Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 365

Without question, Lin Chujiu was brought to the palace prison. Lin Chujiu was not surprised at all, the palace people had used a drastic moved to frame her so that she wouldnt be able to escape easily.

Today, the event was actually pretty rough. The poisoning of the Seventh Prince was completely different from everyones expectation. However, although there were many loopholes, the Seventh Prince was indeed got poisoned in front of her, she cant escape.

Its really a big mistake to go to the palace. Sitting on the stone bed in the prison, Lin Chujiu hugged her legs with her hands and then silently smile. She couldnt think of someone that could save her.

Xiao Tianyao was not in the capital city, and its impossible for him to suddenly pop out here. And no need to ask about the Lin Family, Lin Xiang will likely use this chance to look for her death. How is he going to save her? As for her maternal family?

Just like Xiao Tianyao said, they are powerless.

You can only rely on yourself. Lin Chujiu got up and stood back against the prison door, looking at the small window above her head


In Xiao Wangfu, Housekeeper Caos eyes have always been looking at the direction of the palace. When he hadnt seen Lin Chujiu returned yet, he had a bad feeling inside his heart.

Did something bad happened? Housekeeper Cao was upset and immediately sent someone to inquire.

The people in the palace couldnt easily find out what happened, but it was not difficult for the people of Xiao Wangfu. Soon, Housekeeper Cao learned that Lin Chujiu was sent to the palace prison for poisoning the seventh prince.

Poisoning the seventh prince? Why would our familys Wangfei do this kind of thing? Is the seventh prince worthy enough for our Wangfei to dirty her hands? Houskeeper Cao heart jumped up.

People with discerning eyes could see clearly, that their Wangfei has no motive to murder the Seventh Prince.

Hurry, go and find Su Gongzi. Housekeeper Cao anxiously turned around and immediately sent people to invite Su Cha to come in Xiao Wangfu.

Coincidentally, Su Cha brought a letter to Xiao Wangfu and is looking for Lin Chujiu. The two parties met at the door. When Su Cha heard the news, the smile on his face immediately solidified: Wangfei was sent in the palace prison?

Yes, it is said that the emperor personally gave this order, saying that Wangfei tried to murder the seventh prince. The servant doesnt know much, so he said: This slave doesnt know much details, please ask Housekeeper Cao to know more.

Go, take me to see Housekeeper Cao. Su Cha strode forward and didnt dare to delay further.

Housekeeper Cao was walking back and forth in the flower hall. When he saw Su Cha coming, he immediately greeted him: Su Gongzi, you came, hurry, please save our Wangfei. Wangfei is locked in the palace prison.

Although Housekeeper Cao was so anxious, he was still coherent. He reported the result of their investigation. The Empresss courtyard was full of the empresss cronies, they could only get limited information.

But judging from the news of Housekeeper Cao, Lin Chujiu was arrested on the spot, with no possibility of rebuttal.

When Su Cha heard the full report, he snorted and said with an angry tone: Why did Wangfei go to the palace? Didnt they tell her just to close the Xiao Wangfus gate?

The matter of entering the palace is not Wangfeis doing. Su Gongzi, please dont blame Wangfei. Wangfei is also a victim. Housekeeper Cao said the truth, but Su Cha was still dissatisfied: If she doesnt want to enter the palace there are many ways she to refuse. She could pretend to be sick.

Housekeeper Cao acted like he didnt hear Su Chas words, he said: Su Gongzi, Wangfei and Meng Familys agreed date of treatment is tomorrow. How could we possibly say Wangfei is sick? Also, if Wangfei said she is sick, what will we do if the empress sent an imperial doctor to check her condition? Su Gongzi, you know that, as long as the emperor or the empress summon people in the palace, even Wangye couldnt refuse, so how do you think Wangfei will refuse?

Its only easy for Su Cha to speak, but there are things that cant easily be taken for granted. In this era were imperial power reign. Although Lin Chujiu stood taller than most ordinary people, she was not standing on the peak. She doesnt actually have a beautiful life or freedom that outsider people could see.

Su Cha admitted that what Housekeeper Cao said was right, but he refused to admit that he is wrong. Why did she decide to cure Meng Gongzis illness this early? Cant she drag it a few more days? If she drags it a bit more, the palace people will not make a move, for the sake of Meng Familys face.

Wangfei can drag it for a while, but not in the lifetime. No matter when Wangfei decides to cure Meng Gonzi, this incident cannot be avoided, but the Meng Family will be dissatisfied with Wangfeis attitude. Housekeeper Cao stated the fact. In truth, these words didnt come from him, they were the words that Lin Chujiu said to him.

At that time, Housekeeper Cao also couldnt understand why Lin Chujiu was so anxious to treat Meng Xiuyuan, so she explained it to him.

Now, there is much important issue, the most important thing is to find a way to save Wangfei. This time, Su Cha didnt refute Housekeeper Caos words, he simply changed the topic.

Wangye is not in the capital. No one among us can freely enter the palace. I dont know how is Wangfeis situation in the prison. No one among them is allowed to enter the palace to plead mercy, nor give something to Lin Chujiu. If she will be bullied in prison, they cant do anything to help.

I believe that Wangfei is not someone that can easily be bullied. Even if she is in the palace prison right now, Wangfei will not let herself be bullied. We only need to find out who exactly poison the seventh prince. Wangfei can handle the rest. Su Cha finally understood why Xiao Tianyao always saying that he wanted Lin Chujiu to be worthy of him and that Lin Chujiu should grow.

Xiao Wangfei is an identity bound to experience a lot of troubles. To sit in this position, not only she needs to be smart but also capable. Especially, because she doesnt have the support of her family.


Just like Su Cha said, even if the palace people deliberately harass her, Lin Chujiu will not let herself suffer.

Lin Chujiu offended a lot of people in the palace, but the very first person who tried to took a shot at her was Princess Fushou Zhang.

When Princess Fushou Zhang heard that Lin Chujiu was in the palace prison, she immediately sent two female public servants to humiliate Lin Chujiu.

Who knows if its coincidentally or not, but the two female public servants sent by Princess Fushou Zhang met the palace guard, who was about to give Lin Chujiu dinner. The two took the initiative to talk to the palace guard: Dage, we were sent by Princess Fushou Zhang to take care of Xiao Wangfei. Please let us serve Xiao Wangfei her dinner.

The palace guard doesnt want to give the food, but the two directly rushed toward him and robbed the food. And because they were Princess Fushou Zhangs people, the palace guard didnt dare to refute. He even leads the way for them.

Open the door. The two female public servants looked very arrogant. They dont look like people, who will serve Lin Chujiu.

The palace guard knew that these people were sent to cause trouble to Lin Chujiu, but what can he do?

When the door opened, the palace guard immediately retreated. No matter what happens here, he is innocent.

The two female public servants were very satisfied with the reaction of the palace guard, they took the meal inside. Lin Chujiu was still looking up at the small window, when the two said with a mocking tone: Xiao Wangfei, this slave came to serve you.

Who are you? Lin Chujiu turned her face indifferently, she doesnt seem like had put the other partys provocation in her eyes.

We are public servants under Princess Fushou Zhang. When Princess Fushou Zhang heard that Xiao Wangfei was sent to the palace prison, she got worried that no one will serve you. This lowly one was sent to serve Xiao Wangfei. When the female public servant said those words, she was looking at Lin Chujiu directly. Seeing Lin Chujiu didnt show any fear or uneasiness, she couldnt help but be a bit disappointed.

However, it doesnt matter, the night is long, they can make Xiao Wangfei kneel on her knees and beg for mercy
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