Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 862

Chapter 862 Pei Ge If Youre Blissful Then Im Relieved.

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Pei Ges birthday is really his phone passcode

She gave an empty smile as she felt inexplicable anger and shame.

W-Why did it turn out this way? Why did he set her birthday as his phone passcode?

He has clearly never met her!

They clearly dont even know each other!


Something suddenly clicked in her mind.

No, they do know each other.

She was not stupid and instantly connected the dots.

"Youve known about it long ago, huh"

A light smile appeared on her lips not a happy but a sorrowful one.

No wonder you are always so cold to me.

No wonder you are abnormally concerned about Pei Ge.

No wonder you have never told me I love you.

No wonder you are acting abnormal today.

Its all because of her.

Its because shes the one who had sponsored you when you were young and had pulled you out from the endless darkness

As she continued smiling, fat drops of tears slowly rolled down her sorrow-filled face.

You are truly very clever. You are truly too clever.

I dont even know when you realized that Im a fake.

She wiped the tears on her face and picked up her phone again to key in the same passcode.

When the phone was unlocked, she first looked at his messages. Noticing that there was nothing of notice in there, she opened the call log.

As this was his private phone, there were not many numbers saved on it.

Scrolling through his contacts, she soon spotted a caller ID saved.

[My Angel]

Her heart sank.

"My Angel?"

She read this out softly before she tapped into that saved contact. Indeed, as she expected, the string of numbers was a very familiar number It was her best friends

Pei Ges.

"Ha ha!"

She smothered her face with her hands as stifled laughter sounded from her throat.

My angel my angel

Suddenly, she had an urge to rush into his study room and interrogate him.

Clearly, Im the one who has accompanied you at your trough, grew up with you, and stayed by your side

I give so much to you and love you with my all, but why have I never entered your heart?

Even when you already know the truth, you still keep it from me! What does it mean?!

Is it that I cant compare to her? I am clearly the one who is beside all along.

Although she had first sponsored you, she merely gave you some financial help!

I was also part of that exchange of letters.

Why? Why do you only treat her as the most important person in your life?

Is what Ive done for you not enough?

Inexplicable sorrow and grievance rose from her heart, making her feel very complex.

She did not know how he valued her sacrifices for him all these years

To him, what was she even?

"What am I to you"

She put down his phone as a pitiful smile appeared on her face. Her lively eyes also glazed over.

It was probably time to consider their relationship properly.

As she placed the phone back on the sofa and dazedly walked into her room, her phone on the vanity table suddenly rang.

She slowly made her way to it.

Originally, she wanted to hang up the noisy ringtone, but when she saw the caller ID, she changed her mind.


"Xiaoyu, are you sleeping yet? Ha ha! Fine. Even if you were, youre already awake!"

Pei Ges upbeat voice came through. From the liveliness of her voice, she could tell that her best friend was in bliss.

"I havent gone to sleep yet."

She sucked in a deep breath and tried hard to suppress the bit of resentment in her heart.

That was because she knew that her best friend had nothing to do with this.

Her best friend did not even know about the man. She did not know a thing about their relationship, so she could not vent her anger on her

"Im calling to let you know that my engagement party is about to start. Im now at the hot-spring resort where it is held, so I will be keeping my phone later."

Her best friends voice, which was as clear as spring water, slowly trickled in to her ear.

Under her soft and gentle voice, her resentful heart became a little tranquil.

"I just wanna call you before that."

From her voice, the care she had for her was obvious.


She suddenly felt a little guilty and wanted to tell her everything that had happened these past few years.

"Ge Ge, I"

"Xiaoyu, I am really very happy today to be with the man I love; I really feel very blessed"

Her confession could not go past her throat when she heard that.

"Alright, Xiaoyu. Ill hang up now! Bye-bye!"

"Yes. You must strive to be happy, Ge Ge."

Once the call ended, her blank eyes regained some of their color.

She had persisted for so many years. If her best friend did not find the man who could give her happiness, she would be willing to give up.

However, since her best friend had found her happiness, she and Gu Zhengrong should also have their happiness right?

Faith could move mountains. She believed that she had an existence in his heart. If not, he would not have hidden the fact that he knew the truth from her

While she felt as if she had survived a storm and was welcoming the sun, the engagement party officially started.

"Ge Ge, what are you doing?! How can you be so sluggish when its your engagement party?!"

"Aye, aye! Im coming!"

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