Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1325

Chapter 1325 Malicious Provocation 1

Chapter 1325: Malicious Provocation (1)
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Li Moying pacified her by touching her shoulders and turning back his head at the same time as he said coldly, Second Junior Brother, where do you think youre going?

Li Lingchuan realised that the situation wasnt quite right and had already been retreating backwards secretly, hoping that his movements would not be found out. Whoever knew that Li Moying suddenly called out for him.

He secretly raised his head and met Li Moyings biting cold gaze sweeping by as his spine felt a chill, so he could only stop his footsteps.

Li Lingchuan self-professed that he was one of the peerless talents in South Sky Region and while facing other practitioners, he never felt that he ran out of spirit but unfortunately the moment he met Li Moying, just one glance was enough to make him terrified, feeling that he had to bow down in front of his feet!

Eldest. Eldest Senior Brother. AH!!!

His stammering words had yet to finish when he felt his eyes turning blurry.

A severe lightning flashed across and struck him on his chest!

Li Lingchuan didnt even have the time or space to react or evade when he was struck directly. He saw a miserable shriek as he crashed heavily towards the outside!

Lingchuan! Murong De stood up in shock, Quick, quickly go see what has happened to Li Lingchuan!

The medical professionals present immediately rushed over.

This time as the mishap happened too quickly, so quick that it made everyone surprised and everyone in the main hall were shocked. No one expected Li Moying to suddenly make a move!

Just within a short span of an instance, Li Lingchuan was heavily injured.

After some time, some people finally regained their senses as all of them were dumbstruck.

This Whats the matter with Young Sect Master? Why did he directly strike out at Mister Li!

Isnt that obvious? Earlier Mister Li together with Eldest Young Miss were bullying Miss Bai, intending to ask her to sit at the last seat. Although Young Sect Master has given the Sect some face to let off Eldest Young Miss, but Master Li doesnt have that good fortune eh?

He really stood up for Miss Bai! Heavens. Young Sect Masters character is so cold but he actually got fired up for a woman. Why isnt the lucky one me? What curse did Bai Ruoli casted on him?

You? Havent you even seen your own distance between yourself and Miss Bai! She is a top rated armament refining genius, even President Hu is full of praise for her, are you even comparable?

Not only were the ordinary disciples discussing this, even President Hu and the rest were extremely shocked and surprised.

President Hu was only astonished for a moment when he laughed out, Youngsters. They are just too rash! But at least he has a bit of hot-blood in him. Otherwise I cannot rest assured that our talented genius young lady of the Armament Guild will marry him! From the looks of this now, Young Sect Master Li indeed knows how to protect our Miss Bai.

Li Moying indifferent replied, Naturally.

Towards outsiders, he didnt like to talk much but merely using a few words to describe his feelings of adoration towards Huang Yueli, it was enough to make anyone understood his meaning.

The words of beration were almost by Murong Des mouth but upon thinking, he decided to swallow it down!

Internal strife was a major offence in these kinds of large Sects and if it were others who fought in such an occasion, Murong De would never let them off.

But since it was Li Moying, he couldnt even say a single word of criticism!

Because he himself could not afford to offend Li Moying, moreover Li Lingchuan was at fault in the first place! Adding on to the fact that Li Moying had already let Murong Fei off, his pursuit towards Li Lingchuan was considered a huge step back.




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