Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 801

Chapter 801 Let Us Directly Change Our Engagement To Marriage

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The night was quiet and the temperature outside was just right.

A full moon hung brightly in this indigo sky sprinkled with stars.

The bright and beautiful moonbeams shone on a pair standing in an open clearing.

"Ziming, dont mind my moms words."

Pei Ge looked up at the mans flawless features, which were clearly illuminated by the silver moon.

Under the moonlight, the man seemed more noble and otherworldly. He had a mighty aura that rejected just anyone from coming near.

This outstanding man is mine. He belongs to me

As this thought crossed her mind, her lips turned up into a happy smile.

"Dont mind it?"

The man raised an eyebrow at this. "Dont you want to marry me earlier?"

"Ugh" She blinked at this and peeked at him, mumbling, "Havent I married you long ago? We even got our marriage certificates"

Her voice was too soft this time, though. Coincidentally, there were a few passersby talking loudly.

Hence, he did not catch her words.

"What did you say?"

He frowned in confusion and looked at her.

"Nothing, nothing. I was just saying that I indeed wanna marry you earlier." She grinned and hooked her arms through him, feeling the sweetness from her heart while saying this.

Her sweet smile made him involuntarily smile, too.


He hummed in satisfaction and thought that he might as well change the engagement directly to marriage.

After sending her boyfriend off, she returned home.

The moment she stepped into the house, she was dragged into the living room by her mother.

"Daughter, tell mom honestly; how far have you progressed with Xiao Ji?"

For an instant, she did not get what her mother meant, but noting how the latter resembled someone interrogating a criminal, she cluelessly and confusedly asked, "Mom, what are you saying? What do you mean by that?"

"You child, what else can progress between a man and a woman?"

Her mother lightly patted her arm and rolled her eyes at her.

"Huh? Weve progressed to the point of getting married."

She blinked at her mother, still not getting what the latter was referring.

Seeing that her daughter was still lost, Zhang Manhua decided to just say it upfront. "I am asking if you guys slept together to do acts result in a life when you guys lived together."

"" Pei Ges cheeks immediately burned just as her mother finished speaking.

Only then did she get what her mother was asking about.

"N-No! Aish, mom! What are you saying?" She pouted, feeling very shy.What about resulting in a life!

When did mom even learn these trendy terms? This is so scary!

"You didnt, huh" Zhang Manhua sighed in relief. Still, inwardly, she felt a little disappointed.

"Of course, we didnt. Werent you the one who told me to love myself more? Of course, Ill properly follow your order!" Pei Ge boasted shamelessly.

"Alright, alright! Mom, you should go to sleep. Im a little sleepy as well, so Ill go wash up and sleep first!"

With this, she yawningly made her way to the washroom.

Once she was done washing up, she bid her mother good night and went to her room.

In her room, she opened the drawer with lock.


From between a books pages in the drawer, she fished out a red booklet.

This red booklet was none other than her and Ji Zimings marriage certificate.

She flipped open this marriage certificate and a smile appeared on her lips.

"Seriously Arent we already married? Is there any sense in asking me if I wanna marry you earlier?"

She lightly caressed their marriage photo; the smile on her face seemed to have been dipped in honey.

Thinking about it now, we truly are a quarrelsome couple.

Who wouldve thought that we would get married before we even dated?

"Pfft!" She broke into a laugh before muttering, "Doesnt this mean that we are fated?"

On this end, she was holding a marriage certificate with a silly smile.

On another end, a woman was looking gloomy and fierce.

That was because she had just learned from Sister Yun that the man had told his mother to skip the engagement and directly marry him with Pei Ge.

"Miss Qiao, I dont know what poison that vixen fed young master, but he actually wants to marry her fast!"

Her expression turned uglier upon hearing this.

While she had expected the two to love each other deeply, she had not expected them to progress this fast!

No way! I cant let that happen! I must quicken the pace of my plans!

"Miss Qiao, Miss Qiao? Are you still listening?"

"Yes, Im listening. Thank you, Sister Yun, but if Ziming truly likes Miss Pei that much, I can only give up. After all, I only hope for him to be happy."

She chuckled helplessly on the phone.

"That cant do! That woman wont be able to bring young master happiness! Miss Qiao, you shouldnt give up. If not, our young master will truly end up in that womans hands!"

"What else can I do he likes her to the point that he wants to marry her already. I No matter how much I like him, it is useless"

Although her tone sounded gloomy and lost like a child, her eyes actually shone darkly and viciously.

Pei Ge, I wont let you marry Ji Ziming just like that! Only I, Qiao Jingyun, am fit to be beside him and to be the Ji familys mistress!

"Miss Qiao, dont worry. You still have me"

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