Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 364

The Seventh Prince was poisoned!

Seeing that the Seventh Prince has a pale face and suffering stomachache, Lin Chujiu was dumbfounded for a moment.

In order to calculate her, she even used her son, this Empress is simply a witch.

With just one bite, the Seventh Prince was poisoned. The Empress was really a terrible person.

Not good, not good, his royal highness is poisoned. Someone come, someone come. The palace maidservant was so scared that she almost lost her soul. But when she recovered her mind, she ran outside in a hurry to find someone. She left the Seventh Prince in the pavilion.

Lin Chujiu was sure now that the Seventh Prince had an accident. She must be very unlucky. Lin Chujiu hugged the Seventh Prince even before the medical system gave her a reminder: Your Highness, dont worry, everything will be alright. She only hoped that this incident was really caused by the Empress. Otherwise, if the Seventh Prince died, she will be really miserable.

Pain, Imperial Aunt, it hurts. The Seventh Princes grabbed Lin Chujius clothes, his small face looked very pitiful.

Unknown highly toxic agent is detected, please use a serum first.

The medical system promptly recommended an immediate intervention but didnt force Lin Chujiu to save the Seventh Prince. It can be seen that the Seventh Princes situation was either tricky or the Seventh Prince has a malicious intention towards her.


Lin Chujiu sighed, regardless of whether the Seven Prince was malicious to her or not, she needs to save him. Otherwise, if something bad happened to him, she will be miserable.

Imperial Aunt, save me, it hurts, it hurts so much. The Seventh Prince said in a semi-unconscious state. Lin Chujiu turned her head and looked around her surroundings. Seeing that there is no one else in the pavilion, she no longer hesitated to take out a serum in the medical system. And at the same time, she took out some emetic agent to put into the Seventh Princes mouth.

Your royal highness, drink this. The smell of the emetic drug was very unpleasant, by instinct, the Seventh Prince refused. Lin Chujiu, who had no choice, pinched the Seventh Princes chin and poured the medicine to his mouth.

*Cough cough* The Seventh Prince kept coughing, but Lin Chujiu didnt pity him. She quickly injected the serum to his body. When the Seventh Prince was about to react, Lin Chujiu pulled out the needle and immediately hide it.

Pain The Seven Prince felt like his arm was pierced with a needle.

Its an acupuncture needle to induced vomiting, no need to worry. The pavilion was pretty far from the main hall. The palace people havent arrived yet. Lin Chujiu had no choice but to pick up the Seventh Prince and brought him to the main hall herself.

Lin Chujius body was not weak, but the Seventh Prince, who looked skinny was actually heavy. When she got up, she staggered a bit and almost fell.

With a clear intention, Lin Chujiu, who was carrying the Seventh Prince, walked towards the main hall. But at this time, the Empress, who received the news, arrived with the palace guards.

Little Seven, Little Seven The Empress looked like a frightened flower under the eclipsed moon. Obviously, this incident was not her calculations.

Lin Chujiu felt relieved that she had given the Seventh Prince a first aid intervention. Otherwise, the consequence will be very serious.

The Empress rushed towards Lin Chujiu and said in an angry manner: How did my Little Seven got poisoned?

Niangniang Lin Chujiu opened her mouth to explain when suddenly, she saw the Empress lifted her arm to slap her face. Lin Chujiu quickly reacted and escaped. Then, said with unshaken emotion: Niangniang, please think twice. She is not the original Lin Chujiu, who wanted the Empress support so bad. She is now Xiao Wangfei, the Empress must think twice before she slapped her face.

Think twice? You want to kill the Seventh Prince, but you want this empress to think? The Empress looked very angry, her gentle and lovely face earlier could no longer be seen.

The Seventh Prince has eaten the snacks that the Empress has prepared before he got poisoned. What does it have to do with me? This accusation, Lin Chujiu will never recognize it.

*Hmph* The Empress sneered and said to the palace guard next to her: Are you dead? Arent you going to bring his royal highness to the main hall and find a doctor?

Yes, yes, yes. The palace guard immediately came forward. Lin Chujiu didnt stop the palace guard, she let him take the Seventh Prince right away.

The Empress looked at Lin Chujiu with a cold face: Chujiu, murdering an imperial prince is a capital crime. This empress cannot help you. After that, she left Lin Chujiu all alone and went inside the main hall. T

The Empress didnt say another word, but the palace guards surrounded Lin Chujiu and prevent her from leaving the palace.

Standing outside the main hall, Lin Chuji silently sneered. She didnt try to justify herself, she only stood up

She couldnt ask for any help. Her four maidservants also entered the Luanfeng Hall but were separated by the Empress. And now that this thing happened, Lin Chujiu was afraid that they will also suffer.

When the Emperor received the news, he also rushed to the Empresss courtyard. As soon as he arrived, the Emperor saw Lin Chujiu outside the main hall, but he didnt give her a face. He walked straight into the main hall and asked the Empress: What happened to Little Seven?

The Seventh Prince had recently won the Emperors heart. The Emperors love for him has gradually deepened. So, how can the Emperor not worry about him now that he had an accident?

Huangshang, Imperial Doctor Qin is detoxifying the poison to Little Seven. He said that, the poison is too strong, if Little Seven had a bit more, he will die on the spot. The Empresss face was pale, but her eyes were red from over crying.

The Empress seemed really terrified, she doesnt look like faking it.

The Emperor didnt expect it, he was hunting the goose all day long, but the goose took a shot of him first in the dark. And almost took his sons life.

When the Emperor heard the Empresss words, he took a long sigh of relief and held the Empresss hand: Rest assured, Little Seven has a good fortune, he will not die.

If Huangshang siad so. The Empresss knitted eyebrows were stretched a bit, but her face was still pale. The Emperor was afraid for her to get sick. So, he asked: What happened? How did Little Seven suddenly got poison in the Luanfeng Hall? He doesnt believe that Empress become weak and will make calculations with her own son.

The Empresss eyes got teary and said in a low voice: This empress doesnt know. At that time, only Lin Chujiu was there, she said Little Seven eat snacks before he was poisoned.

The Empress didnt directly say Lin Chujiu poisoned the Seventh Prince, but her meaning was clear.

Lin Chujiu? The Emperors eyes became cold and flashed with killing intent.

He gave the Meng Family a face and planned to wait for Lin Chujiu to cure Meng Xiuyuan first before he took a shot of her. However, Lin Chujiu committed this sin, she was simply slapping his face, but

He will still give Meng Family a face, but the premise is, the Meng Family will owe him a favor and not Lin Chujiu.

Someone come, bring Xiao Wangfei to the palace prison. The Emperor directly ordered, he didnt even ask another question. The Empress was not surprised at all, she lowed her head to hide the anger in her eyes.

She was originally calculating Lin Chujiu to make a mistake, and then she will give the Meng Family a face. She will let Lin Chujiu cure Meng Xiuyuan, so that the Meng Family will owe her a favor, but she didnt expect that

She will be stabbed in the back, not to mention, her son was harmed. And in the end, her plan was robbed by the Emperor.

When her calculation ended as a failure, the Empress suddenly finds herself ridiculous. She couldnt do this anymore. Her body was getting worse day by day. She shouldnt pin her hopes to Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu was put in distressful situation several times, but the Central Empire people didnt show up. Even when she was missing for two days and one night, the Central Empire people didnt look for her. It can be seen that these people in the Central Empire completely abandoned Lin Chujiu.

If these people of the Central Empire will not contact Lin Chujiu, she will not be able to renew her life. She must try her best to make her Little Sevens life more secured.

Huangshang, you must decide for Little Seven. The Empress wiped away her tears, then went close the Emperors side with a helpless look on her face. The Emperor rarely seen the Empress looked so weak, so the Emperors heart was moved and he embraced her in his arms
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