Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Chapter 75 She Is Mine, No One Can Take Her Away

"You did! You kiss-" Liusu suddenly stopped, and then both of us were dazed. Obviously, she was referring to the kiss that night. But... even if it was that thing, it was she molesting me, and I should be the victim, right?

My heartbeat accelerated rapidly, the focus of my eyes involuntarily gathered on the two thin lips of Liusu. Remembering the soft touch of the sweet taste, I could not help swallowing.

"Nannan, let, let's have a barbecue together after work," Liusu hurriedly shifted the subject, but her invitation made me think more, and when she saw the ambiguous expression on my face, she waved her hand in a hurry and said, "Don't get the wrong idea, just eat barbecue, no drinking."

How could I not get the wrong idea? The kiss last time also happened after your so-called barbecue... and no drinking? The more she tried to cover it up, the more obvious it would become. Alas, drinking is indeed a good excuse for making mistakes... I was so tempted, but after thinking for a second, I couldn't help but sigh, "Next time..."

"Again?" The anticipation flashed past her face and she frowned, pouted her lips, and whined, "Not even without drinking?"

"It's not that," I said with an apologetic and helpless smile, "I bought a computer for Yuanyuan, but I haven't set up the internet connection for it. You know the temper of that little brat..."

"Just connect it to a router, that's easy" Liusu smiled and said, "Do you need my help?"

Actually, I could solve this problem myself, but thinking that I have declined Liusu's invitation many times, I decided to invite her to my flat, "Okay, I invite you to dinner at my flat tonight. It's not that I want to brag about it, Yuanyuan's cooking skill is simply amazing. It is almost as good as my mom."

Liusu didn't mind about the geographical coordinates of our meal, the joy that couldn't be concealed appeared on her pretty face, "Okay, she cooks better than Auntie Murong? I don't believe it, I know you like to praise your little sister, so it won't work on me."

"You will definitely change your mind tonight."

Just when Liusu and I were having a pleasant conversation, Song Jia's voice appeared, "Chu Nan, please come to Ms. Mo's office."

I clearly saw the smile on the Liusu's face froze for a moment, and a faint of sadness appeared in her eyes. Somehow, my heart twitched in pain for some reason, and I didn't know why, but I grabbed her cold little hands and tightened the grab gently.

Liusu shuddered and looked at me in shock. She was so surprised that she even forgot to move her hands back.

I smiled, but said nothing. Except for the smile that naturally appeared on my face, and the warm and unclear impulse in my heart, I couldn't think of a line. Liusu was dazed. Her slightly misty eyes filled with disbelief and her shoulders started to shake.

What is this? Silent promise? But why?

I don't know, I just know that when I got up and stood up, I felt extremely relaxed. Looking at the direction of Mo Fei's office, I no longer had the usual nervousness and anxiety, I smiled and then saw that Brother Wei, who just saw my secret movements, also smiled.

When I walked past Brother Wei, I whispered, "She is mine, no one can take her away from me."

Brother Wei dazed for a moment, then emphasized in a low voice, "Yes, she is yours, no one can take her away."

Then we looked at each other, and both smiled.

I like Liusu, and Yang Wei this fucker.

. . .

"Chu Nan, what should I do!"

When Song Jia just closed the door, Mo Fei immediately lost her calm and dignified look and rushed to me in a panic. She grabbed my arm, and said with a crying voice, "My mom was caught again!"

Although I entered the door with a firm mind, as soon as I entered the office my mind began to shake again. God Damn It, I wanted to forget that day Mo Fei kissed me on the face, but whenever I saw her cold jade-like icy face, it would appear again.

Alas, men, you are such despicable hypocrites!

I cursed at myself a few words, and then calmed down a lot. Even if Mo Fei's image could not be erased from my heart, I could force myself to stop thinking about the unrealistic dream. Men needed to be cruel to themselves!

"What's the matter, don't worry, say it slowly," I pressed Mo Fei to sit on the chair, frowned and said, "Your mother went to gamble again?"

"No, she stayed with me for a few days, and only returned to her place today, but she was blocked at her place by the creditor," Mo Fei was overwhelmed with anxiety. "Now those people are asking me to pay them. What should I do."

"How much money does your mother owe?" Although I knew from Wu Xueqing that she owed a loan shark three hundred thousand, I still asked.

"Three hundred thousand..." Mo Fei was both ashamed and angry, "she said that on the IOU she signed, she was supposed to get three hundred thousand, but she only got two hundred forty thousand, moreover, the other party required her to pay back in one month. Otherwise, there would be an interest fee of sixty thousand a month..."

"She borrowed three hundred thousand, but only got two hundred forty thousand?" I was completely speechless. Is Wu Xueqing an idiot? I have heard that people in gangs often do this kind of business. Once anyone owed those gangs' money, it would be very hard to pay off the debt.

Mo Fei almost broke into tears. "I have only a little more than a hundred thousand in my hands. In such a short time, where can I go to get so much money? Chu Nan, will they really cut off my mom's finger?"

"No," I tried to calm her down, "those people only ask for money, they are just saying those words to intimate you."

"Really..." Mo Fei was still not at ease, "should, should I pay off the interest first?"

Mo Fei was just a poor girl with a rich appearance. All her savings was almost squandered by her mother, Wu Xueqing. She also couldn't ask Mo Yizhi for money, so she decided to use all she had to pay off the interest fee first. But what about the next month?

Nowadays, the loan sharks were all crafty people. As long as they had a loan agreement, calling the police would be useless. But this interest fee was also a bottomless pit, after all, those gang members deepened on this kind of method to make money. So in order to prevent them from finding more excuses, the quick way to solve the problem was to pay back everything in one lump sum. But if Mo Fei had this amount of money, she wouldn't have had headaches now.

Biting my fingernails, I walked back and forth in the office. After a while, I said to Mo Fei, "I heard elder sister Liu say that in order to prepare for a big project at the end of the year, our company has asked the investment department to only focus on the short-term investment, mainly to recoup funds, is this true?"

This question clearly wasn't something that a small office worker like me should ask, and as I expected, Mo Fei frowned, but she nodded, "why are you asking about this? Chu Nan, my mother..."

I immediately interrupted her, "how much money does the investment department have now? I mean how much money you can touch."

"You want me to use the company money?!" Mo Fei was a smart woman. After seeing my serious expression, she knew that I was not joking. But she immediately rejected, "No, Chu Nan, this idea will not help me, but harm me!"

"Who asks you to use the company money? I mean... Fine, if you want to look it that way. You can use the existing funds of the investment department to make a short-term investment and make some profits to pay off your mother's debt in a lump sum."

However, Mo Fei's attitude was very firm, she said coldly, "you are asking me to commit a crime!"

"Sometimes, you have to think outside the box. Besides, if it can really bring some profits to the investment department and the company, it is not a bad thing, right? To be honest, Feifei you are the only one in the company that doesn't use your position to make some profit for yourself. Of course, If I am not absolutely sure, even if you want to do this, I will stop you."

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