methods now. It is also a choice to let his perception go to collect data and information in the sea, and it is better than nothing.

However, he didn't just hang around like this, but tried to think hard, ready to find a better way to achieve his goals.

Perhaps he was blessed by the current state of mind, and only after a short time, he had an idea, which made his spirit uncontrollably refreshed, and his heart was turbulent.

But when he really implemented it accurately, he encountered an embarrassing problem.

That is the most crucial item he lacked in his new attempt-the remains of the monster.

The new method he thought of was actually not complicated. It was to observe the state of the monster's wreckage after contact with the sea, and to record the relevant data during the process.

It was not that he had never thought about doing this before, but considering that it would be very risky, he has not made up his mind to do it.

Now his situation has become even worse. He has attracted the attention of powerful monsters in the depths of the strange sea, and coming to the sea may be attacked by them, which will be very dangerous.

It becomes very necessary to find out how the seawater completes the treatment of the wreckage of the monsters and the rotten air released by them, and it must even be something that must be done.

In addition, compared with before, he also has a very big advantage, that is, his perception seems to have entered the stage of quantitative change to qualitative change.

Although it has not really completed the qualitative change, it is still different from the previous one. At least his previous perception is absolutely impossible. Just touching the sea, he can obtain a lot of data and information.

If he can carefully observe the changes that occur after the wreckage of the monsters come into contact with the sea and record the data, maybe he will be able to get the answer he wants.

But the problem now is that he no longer has the remains of the monster in his hands.

Thinking that he had just disposed of all the wreckage of the Crab Monster not long ago, in order to shorten the time, he could say that he used a whole body solution and asked him to do it again, he may not deliberately do better.

At the moment of success, he had a strong sense of accomplishment.

Now his mood has become very delicate, it is hard to say that it is uncomfortable, but it is very complicated, there is a sense of mixed feelings. .

Feng Yun is not an easy person to give up.

He quickly cheered up and began to scan around, obviously looking for a target.

If not, do another one.

There are so many monsters in the strange sea, as long as you work hard, you should be rewarded.

After a short period of time, he also failed to find a suitable object.

There are indeed many monsters in the strange sea, but none of them are near him. The closest ones are quite far away.

And he couldn't blame these monsters, because the pot was firmly buckled on his back, and he couldn't let him throw it away.

In order to achieve a deterrent effect, he deliberately released his momentum during the fight with the round crab monster, and filled the momentum with a strong killing intent, and then completed the message transmission to the monsters-if they dare to go ashore casually , Encountering him, they will only have a dead end.

His goal was achieved, and the effect was quite good.

But there are advantages and disadvantages.

He deterred the monsters, but also caused them to have a strong fear of him, and they chose to stay away from him.

They are all quite far away from him now, as far as his attack distance, it will be difficult to succeed.

This is actually not the biggest problem that lies in front of him. He chooses a monster with a relatively weak strength as the target, and he can solve the problem. After all, where is his strength.

In his opinion, the most serious problem was that he was worried that he had acted on the monster, which might touch the nerves of the powerful monster in the depths of the strange sea, and then attack him.

This is a situation he doesn't want to see.

In the past, although he had won one after another, but now let him fight the powerful monsters in the depths of the strange sea, but it is not very happy to avoid it as much as possible.

One is that he doesn't know enough about his deep-sea monsters, and it is very dangerous to fight an enemy who doesn't know the situation.

Second, he couldn't confirm how strong the deep-sea monster was.

Although his current strength is already very strong, he can't guarantee that the monsters that emerge from the depths of the strange sea will definitely be inferior to him.

They might be much stronger than him.

By then, he won't say that he has defeated them, but if he wants to retreat, it is likely to have problems.

However, he was not reconciled to let Feng Yun just give up.

For a moment, he fell into a state of anxiety.

His heart lake was no longer peaceful at first, first there were ripples, and then it turned into waves, and the scale of the waves continued to increase.

Feng Yun knew that this would not work, so he tried to calm himself down, but the effect was not good. It only temporarily slowed the speed of fluctuations in his heart lake, and could not solve the problem at all.

As soon as his mind moved, his avatar of consciousness appeared in his sea of consciousness, holding a light blade in his hand, and began to burst out stronger and stronger light, making it look like it had caught a sun.

Obviously, he was a little anxious and prepared to use the sword intent to directly clean up the negative emotions, even if there were some side effects, he couldn't care about it.

He needs to be calm now, otherwise he may be swayed by negative emotions and make the wrong choice, and once the wrong choice is made, the consequences are likely to be very serious.

In the end, he still did not swing the knife down, not because he changed his mind, but because his negative emotions were relieved.

He had already raised all the knives, and suddenly glanced at something from the corner of his eyes, which immediately caught his attention and subconsciously gathered his eyes to watch the past.

Because he had deterred before, with him as the center, the monsters were no longer visible in a large area, and other creatures were also invisible.

Some of the weaker creatures, such as insects, were frightened to death by the aura he released.

This newly-appearing monster was the first to approach him after deterring him.

"It must be a monster from the strange sea."

Feng Yun was not satisfied, he soon had new expectations for the identity of the monster.

This cannot be said that he is too greedy.

The monster's coming from the strange sea is too important for him, because only if it comes from the strange sea can his goal be achieved.


When Feng Yun saw the appearance of the monster approaching him clearly, he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, and a feeling of joy was in his heart.

Maybe it was his prayer that worked, or maybe it was just his luck this time, in short, he got what he wanted.

The appearance of the monster approaching him is nine points similar to the mantis shrimp he saw in the documentary.

According to his experience with many monsters from the strange sea, based on its appearance, the strange sea has not run away.

He immediately began to restrain his momentum, reduce his sense of presence, and prevent the monster shrimp from being frightened and fleeing away from him.

Once he missed it, Feng Yun didn't think he would have such good luck, and another monster would send it to the door.

Even if his luck is really good, there will still be other monsters approaching it, but it will definitely take time, and he does not have so much time to wait.

Fengyun's approach worked well. The shrimp monster did not change its direction, and its speed increased unabated, proving that there was nothing wrong with it.

The only fly in the ointment is that the path of the monster shrimp is somewhat deviated from the situation.

According to its current trajectory, it will not appear directly in front of Fengyun, but will pass by about fifty feet behind him.

However, Fengyun didn't care too much about this.

For him, fifty feet is already a fairly short distance, and he directly lifted it away and ingested the shrimp monster, which would be as simple as exploring a bag.

But he still decided to take his own hands and feet.

In his current situation, the smaller the movement, the better, maybe he ingests the shrimp monster, it will cause trouble.

He quietly urged the Five Elements Divine Art, converted part of the totem power into soil attributes, and then injected it into the ground through his feet.

This earth attribute perception directly greeted the shrimp monster, and in a short time, it reached its side.

He didn't use the totem power of the soil attribute to capture it, then dragged it into the ground and sent it to his side.

He just used the power of the earth attribute totem to fine-tune the ground, so that the direction of the shrimp monster's advancement was offset, and if it came several times, it would directly appear in front of him.

At this time, he was dealing with it, and the movement made would be very small, and the probability of deep-sea monsters attacking him would directly decrease.

After about half an hour, the shrimp monster appeared directly in front of Fengyun, and even because his hiding and whereabouts were too high, it had to hit his foot before realizing something was wrong.

It raised its head and glanced at Fengyun, and immediately chose to leave.

It saw the danger in his eyes, and he might be against it.

Its reaction is still slow, and before it can adjust its direction, Fengyun raised its foot and stepped on it, like stepping on a nasty bug.

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