Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1769

Chapter 1769 Li Moyings Fury 9

A long moment later, Huang Yueli pushed the man in front of her gently.

"Alright, not angry anymore? You went to look for me immediately after you came out of your closed door cultivation? You havent eaten anything yet right? Just nice, I havent taken my dinner as well, so accompany me to eat a little?"

Huang Yueli leaned to the front of her fianc and her tone was extremely sweet and gentle, which was filled totally with the meaning of pleasing him.

But Li Moying merely casted a fleeting glance at her, not saying a single word.

Woah, hes putting on airs! Why had this man suddenly become so difficult to coax recently?

Huang Yueli blinked and her delicate little hands whisked the part in front of his chest as she slowly went near him, all the way until their noses touched and they could smell each others breathing.

"Why are you still angry? Havent I already listened to you obediently? How about this, Ill give you a kiss and youll forgive me, alright?"

Saying that, she stuck out the tip of her tongue and started licking Li Moyings perfectly shaped thin lips.

Li Moying felt a stinging itch from his lips and his eyes were half narrowed as he looked at her from the corner of his eye.

This fair delicate little face looked extremely pure but that slightly roving eyes revealed an extremely seductive sense, as though it was like an intense fire which could light one up in an instance.

This intense comparison made Li Moyings heart pound wildly. His Adams apple slid up and down then he used his strong palms to hold on to the young ladys slender shoulders.

Suddenly, at the next moment, he shoved Huang Yueli away hard.

Huang Yueli cried out as she lifted up her eyes to look at him in surprise. Because according to Li Moyings earlier performance, she actually didnt expect that she would be pushed away!

Just as she was astonished, Li Moying took a deep breath and forcibly suppressed the urge as he retreated back several steps while staring deeply at her.

"Why why are you looking at me like this?" Huang Yueli pouted as she felt slightly unhappy.

Acting coquettish and cute didnt work, now even her automatic seduction also didnt work as well?

Could it be that her charm had dropped? How could it be possible? She obviously sensed that following her cultivation rising continuously, she had obviously become prettier and prettier!

She wanted to lean forward once again out of irreconciliation.

Li Moying hurriedly took a few steps back as he gave a slight cough, "Dont come over first, I have something to ask you!"

"Ughh what do you want to ask?" Huang Yueli instantly became uneasy. She had thought that she had managed to smuggle past todays matters! In the end, Li Moying totally didnt let her proactiveness go to his head, and even remembered to criticise her violently..

"I ask you, why have you insisted on going over to Sky Emperor City today for?"

Li Moyings expression was solemn as he questioned her. The number one top expert in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, at this moment, was no different from a re-disposed man who was extremely jealous.

"Oh, youre asking about this! Actually its nothing much. I just suddenly recalled that today is the day of the Armament Guild Headquarters public certification assessment date and I wanted to go get a high levelled Armament Master badge so in future no matter if its to sell things through auction or to handle some matters, itd be a little more convenient to do so!"

Huang Yueli knew that he would ask about this hence she was already prepared.

So her reply was extremely fluent and the expression on her face was also exceptionally natural, totally not showing any abnormality at all.

But in actual fact, she had cleverly avoided the main point of this question, in an attempt to muddle through this.

However, Li Moying was not that easy to con at all.

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