Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 803

Chapter 803 Lilys Makeup Skills Akin To Plastic Surgery

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"Ge Ge, rest assured; with my hands, you can be the center of attention tonight!"

Pei Ge blinked at this. She, who had just taken a huge blow from the stylist, could hardly regain her confidence this quickly.

She started to doubt herself on whether she could one-up her supposedly outstanding love rival.

Thinking about it now, I seem to have been overconfident!


Her distrust made the stylist roll his eyes.

"Of course! Ive styled you so many times; when have you not crushed a gathering with your beauty and become the most glamorous woman in it?"

Pointing it out like this, it was truly quite miraculous. Lily had styled countless people before, but only she was able to showcase his design fully.

Despite her average looks without makeup, only she could become the most beautiful and glamorous woman after his careful styling!

"Tsk! Whats the point of giving me such a huge blow moments ago? You even said that that love rival of mine is outstanding in every way"

She nudged her lips. Now, she was no longer conceitedly thinking that she could one-up that Qiao Jingyun during tonights gathering. All she could hope was that, if she was unable to win her with her looks, she should at least flaunt her and Ji Zimings love!

That should give that woman a greater blow!

I bet that she wont dare to steal my love afterward!

"Stupid! Although that woman learned about styling, her forte is in fashion design! No matter how good her fashion sense is, shes still an amateur next to me!"

He proudly raised his chin and arrogantly declared, "Who am I? I am a world-renowned fashion stylist! Im so professional; how can a mere woman who does fashion design compare to me!

"Just relax and leave yourself to me! Ill definitely make you drop-dead gorgeous!"

Seeing his confidence, a radiant smile appeared on her lips.

"Okay, then. Ill leave it all to you! I believe in Lily!"


He snapped his fingers loudly and smiled at her.

"Coming up next is the time for me to work my magic, my princess!"

She involuntarily gulped upon seeing that his smile had deepened.

Why am I getting an ominous feeling?

When she saw the evening gown that she was going to wear tonight, she realized that that ominous feeling was overthinking on her part.

She gawked at the gown on the mannequin.

"How is it? Isnt this evening gown simply beautiful? Are you satisfied with it?"

He turned and flashed her a smile, sounding very smug.

Nodding, she softly answered, "Yes, beautiful."

This evening gown before her eyes suited her taste the most and was the one she found to be the prettiest of all the ones the stylist had prepared for her.

The biggest difference this evening gown had from the past ones was that it was not the least bit revealing. Other than the neck and collarbone, almost no skin was exposed in other places.

The plain white skirt looked regal, while the pure white netting outside gave off a queenly vibe.

There was none of those complicated embellishments or patterns. The whole evening gown was very simple, such that, other than the elegant and beautiful cuts and lines, there were no other eye-catching points.

However, when it was worn on the mannequin, it gave off a noble and elegant aura.

"Dont judge this gown based on its simplicity because it actually has an amazing history! Not mentioning its designer, just the price tag alone is staggering!"

She still felt her head become muddled as she listened to the stylists yammering.

Although she did not understand luxury items and those world-renowned designers, she could still tell that this evening gown before her was truly astounding.

"I dont even dare to wear such an expensive gown." She sighed in awe and blinked her eyes.

"Its fine. Your boyfriend can afford it!"

He grinned and pulled her back to the seat before quickly doing her makeup.

"Still does that gown suit me?"

She was still feeling self-conscious.Wont it be a waste for me to wear such a beautiful dress?

"Oh, please! The moment I laid my eyes on this haute couture dress on Fashion Week, I thought of you. I cant think of anyone more suitable to wear it than you!"

He patted a certain miss, who was lacking in confidence, and rolled his eyes.

Her lips turned up a little as warmth filled her heart. She truly felt lucky to have met this friend!

Although he had quite a few quirks, he had truly treated her well!

"Also, keep in mind that Im a world-renowned stylist! This gown really suits your figure and can perfectly mask your huge arms, but as for your stomach, youll need to suffer a little!"

She blinked at him and bitterly nodded.

Seeing that this gown was form-fitting, she figured that she would likely be forced by him to wear a tight corset again!

Sigh! Looks like I wont be able to eat my fill again tonight!

Amid their intermittent chatter, her makeup was done.

Although she had witnessed his makeup skills, which were akin to plastic surgery, many times in the past, she was still amazed it when she looked at herself in the mirror.

The difference between having makeup and not having one was truly big!

Every time she had her makeup done at his place, especially when it was for dinners and gatherings, she would always feel as if she had undergone plastic surgery. It was so unbelievable.

"Alright! Stop staring; youre beautiful! Quickly go change! After you put on this gown, Ill adjust your getup again."

He beamed and then pulled her off the chair.

After giving order to a few assistants, she was whisked into the changing room.

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