Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 666

Chapter 666 Ceo Ji Give A Romantic And Heartfelt Confession

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"Ziming, stop hesitating anymore. If Little Chili falls for another man, then dont blame this brother for not reminding you!"

A wave of anger rose from his heart upon hearing Mu Hengs ambiguous words.

"She dares!"

How can that stupid woman fall for another man besides me?!

She can only be mine!

"She can only like me!" he coldly proclaimed.

"Pfft! Youre truly overconfident. Can I ask if she has ever told you that she likes you?" Mu Heng continued teasing the other.

Being an expert in romance, he had of course already seen through their current state, which was: You love me, and I love you, too, but I think that you dont love me, so I wont tell you. This was these two love idiots current state.

Nonetheless, he did not want to spell out their feelings for them. Hinting to his childhood friend his feelings for her these days was already very magnanimous of him!

After all, it was quite entertaining to see a nearly emotionless man, who usually treated women like nothing, to start acting like a normal guy suddenly.

This was especially since his friend now looked like a proper human being with his downcast and desolate face because of her! He looked too cold previously, so he felt more like a divine being instead of a human.

"" Ji Ziming, who was made speechless by this, frowned in seeming discontent.

I dont seem to remember that stupid woman ever telling me that she likes me. In fact, none of her actions seem to hint that she likes me

"Ha ha! How is it? Are you dumbfounded?! Its so unexpected that our great CEO has an unrequited love, too!" His childhood friend laughed boisterously.

"Shut up."

He frowned at his teasing, feeling slightly sheepish.

"I dont want to say this, but when you fetch her this time, try to be a little more romantic! People, especially women, like romantic things. Maybe shell fall in love with you if you add a heartfelt confession when you pick her up!"

Although he was suggesting this in jest, he was in fact looking forward to his stoic friend confessing his love!

Still, knowing fully that his childhood friend was not the romantic type, he simply spoke jokingly and did not take it for real.

Who knew that the others reaction would give him a fright, though?

" Truly?"

Ji Ziming, who saw romantic stuff as redundant and a sting to the eye, actually wavered in his stance. In fact, from his tone, he seemed to be considering this possibility.

After a long pause, Mu Heng finally returned to himself and shouted in shock.

" The hell! Are you sure?! Are you truly toying with the idea of confessing romantically to her?!"

"Hanging up."

His best friends shock made Ji Zimings face turn cold instantly as he moved to hang up the call.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait! Dont hang up; dont hang up! If youre truly sincere in doing something romantic for her, I can teach you! This young master is very experienced at this!"

Sensing that he was truly about to hang up, he frantically boasted to him that.

Ji Ziming raised a brow slightly at this, finally saying, "Im hanging up."

"Fine, fine, fine. You hang up first. Lets meet at our usual place tonight! Ill impart a few skills to you! I promise that Little Chili will be so touched our great CEO can easily conquer her!"

Ending the call, Ji Ziming stared into the space dazedly.

A romantic confession?


I think you have it so bad for her to even consider this.

He helplessly smiled and lightly shook his head.

Without him noticing it, he had already succumbed to the poison called Pei Ge.

Fully experiencing these foreign feelings, he was now even thinking of trying out the things he despised just for that stupid woman.

It really is a case of life being unpredictable.

"Heh Could this truly be as Mu Heng said?"

Is this true love?

Toward her, is this true love?

While he was feeling conflicted over this being true love or otherwise, Mu Heng was feeling conflicted over a very serious problem.

Once the call ended, the dandiness on his face as he teased his friend vanished.

Presently, as he lounged on the huge sofa in his apartments living room, heaviness descended on his face while his eyes became filled with vexation and fatigue.

"Sigh Little Chili, Little Chili, youre truly one extremely attractive trouble!" he softly muttered, his heart-fluttering eyes shining with helplessness.

He truly did not expect that both his good buddies would fall this deeply for a woman.

This woman was none other than Pei Ge.

How he had found out that she was in Tianjin was not as simple as he had made it out to be.

He had long been suspecting that Fu Mingxuans beloved goddess for over a decade was Pei Ge, but he had dispelled this thought because of the man and Liao Gaofeis actions thereafter.

Still, paper was unable to hide fire, and he coincidentally found out that his friend had long known that Pei Ge was in Tianjin.

In fact, these days, Fu Mingxuan was in Tianjin, supposedly for business purposes, yet he was clearly taking this chance to woo her.

"Sigh" he sighed lightly. The thing he was worried about still happened in the end, making his mind extremely befuddled.

Between his two childhood friends, he actually leaned more toward Ji Ziming.

It was not because he was closer to the man; rather, it was because he knew that Ji Ziming and Pei Ge liked each other.

It was unlike Fu Mingxuans unrequited love.

Although the man had been pining for Pei Ge for over a decade, in the area of relationships, time did not equate to success.

"Mingxuan Mingxuan"

How can we settle this peacefully?

Although his two friends had different personalities, they were equally stubborn

"Forget it; forget it! I dont care anymore! We are all brothers, anyway, and Mingxuan likely wont do anything, too. Plus, Ziming has started to acknowledge his true feelings. The two who should be together will end up together. Just let nature take its course"

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Pei Ge you are truly trouble!

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