Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 605

Chapter 605 The Ceo Couple Torturing The Three Single Men

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“Make her mine of her accord.”

His words made Liao Gaofei, who was nearest him, shudder.

“Strange. It feels a little cold.” Liao Gaofei mumbled this while rubbing his arms.

Given that even someone as slow as him perceived this iciness, the other two men of course did not miss it.

Nonetheless, they did not think much of it, only thinking that their close friend was in a bad mood because the woman he had been pining for years disappeared again right after he finally met her again.

After all, feelings like desire were not good for one’s mind and body, especially when holding it in for so long.

“Ha ha! Sure, Mingxuan. I didn’t expect you to have such a domineering side. Even I nearly fell for you just now,” Mu Heng teased, smiling and winking at the man.

As she watched the two chat happily with Fu Mingxuan, she felt shivers run up her spine; something did not sit well with her, somehow.

“Anyway, we are leaving now; do as you will.” Ji Ziming told his three friends this, sparing them a glance each.

However, after he spoke, the originally happily chattering men looked at him in unison.

“Where are you going?” Mu Heng asked.

“It’s so boring here! How about we leave with you guys?” Liao Gaofei followed up.

Fu Mingxuan: “…”

“Ziming, you can’t ditch us for your girl! Where are you going? Since it’s still early, let’s just go together!” The playboy smiled at the pair. “You two aren’t heading home yet, right?”

“We’re just going to eat; there’s nothing fun about it,” she informed, rolling her eyes a little at how eager the two were to accompany them.

“Nice! I’m hungry, too!”

“I, too!”

She rolled her eyes again at that.

How old are these two already, yet they’re still so childish! Wanting to go where their friend goes, how childish!

Look at my senior brother; he’s—

She did not get to finish this thought of hers as she was slapped by reality in the face.

“I’m a little hungry, too. It’s just nice; let’s go together,” Fu Mingxuan said gently and politely, smiling at the couple.

“…” Fine. Maybe everyone really is hungry, she grumbled inwardly.

In the end, the pair’s romantic dinner became… a friendly dinner of five.

Sitting next to the man, she regarded the others sitting around the table.

This sitting arrangement was probably intentional, for the man was the only one beside her. The seat on her right was empty, and Liao Gaofei was two seats away from her.

“Little Chili, let me tell you; the food here tastes great. You’re in for a treat today!” Mu Heng said, beaming at her.

For reasons unknown, his cheeky grin made her unhappy.

Thus, she subconsciously rebutted, “Ziming has brought me here before.”

“Wow, wow, wow! Showing off in front of us singles!” He got fired up when he heard her rebuttal.

Next to him, Liao Gaofei started teasing the couple as well. “Aiya, Ziming. I was really wrong about you!”

Looking at the two’s smug smiles and then at silently smiling Fu Mingxuan, she felt that he was the only one who truly seemed like Ji Ziming’s friend.

“Senior, who are you looking for?” She eyed him questioningly.

Although she still felt abashed for assuming that Fu Mingxuan’s ‘goddess’ was her at the start, she was rather curious to know who this man’s dream girl for many years was.

After all, from the other two men’s recount, his goddess was already present when she got to know him back then.

Hearing her question, Mu Heng and Liao Gaofei’s focus went to Fu Mingxuan.

“A nameless, faceless but goddess-level woman!”

“A legendary, mysterious woman who took down Young Master Fu in her teens!”

She cringed a little at these two clowns’ answers.

“I’m looking for…” Fu Mingxuan gently swirled the glass in his hand and smiled at her through its crystal-clear water content.

“The girl who stole my heart but left without a word many years ago.”

“…” For some reason, seeing the way he looked at her, she felt that the girl he was talking about was her.

In that instant, she regretted asking that question out of curiosity a little.

“Pfft! Ha ha! Mingxuan, why do I feel that you’re a little weird today? This style of talking isn’t you at all!” Liao Gaofei guffawed.

Mu Heng, who was sitting next to Fu Mingxuan, also guffawed. “This is noble love—”

“What else do you want to order?” Ji Ziming asked her once his order was placed and put the menu before her without caring for the other three.

Looking at the menu he had passed to her and the dishes that had already been ordered, she felt sweetness in her heart.

All the dishes that this annoying fellow had ordered were what she liked…

“Nothing else; I like everything you ordered,” she smilingly replied with a gentle shake of her.

Right after he had placed the orders, a handful of waiters served up the dishes.

This dinner was eaten in silence. With the couple picking up some dishes for each other and showing off their love before the three single men, the ambiance was quite good.

Just as dinner was about to end, the man’s phone suddenly rang.

“Hello.” He frowned when he saw the displayed number on the phone screen. Cleaning his mouth and getting up off the seat, he went out to take the call.

For some reason, the way the man went out to take the call reminded her of the photo her cousin had shown her.

Who was that call from? Was it a male or female…

At once, she became a little distracted.

The man walked back in from the outside after a while, but his expression now was a lot colder than earlier.

“What’s wrong, Ziming?” Mu Heng asked, concerned when he saw his cold expression.

“It’s something to do with the company.” After saying that, the man’s gaze moved over to her.

“Are you done eating?”

“Mhm.” She nodded.

“Li Qi will pick you up to send you home later. Just wait for him downstairs,” he softly informed, looking at her with a straight face.

At the knowledge that he would not be sending her back himself, she paused a little and began wondering whether he truly was really going to company or otherwise…

“I understand,” she said, a little gloomy.

“Ziming, if you’re not free, I can send Little Chili back—”

Before Mu Heng could finish asking his question, he was cut off by a sharp glare from the man.

“Come on; you’re going down with me.”

Once they were downstairs, she watched him rush away and leave her in the main hall. Looking at his retreating back, she began to think that, perhaps, one day, she would be abandoned by him in the same fashion…

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