Profane Prince Of Domination Book 3 Chapter 387

Volume 3: Resurgence Of The Zenith Ants Chapter 387 Cleaning The Ship


Never in its history did the Ancient Crystal World experience a battle of this scope. The sky rumbled, and the earth split. Towns collapsed, and cities quivered as if to announce the end of times. Without delay, Krann dispelled the now useless Anti-Divine Screen to focus the Tower's Strength on supporting the Holy Continent's safety.

Ensuring peace for the Holy Continent's denizens was an immutable part of Konrad's plan. For if they failed to safeguard it, all the faith they built was in jeopardy. After all, Konrad wasn't posing as a distant deity, but as the God that stood among his devotees and guaranteed their prosperity as long as they worshipped him.

The spread of such a faith may be simple, but so was its collapse. But Krann didn't let him down, and with the Tower's support, prevented the Holy Continent from suffering from the tiniest ripple. In the Barbarian Continent, however, even Verena and Else's best efforts threaten to falter before the world-rending confrontation carrying on. At this rate, to say nothing of decades, it would be a miracle if they could endure three years.


Mishri, Dasra, Aakash, and Nehal led the devas while Anharya and his five-hundred elite nobles headed the demonic legions. If the Celestial Host won in numbers, with its five-hundred elite Demigod nobles, the Demonic Legions won in quality.

As for the leaders, both Dasra and Mishri were forced to accept that with Ashara's Armor and Seal, Mishri could tackle them both without showing weakness. Thus, at the end of the third battle day, the two forces were evenly matched, with their casualties kept to a negligible minimum.

But for the Barbarian Continent, that was another story. Although from beginning to end, neither side targeted them, the waves released by their godly collisions tore through the continent and caused the death of hundreds of millions! And that was due to Verena and Else's best efforts.

Otherwise, the casualties would have risen to an alarming level!

Even the confronting forces were aware of it.

"Someone, something, is changing this world's Structure-Level to make it able to endure our clash. This requires a profound level of Truth Laws. Who can accomplish it?"

Dasra, Mishri, Anharya, and all the higher realm experts wondered in astonishment. Primal Laws were the pursuit of all Higher Realm talents, and achieving Wielding in one, the achievement of a lifetime. However, in the history of the Three Realms, even achieving Wielding in Primal Laws was a nigh-impossible feat.

Perhaps due to their Embodiments or some other reason none could comprehend, the Overlord and the Warden aside, Primal Law Wielding eluded even Primogens. Throughout history, only two Deva Gods managed to reach Primal Law Wielding:

The Great Primal Ancestor and his son, the Sun God Surya!

In the Great Primal Ancestor's case, it was due to luck. In Surya's, it was inheritance. The Great Primal Ancestor chanced on a natural concentration of laws that reached such an extreme that a Law Seed was produced. As for Surya, knowing that his death would lead to the Ravmalakhs' decline, the Great Primal Ancestor bestowed his Law Seed and blood upon Surya, thereby allowing him to replace him as the Ravmalakh Primogen.

Although the relationship between the two was, at best, strained, to avoid lineage decline, it was an unavoidable compromise.

Besides those two, the Overlord and the Warden, only Ancient Human Gods achieved Primal Law Wielding. Clearly, that couldn't be a coincidence. Many Ancient Demons and Devas claimed that in ancient times, humanity was overly favored, but a scant few rationalized that it wasn't humanity that enjoyed favor. Rather, demons and devas were granted mighty boons at birth, but hard limits in life.

Of course, that school of thought wasn't popular.

Worse, in the scant few cases, places of high Primal Laws concentration formed, wars would erupt and end up obliterating the prize the warring parties clashed for!

And now, as he faced the possibility of Truth cultivators within the Ancient Crystal World, Anharya automatically linked them to that existence his grandfather wanted him to capture.

This required investigation!


Meanwhile, within the Infernal Cult, chaos unfurled. Faced with Anharya's threat, the non-Serkars of the Infernal Cult couldn't sit tight, and with the following confrontation that sent shivers down all their spines, many attempted to flee!

Yes, all those non-Serkars at the Star-Taming Stage and above now wished to take relatives and friends to flee the Ancient Crystal World through the starry-sky!

Joke, if Anharya threats wasn't incentive enough, the ongoing war clearly heralded destruction for whoever remained in the World's proximity. If there was nothing to gain, and only destruction to kiss, who would brave the risks to stay in this hellhole?

The first batch of deserters came from the Soul Fiends, who all were completely disillusioned by the Infernal Cult and only sought safety! Their Divine Transformation house patriarch personally led the escape!

"We must abandon this stinking ship and rush to foreign worlds! Regardless of how long it takes and the dangers of interspatial travel, we must take the risk! Otherwise, we will sink with it all! And for what? To keep kissing the ass-cheeks of those backstabbing Serkars?

No more! The Infernal Cult is over, to each its own! Come brothers and sisters, pack the feeble in space treasures and let's go!"

This was the former third cult elder's speech before he led his scant few Divine Rank and Star Taming Stage experts into an all-out prison break! Alas, they'd not even gone beyond their restricted domain that three Chthonian Immortals of the Blood Shadow Pavilion appeared and barred their path!

And feeling the chthonian energies erupting from them, the third elder was alarmed!

"Holy Shit! What burglary is this? What the hell happened to those sons of bitches?"

He wondered in a stupor, clearly astounded by those three Serkar scions' transformation!

Little did he know that his words echoed in their minds!

"By the grace of our new lord and patriarch, we ascended."

Said the one in the middle before throwing a casual palm strike that sent all the runaway fools spiraling toward the ground with grievous injuries!

At that time, within the Serkar Domain's Ancestral Hall, Berken, Gulistan and Chimera discussed the Infernal Cult's fear predicament.

"We can't keep wasting energy watching out for deserters. How should we handle them?"

Berken inquired from within his seat.

"Apply martial law and kill them all. In any case, master only requires the human blooded. The rest are lucky if he makes them undead. But with the new entrants, they've already lost all value.

Since they don't appreciate life, we might as well rush them into death everlasting."

Chimera replied, and hearing this, Gulistan nodded in approval.

"I agree. The soul fiends, slaughter fiends, blood fiends, serpent fiends and the remaining houses all no longer serve any purpose. We might as well use this opportunity to find out who is worth keeping.

Lay down a trap and give them a false opportunity for escape. Whoever takes the bait, who we kill. Though not of particularly high quality, their corpses can still serve as nutrients for the lower generations. At worst, we can make them Undead Puppets."

Gulistan endorsed Chimera's motion, and Berken had nothing more to say…

"Very well, you can set it up."

…besides agreeing, of course.

Meanwhile, within the Jade Dynasty, the World Gate opened to welcome back Konrad's travelling consorts.

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