Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 663

Chapter 663 As Expected Of The Girl I Took A Fancy

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What is going on?

Her mind was filled with confusion.

Her father got into a car accident at the start of July, and after that, their house was swarmed by debtors and money-lenders.

This was also when she and her mother found out that her fathers company, Gemei Real Estate, had bad logistics and was already in the negatives in terms of profit.

Her father was even ridden with debts from loan-shark companies.

However, if what her father had recorded in this journal was true, on what grounds was his company, which was on the verge of bankruptcy, able to clinch such a good deal?

Could it be that her father had managed to trick those people? Was that why he could snatch that project away from others?

She was extremely confused. She had an inkling that something was terribly amiss, but she could not put a finger to it.

She was in the middle of recalling that past event while holding the old journal tightly when the intercom on her work desk rang.


She cast away her feelings and answered the call.

"Boss Pei, your friend, CEO Fu, is here for a visit."

"Let him in."

She hung up after saying that.

A short while later, someone knocked on her office door.

Knock, knock, knock!

"Please come in."

She shook her head helplessly as she looked at the door. Inside, she muttered,This senior of mine is also a CEO, so why is he so free every day?

"Ge Ge, you cant skip food even if you are busy."

He opened the office door and walked in while saying this concernedly.

She really felt exasperated as she eyed the lunch box in Fu Mingxuans hand.

"Senior, its not that Im skipping food; I just want to finish my work first before eating."

She also felt very dispirited. For some reason, her senior would always invite her for a meal in the afternoon and at night every day no matter what the circumstances were.

Even if she did offer an excuse to reject him, he would still bring a lunch box to visit her at work, making her feel inexplicably embarrassed.

"Even if you are on a diet, you cant skip eating. Quickly eat before you resume work." He walked to her desk with a grin.

"Fine, fine, fine. Ill eat, then."

She could only stand up upon seeing this and follow him to the table where she received guests.

"I knew that you are busy with important things and need a lot of brain power, so I made some fish soup for you."

He looked at her fondly while opening the huge lunch box and laying the different layers on the table.

"Drink the soup while its still hot. Its very fresh."

He smiled at her urgingly.

"Ah" She received the fish soup he had passed over, feeling exasperated. Her lips moved, but she did not say anything in the end.

That was because she knew that her words would fall on deaf ears. After all, it was not her first time experiencing this, and it was definitely not his first time, either.

She dipped her head to look at the bowl of creamy white fish soup in her hands. The memory of how Ji Ziming seemed to love her fish soup flashed across her mind.

As she thought this, she could not help but feel a little down.

That was because

Ever since she left the capital and disappeared from his life, that annoying fellow had never appeared before her.

She came up with plausible excuses on his behalf, but she slowly overturned them herself.

The reason was simple. Even if she was hidden well by his father she was still in a branch company of the Ji Group.

Moreover, the distance between the two cities was not far. If he really wanted, how would it be impossible for him to find her?

When she thought of this, she felt bitterness in her heart.

She was originally thinking of letting that annoying fellow suffer from being unable to find her.


"Ge Ge, what is it?"

Seeing her stare gloomily and blankly at the fish soup, Fu Mingxuan asked her this worriedly.

"I was just thinking of why Ji Ziming isnt coming to see me. Am I really that hard to find?"

She could not help but say these mocking words in her heart aloud.

The man pursed his lips slightly at this and regarded her with a complicated look.

Why was his childhood friend unable to find this woman sitting in front of him?

Sigh It was not that his friend had not looked for this woman; in fact, it was the opposite, and his mobilization was truly huge.

However, it could not be helped that his childhood friends father was much stronger and cleverer in his methods. Although he said that he had sent her to a branch company for training, this company was actually not a subsidiary of Ji Group.

In fact, this companys true owner was not from the Ji family.

Of course the most important reason was that he had lied to his good friend.

As a corollary, Ji Ziming never thought that she would be in Tianjin, which was not far from the capital and did not send people down here to look for her traces.

"Perhaps hes busy with work recently."

Fu Mingxuan still did not tell her the truth. Having hidden it for so long, he decided to take to the end.

"Im also busy in Tianjin nowadays and seldom go back to the capital; I heard that he has gone overseas on a business trip again."

He buried the sliver of guilt he felt inside as he casually mentioned that.

"He went overseas again, huh"

Did he go to see the woman he liked? Hur hur

"Alright, Ge Ge. Quickly eat while its still hot."

Seeing her face fall again, he quickly urged her to eat again.

She knew that he did not want her to be unhappy, so she only smiled gratefully at him and dug in.

"Ge Ge, when are you going back?"

Noticing that she was happily enjoying her meal, his face involuntarily turned gentle as he looked at her dotingly.

"Me? Of course, I must wait until uncle Ji calls and lets me return there." She smiled and swallowed her food.

"Still, that day should be soon. After all, everyone can bear witness to the contributions youve made to the company." He nodded lightly upon hearing her reply and then praised her.

Who would have expected that she would be able to breathe life into this company, which was on the verge of bankruptcy, in such a short time?

If this were to happen to him or Ji Ziming, he would not feel this much admiration, but when since was her, a person who had ever held an assistant position since graduation, who managed to accomplish this much in such a short time, it was truly worthy of admiration.

This was especially since he had personally witnessed her growth.

"Stop talking nonsense. This company has just started operating properly, so where is the contribution you are talking about?"

She waved this away with a smile.

"Ill wait until Jiaheng starts making a profit officially before making it back!"

Studying the clarity, confidence, and sparkle in her dark eyes, he could not help but sigh in awe inside.

As expected of the girl I took a fancy!

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