Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 665

Chapter 665 His Feelings For Pei Ge Are Clearly love.

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He shook his head in amusement. After re-reading what she had done to Jiaheng, he put down the documents.

"That dumb woman is actually not that stupid."

Inexplicably, smugness filled his heart.

His dark obsidian eyes shone with gentleness he did not notice.

In the period that she was gone, he had thought a lot and was knocked awake by Mu Hengs words.

The past him thought that his heart would never waver again for anyone other than that girl.

He realized that he was wrong, however.

With Pei Ges departure, he realized that his feelings for her were not mere liking and not average concern.

According to his childhood friends analysis, his feelings for her were clearly that of love.

While she was not around, he found that he was behaving unlike himself.

He would feel uneasy, lose his cool, feel frustrated and angry, and would have insomnia. Every night, her figure would appear and linger in his mind nonstop.

He had never felt all of those, even for that girl he had accompanied and protected for so many years.

Even she had never made him lose control of himself this much.

If a man experiences all these for a woman, is that not love?

Ziming, you are too proud, and thats why you overlook things. You should put down your pride and take a good look at whats in your heart.

Take a look at the true feelings you hold for Pei Ge.

Is it truly because of the contract, or because you dont want to let her go and want to keep her by your side?

His best friends words played on a loop in his mind.

"I love her" A lost expression appeared on his face, yet his eyes remained clear.

He did not understand. He thought that he would not fall in love with anyone else.

Propping his hands on the documents on the table, he started reminiscing about his every moment with her.

When was it that he started having different feelings for her, that she became a special being to him, and that he had placed her in his heart?

Just as these thoughts drifted further, the phone beside his hand rang.

He regained his senses and, upon seeing the caller ID on the phone display, cocked a brow. He then picked up the call.

"Hey, Ziming! I know where Little Chili is now! Do you want to know? Beg me if you want to know, and Ill tell you!"

Mu Hengs excited voice came through the phone.

" I know it, too," he calmly replied.

"The hell?! You know it, too? This sucks!" The other pouted, feeling stifled. "I was planning to get a hefty sum from you, but its unfortunate that you already know about it!"

"How did you find out?" he asked with suspicion.

"I" The other man paused for a moment before answering, "Of course, its because I have a huge network!

"One of my friends went on a business trip to Tianjin, and he coincidentally snapped a picture of Little Chili."

He started laughing despite himself.

"Ha ha, Ziming! You may not believe this, but shes truly amazing! She is now the CFO of a company and holds the highest authority it, becoming some kind of legend in Tianjins real estate market!

Tsk, tsk, tsk! I truly didnt expect her to achieve these feats somewhere we cant see her.

Ji Zimings lips curled up at his friends high praise, his sharp features softening.

"What is there not to believe? Shes always been outstanding."

When she was barely initiated to her work, she could already write such a simplified yet clear proposal. From the very start, he had known that she was outstanding and capable.

"Tsk! Stop trying to be wise after the fact! If you knew that shes this capable, would you waste her abilities and place her in such a negligible assistant position?" Mu Heng nudged his lips.

He was stunned by this.

Son, Im only helping you train her. This is for her good. Your woman wouldnt agree to my request unhesitatingly if she didnt want to improve herself, too.

Placing her by your side isnt the best for her sometimes. I hope that my daughter-in-law is a woman who can match up to you and not just a dumb flower vase.

He could not help but fall into a daze as he recalled the words of his father to him.

Is keeping her by my side not the right thing to do?

Shes able to shine and grow better now that shes not beside me

"Hello? Ziming, what are you thinking about?"

Mu Heng called when he did not speak for a while.

Ji Ziming pulled his thoughts back at this.

"Should I bring her back now?"

This was the first time his voice had been laced with perplexity and uneasiness.

The perpetually proud and arrogant man was acting like an average person right now. For the first time, he felt the hesitation he despised the most.

"Pfft! That is unlike you at all." Mu Heng shook his head in amusement, chortling. "What is there to hesitate about? Youve been looking for Little Chili all this while. Since youve finally found her after much effort, you of course need to go look for her and tell her how much you miss her."

"" Ji Ziming felt as though he had reached an impasse in his thoughts.

Had he not been looking for her all this while because he wanted to see her and make her unable to leave his sight again?

"Also, Ziming. While your girlfriend looks average, shes actually very attractive! Shes capable of attracting high-quality men easily.

"Now that shes the boss of a company, her suitors wont decrease but increase, instead! If you continue hesitating like that, I cant promise that shell still be your Little Chili in the future!"

His friends words were like arrows that shot straight to his heart, making him nervous instantly.

No way! I must quickly fetch that simple-minded and dumb woman back!

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