Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1000

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The students below the stage all started to get excited. Today they had been watching for the longest time ever and they were actually a little tired. The most important moment had finally arrived!

Everyone wanted to know how the Armament apprentices fared in their standard.

Especially Huang Yueli with such exceptional armament refining skills, what kind of fine quality Profound Armament had she refined?

Tang Jinhua didn’t disappoint as he first held up Huang Yueli’s works.

“I believe that everyone wanted to see the formidable power of the Profound Armament that Miss Bai had refined so we shall first start testing the two Profound Armaments which she had refined!”

“That’s great! I’ve long wanted to know how powerful that pair of wrist guards as well as those three accessories, since it’s been so beautifully done it?”

“I think you’d better not get your hopes too high up. Generally speaking, when the exterior of the Profound Armament is too pretty, the power will normally not match up! Very few Armament Masters are able to balance both sides…..”

“But Bai Ruoli is so awesome, maybe she might be able to do it!”

Amidst the discussions, Tang Jinhua held up that pair of wrist guards as he buckled it onto his hand. Suddenly he gave an embarrassed look, “Hehe, this… this wrist guard is slightly smaller and made for ladies so I can’t put it on! Is there any other Armament Master out here who is willing to help me test this?”

He had just ended his sentence when several Armament Masters immediately stood up, “I’ll do it!”

In the end, a petite female Armament Master managed to snag to the front of the stage as she received the wrist guards.

Tang Jinhua took a look at her. She was a first tier Armament Master, rather young and she used to be a student of Celestial Light Academy. She had just passed through the certification assessment last year and at that time, she had just turned eighteen years old so she was also one of the armament refining talents whom the Armament Guild placed emphasis on nurturing.

“Miss Ning Xiao, it’s you! You’re so fast!”

Ning Xiao nodded as she laughed, “Everyone’s snatching so if I’m not quick enough, how would that do?”

Saying that she received the wrist guards and put it onto her arms.

Ning Xiao’s wrists were slender and the size was just right. Moreover, this set of wrist guards were exceptionally exquisite which brought out her fair yet flexible wrists. The patterns on the exterior of the wrist guards brought out a kind of mysterious charm and looked exceptionally pleasing to the eye.

“Wow, this is just too beautiful! Even if it’s not a Profound Armament and just a pair of bracelet accessory, I’m sure many young ladies will like it!”

As Ning Xiao was talking, under Tang Jinhua’s guidance, her right hand struck out towards a piece of strength testing stone.

Very quickly, the strength testing stone reflected the wrist guards’ test results.

Tang Jinhua took a look at it and his hand trembled, “Defence and Speed are all 15% and above! Each attribute in a dual attributed Profound Armament range upgrade would normally be lower than single attributed armaments but in Miss Bai’s set of wrist guards, the dual attributes had exceeded close to double than each single attribute! This…. this has already reached a second tier Profound Armament’s standard!”

“What? Second tier Profound Armament??”

“How is that possible? Even if Bai Ruoli has the ability to refine a second tier Profound Armament but the materials supplied in the assessment are all first tier materials so how could she possibly refine a second tier Profound Armament?”

“That’s right, this is just too ridiculous!”

However, the truth was displayed right in front of their eyes and the Armament Guild was the most professional so there shouldn’t be any mistake in their strength testing stone!

Tang Jinhua spend some time to compose himself and quivered as he put the wrist guards back into the box before holding up the other set of Profound Armament, the set of three pieces of Profound Artifact, which Huang Yueli had refined!

This time round, even before Tang Jinhua could open his mouth, Ning Xiao had already snatched it over.

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