Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 363


Lin Chujiu and Meng Xiuyuan have finalized the date of the treatment. Not many people are aware of it, but its not difficult for some people to know.

On the day before the agreed date of Lin Chujiu and Meng Xiuyuan, the Empress summoned Lin Chujiu to enter the palace. Her reason was, Xiao Tianyao left the capital, so she was afraid that Lin Chujiu is feeling bored and lonely in the house. She wants her to come to the palace to relax.

Come to the palace to relax? When Lin Chujiu heard this, she wanted to laugh.

Can you relax in the palace?

Moreover, she hasnt forgotten even until now, the Empress used flowers to threatened her.

The Empress has no good feelings for her.

Fecui and Zhenzhu also know that the empresss intention is fake, there must be some other reason, but

Wangfei, the empresss people are waiting outside. That was the case, Lin Chujiu has to go.

She can close her eyes and thank politely while declining a visitor in Xiao Wangfu. She can also ignore Princess Fushou Zhang or Princess Nannuo Yao. But if the Empress people personally came to pick her up, Lin Chujiu doesnt think she has the face to say no.

Of course, if Xiao Tianyao is in the capital, Lin Chujiu may be able to refuse. But now that he was gone, Lin Chujiu has to enter the palace even if she doesnt want to.

Lets change clothes, then go. Lin Chujiu sighed, then got up. She let her maidservants dress her up.

The people that the Empress has sent to pick up Lin Chujiu were very spectacular. Carriage, horses, and guards were all readily available. In addition to her maidservants, it can be seen that Lin Chujiu doesnt need to bring her own guards.

Wangfei The four maidservants looked uneasy. They havent forgotten the last time they entered the palace. Their Wangfei encountered many difficulties. If they will not bring Xiao Wangfus guards, they might suffer greatly.

Reassured, Wangye just left the capital, the empress will be very compassionate to me. Lin Chujiu said, she knew the empress will not publicly embarrass her.

But The four maidservants were still uneasy, but what is the use of it?

Though they were uneasy, they need to go because the Empress summoned Lin Chujiu.

And Xiao Wangfus guardsmen unlikely could enter the palace.

Lets go. Lin Chujiu carelessly held the hand of the palace servant next to her and step inside the carriage.

The carriage was very large and has a low couch, which allows a person to lie down. The interior design looked extremely luxurious. After Lin Chujiu got inside, she didnt restrain herself at all. She directly sat on the couch and leaned her back.

The palace servant, who helped Lin Chujiu get inside the carriage, saw her actions right through the window. Seeing Lin Chujius calmness, he couldnt help but admire her.

Xiao Wangfei really has big courage, she could still sleep in this kind of situation.


When the Empresss carriage stopped at the palace gate, Lin Chujiu was greeted by the palace guards. Then, they drove to the inner palace and stopped not far from the empress courtyard.

This treatment was much better than the last time.

Lin Chujiu then sat on a soft sedan. However, she didnt show any flattering expression, nor precautions and uneasiness. Her face looked flat as if this treatment is only natural.

Xiao Wangfei, please When the soft sedan stopped, a palace maidservant immediately approached her. Even her four maidservants were approached by some palace maids

Her four maidservants know little martial arts, so its not that easy for the palace maids to push them apart.

The palace maid in front was keeping her, while the others were secretly crowding their way to her four maidservants. Lin Chujiu doesnt know what the Empress was trying to play, she could only watch the show while walking


In the Luanfeng Hall, the Empress had already been waiting. They had met several times before. But this was the only time, Lin Chujiu saw the Empress wearing a casual dress. And this was the first, the empress entertained her in a small pavilion. When the Empress saw Lin Chujiu, she immediately sent the people around her to pick up Lin Chujiu.

Xiao Wangfei, you arrived. The empress has been waiting for you for a long time now. The person who spoke to Lin Chujiu was the big mama, who was with the empress before.

Lin Chujiu smiled and said nothing. Things were going smoothly, these people must be possessed. Even the Empress favored confidant suddenly became so kind to her, there must be a problem coming up ahead.

This wangfei greets the Empress. May you live a thousand more years. After Lin Chujiu knelt to pay her respect, the Empress personally help her to stand, then said: Stupid child, why are you so polite? Come and sit down.

The Empresss actions were very gentle and her words were very kind. If Lin Chujiu didnt see the true colors of the Empress in the flower garden, she will definitely be deceived by her.

Thank you, Huanghou Niangniang. Lin Chujiu sat down and went straight to the point: I dont know why your highness called me into the palace, is there some important matter?

This child, why do you speak like an outsider? If there is nothing important, this empress cant have a chat with you? The Empress said with a bit blaming tone.

Lin Chujiu felt the hair in her whole body stood up. But, she couldnt refute the empress, she could only follow her words.

These noble people are really difficult to deal with.

The Empress seemed to be very satisfied with Lin Chujius attitude. She pulled her hand and talked about different kind of things. She completely looked like a kind elder. As if that event in the flower garden never happened. Lin Chujiu, who heard the empresss hypocrite words, almost vomit

Youre telling me to give birth to Xiao Tianyaos child as early as possible?

This elder sister, when I entered the palace, didnt you give me an infertility drug? Why are you expecting me to have a child?

Youre telling me to be a little more patient, and not to fight with Xiao Tianyao?

This elder sister, when I and Xiao Tianyao are fighting, why didnt you come forward to reconcile us?

Youre telling me not to be afraid because Xiao Tianyao is not the capital. No matter what, you, the empress will support me, but

When Princess Nannuo Yao was making fun of me in public, where are you, huh?

Youre just sitting and laughing!

The more Lin Chujiu listened, the more she wanted to laugh. Lin Chujiu had already expressed some impatience, but the Empress only acted like she didnt see anything. She still talked for a long time.

Lin Chujiu really wanted to ask the Empress what exactly the reason she summoned her into the palace.

If there is nothing important, cant she just say it directly? Cant she stop beating around the bush? Its very annoying.

No matter how many times Lin Chujiu asked, the Empress acted like she doesnt understand her real meaning. She just kept saying, she wanted to accompany her to ease her boredom, so that even though Xiao Tianyao was not in the capital, she wont feel lonely.

Lin Chujiu really wanted to slap her thigh. Since when did an empress become so simple? An Empress who has a different set of skills of deception. Fortunately, she was not the original Lin Chujiu, who is stupid and ignorant.

Time passed by, Lin Chujiu was readying herself to escape using urinating as an excuse. However, the Seventh Prince suddenly came.

Imperial Aunt, its great that you havent left the palace. I run all the way here because Im afraid youll go out of the palace. From a distance, the Seventh Princes voice sounded. And his running footsteps were very obvious.

No need to worry, I cant get out of here.

Lin Chujiu got depressed. But fortunately, the Empress finally stopped talking and got up to welcome the Seventh Prince.

Little Seven, stop running. Look at you, your full of sweat.

Imperial Mother, Im not running, Im just walking fast. The delicate face of the Seventh Prince was full of smile. His carefree childish face can make anyone feel good.

Lin Chujiu, who suffered a great loss, suddenly remembered Xiao Tianyaos warning. He said she shouldnt let her guard down and put a distance to the Seventh Prince. With this, Lin Chujiu immediately got up and said: Your royal highness, I am actually preparing to leave.

Ah, Imperial Aunt. I just arrived, dont go yet, Okay? You cant Imperial Aunt, you rarely enter the palace. How can you leave so early? Eat lunch with us, okay? Imperial Mother, can we eat with Imperial Father here? The Seventh Prince asked with an innocent face. The Empress disregarded Lin Chujius opinion and said: Good, you stay here and entertain your Imperial Aunt. Imperial Mother will go to the small kitchen to ask them to prepare foods.

The Empress didnt give Lin Chujiu an opportunity to speak. She just said to Lin Chujiu to look after the Seventh Prince, and then she went to the main hall.

Your royal highness the seventh prince Lin Chujiu just opened her mouth, but she was interrupted by the Seventh Prince: Imperial Aunt, I am hungry, let me eat some snacks first, okay?

After he finished, the Seventh Prince grabbed the snacks in front of Lin Chujiu and stuffed it on his mouth. Lin Chujiu wanted to stop the Seventh Prince, but it was too late.

*Munch, munch* The Seventh Prince chewed the snack with satisfaction. However, when he swallowed the snacks, his facial expression changed and he grabbed his stomach: It hurts, it hurts poison, the snacks are poisonous.
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