Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 664

Chapter 664 For Ceo Ji Her Potential Exploded

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"Wah! Did I just see Mr. Fu come over to have lunch with our lady boss again?"

"Yes, yes! I really envy our lady boss. Shes occupying the highest seat in our company at such a young age, and even though shes not that pretty, she has such a handsome boyfriend!"

"Yes! Hes even rich and tall!"

"Sigh Our boss is really a winner in life! I really envy her to death!"

"Forget it, you guys! Dont speak of our boss like that. Shes so capable she deserves all this!"

"Mhm! Our lady boss is really the best superior Ive ever met! Look at how well she treats normal employees like us!"

"Aye! Still, I heard that our boss wont be here for long; they said that shell be transferred back soon."

"Really? I dont want to see her go!"

"I, too"

After exiting her office, Fu Mingxuan heard Jiahengs employees discussing about them.

When he heard how these employees idolized her, inexplicably, a radiant smile lit up his face.

"Cough, cough!" he coughed lightly, interrupting the female employees discussion.

"M-Mr. Fu!"

The few women huddling together to gossip lowered their heads in embarrassment as they were caught in the act by the person discussing about him.

At this, he smiled and said in a friendly manner, "This is my name card. Feel free to give me a call if something is up with your boss."

"Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh?!"

The few women were stunned by his words as they looked at him in shock.

They then belatedly received his name card.

"Mr. Fu, are you having us help you monitor our boss?"

One of the more daring female employees questioned.

Shaking his head with a smile, he answered softly, "Of course not. I just meant that, if theres an emergency, you can give me a call. I dont mean to have you call me every day to report on what your boss is doing."

This explanation made the few female employees relax.

Luckily, this handsome man isnt ordering us to be his spies regarding our bosss activity!

"Mr. Fu, are you our lady bosss boyfriend?"

His friendly and approachable smile made these few employees more daring.

"He he! What do you guys think?" The corner of his lips curled up as he evaded the question.

Still, his affirmative expression and gentle smile caused these female employees to mistake the two for a couple.

"Mr. Fu, rest assured; well help you look after your girlfriend well!"

"He he! Ill trouble you guys, then!"

He did not correct their misconception that she was his girlfriend but merely nodded happily.

Hence, a certain CFO, who was reading some files in her office, got labeled as Mr. Fus girlfriend without her knowing it.

In a mere afternoon, the whole company believed her to be his girlfriend.

This news made all the single female employees, who were dreaming of the fine, rich, tall, and handsome Fu Mingxuan falling for them, gnash their teeth in depression!

In the capital within a certain CEOs office.

"CEO Ji, weve finally tracked down Miss Pei! Theres no mistake this time!"

In a lavish yet discreet office, Du Wen excitedly reported to Ji Ziming, who was sitting at his desk and reading documents.

The man did not raise his head at this, though, and merely continued flipping through the documents in his hands.

"CEO Ji?"

Unable to understand his reaction, the assistant softly called out to him again.

His lack of any response made him feel extremely confused.

It was just a few days ago that his superior was so keen on finding her! In fact, he was so concerned about finding her that he had lost his cool.

Why, then, was their CEO this calm today?

Du Wen stood in front of him for a long time, feeling utterly confused and at a loss. Just as he was thinking of leaving the room, his superior finally spoke.

"You found her really?"

The man put down his fountain pen and raised his head to look at him; his eyes were ablaze.

The assistant could not help but gulp under his intense stare.

"Yes, shes in Tianjin."


He knitted his brows as Fu Mingxuans figure flashed past his eyes.

Ziming, since Ill be in Tianjin for a while, so Ill help you look for her there. After all, your Ji Group has a branch company in that city, too. Theres the possibility of uncle placing her there.

"Yes. The company is small and isnt directly under ours; in fact, it has no affiliation to our group, and thats why weve been misled into not searching there for so long."

His subordinate nodded slowly before placing a stack of information on his desk.

"These are the data regarding that company Miss Pei is at and the updated conditions of the company since her transfer there."

He narrowed his eyes at this. Although he remained expressionless outwardly, his heart was far from calm inwardly!

I finally found that dumb woman! That stupid woman is truly heartless for not even giving me a call!

He suppressed his anger and picked up the files his assistant had laid on his desk.

"Youre excused."

"Alright, CEO Ji."

Only when his secretary was out of the room did he open the files.

"Jiaheng?"This company is truly unheard of and isnt under the Ji Group.

He read through the information quickly, and when he saw the things she had accomplished at Jiaheng, he was totally astonished.


Did that stupid woman do all this?!

He was extremely shocked, not having expected her to resuscitate a company that was about to fold, and she did it well to boot!

"Could she be doing this for me?"

Did her potential explode because she wanted to pass my fathers test quickly?!

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