Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Chapter 110 Three Problematic Girls

I knew that Xiao Yike must be in it as well, otherwise, why would Dongfang Lianren inform this little minx that something had happened to Chu Yuan? Seeing me sneer, the little minx's head was sweating, "Uncle, em... Yuanyuan needed materials to write a book, so I just... I wasn't trying to get her into trouble! I assure you that that DVD is censored, and I have never watched it!"

"Why do you need to explain to me that you haven't watched it? ! And how do you know if it is censored if you haven't even watched it? !"

"It's written on the cover!"

"Does it also have an 18+ label on the cover?"

"Yes, but I am nineteen..."

"Who is asking about your age! My sister is only sixteen!" I'm so angry that I simply hit the head of this little minx," besides, you don't even watch it, why would you give it to my little sister! Do you think I won't spank your butt? !"

The minx covered her head with both hands, screamed, and jumped on the sofa. "No~!"

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