Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Chapter 109 Little Sister's Sutra Is Invalid. Spanking Is King!

Dongfang seemed to have also noticed that she was overreacted. She quickly cleared her throat, but it only made it even more obvious. Shen said very quietly like the noise of a mosquito, "Elder Brother Nan, actually... it was part of my fault as well, sorry!"

"Part of your fault?" I was confused, and before I realized, Dongfang Lianren has already hung up the phone.

What did she do? What she said was extremely unclear and vague. Although I understood what happened, after I think about it carefully, I still don't know how it happened. Why did the bratty girl bring that kind of thing to the school? How did the teacher find out?

I felt like my mind was in a muddle, I just couldn't figure it out.

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