Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1327

Chapter 1327 Malicious Provocation 3

Chapter 1327: Malicious Provocation (3)
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Cui Yuan Shan didnt expect Li Moying to rebuke him and moreover in such an arrogant and overbearing manner!

He was a ninth stage realm top expert who had been established for quite some time and his potential is much higher than everyone else present, even Murong De didnt dared to speak to him in such a manner.

But Li Moying seemed as though he didnt feel any pressure, as he immodestly taunted him!

Cui Yuan Shan patted the table and angrily retorted, You how dare you speak to me in this manner??

The minute his rage flared up, his powerful aura immediately enveloped the entire main hall and Li Moying suffered the most pressure but he seemed as though there was nothing to it as there werent any changes to his expression.

Sect Master Cui, putting up such a powerful might, what is your intention? Do you feel that our Celestial Light Sect is good to bully? Thinking of using might to suppress our Sect? This is how Green Cloud Sect displays your sincerity? If this is the case, then I feel that the decision to cooperate with Green Cloud Sect is really a huge mistake!

Li Moyings lips curled up as he gave a slight smile of ridicule.

Cui Yuan Shan was just about to explode when he heard these words and suddenly regained his senses.

His eyes were fixed on those Celestial Light Sects ninth stage realm Elders as they all started to stand up, looking at him with anger in their eyes. Evidently, they were all fired up from his earlier action.

Cui Yuan Shan immediately broke out in cold sweat.

Yes, although Li Moying himself was only in seventh stage realm, but Celestial Light Sect wasnt a small Sect who were vegans! As an established and accomplished sect which had been around for a thousand years, even if Sect Master Murong Des actual ability wasnt comparable to his, but there were still grand elders within the sect who had the ability and were powerful enough to defeat Cui Yuan Shan!

More importantly, as what Li Moying said earlier, he was here to cooperate with the Sect. Although he has a chance to squeeze Celestial Light Sect, he would not give up on it. But if this really resulted in the failure of the cooperation, thus unable to activate the ancient mystic region, then the loss would outweigh the gains!

Cui Yuan Shan tried his best to suppress his own rage as he gave a cold snort, Of course I brought along my sincerity, theres nothing to doubt about this! A junior like you is so disrespectful to me but on accord of your Master, I will not haggle with you over this!

He angrily returned to his own seat and lifted up the tea cup as he drank loads of water to extinguish his fury.

Those ordinary disciples present had never seen a ninth stage realm practitioner displaying their might and were all breaking out in cold sweat. Especially when Cui Yuan Shan released his might, many of them were so scared that they wet their pants!

They all thought that Cui Yuan Shan would throw a huge temper. Young Sect Master was just too condescending so after he kicked the iron plate, something big might just explode! Everyone was all sweating on Li Moyings behalf.

But none of them had thought that Cui Yuan Shan actually didnt get worked up, instead he suppressed his own anger while nursing his grievance!

Li Moyings simple words pushed a powerful ninth stage realm practitioner back, and even made him unable to get worked up!

This was a simply unimaginable thing so everyones admiration towards Li Moying had raised to a brand new platform.

Originally their Young Sect Master not only had innate talent and potential, even his talent in speaking was so good. Furthermore, in front of Cui Yuan Shans powerful aura, he totally had no fear. Instead he seemed to be watching a joke!

How could he be so self-confident?

The others couldnt see through this but Huang Yueli understood it very well. She couldnt help smiling while she shook her head, thinking that this man was exactly the same as in his past life!

From a very long time ago, there were numerous super strong practitioners who were angered by him till they almost threw up blood.



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