Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 944

Chapter 944 A Certain Ceo Protects His Chastity Dearly After Falling Into Someones Plot.

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Hello, Miss Qiao? Everything has gone according to plans.

Alright, I understand. Thank you, Sister Yun.

After hanging up, Qiao Jingyuns eyes shone so brightly that they looked frightening.

She looked at her phone with such focus it seemed as if she were regarding a treasure.

Ha ha ha!

As she stood there with her head lowered like a statue, she suddenly started laughing boisterously.

Her maniacal laughter sounded smug, elated, excited, and barely perceptible sorrow.

Ha ha! Ziming, you are finally mine A tender expression appeared on her face as she softly muttered this.

Her voice was filled with deep love.

Despite this, that love seemed to be warped.

As long as I can have you, everything is okay.

The slight desolation, which had surfaced on her face, was soon replaced by deep, maniacal excitement.

Now this chess piece is also about to enter the game Heh! She lightly chuckled before quickly making her way to the location Sister Yun had given her.

Ziming, wait for me. We will be together soon.


Under the silent and lonely light of the moon, a man drunkenly stumbled about.

Suddenly, the silver moonlight shone upon his face.

It was a face that had very distinct and handsome features.

Even a person whose eyesight was bad could identify this proud and cold man from the air he exuded. This man was of course Ji Ziming.

Not right

He suddenly stopped walking as his eyebrows furrowed deeply.

What he did not know was that his entire face was totally hot and red.

This isnt right

What is amiss here

My body

He raised his hand and lightly clenched it into a fist, but he realized that he was unable to exert strength in it.

Didnt I drink tea to sober up? Why do I seem to be getting more drunk

Hot very hot

His thoughts slowly started to drift as his breathing quickened.

Ziming, whats wrong with you? Why is your face this red? Are you having a fever?

Just as he felt that he was about to fall to the ground, a familiar female voice called his wandering mind back.

Are you okay?!

He regained his senses as his senses were assailed by a sweet smell. This smell caused his body to heat up further.

Ziming? Whats wrong with you?

Following which, he felt a pair of soft palms catch his body.


He looked at the woman supporting him and his lips moved ever so slightly.

The person who had arrived was none other than Qiao Jingyun who had received intel from Sister Yun.

Are you okay? Did you drink too much or do you have a fever?

She supported his body weight as she asked this with an anxious and worried expression.

Help me back to my room first.

He could feel that something was wrong with his body; hence, he was unable to be concerned with anything else and lightly gave this order to her.

Okay! Ill bring you back to your room first!

As she said this, she supported him and slowly made her way toward his room.

Although the man was tall, as he was still conscious, she did not need to exert much effort in bringing him to his room.

Soon, she had helped him back to a guest room.

Ill get you a glass of water.

After helping him to the bed, she hurriedly got him a glass of water.

Come and have a glass of water first.

Seeing that his face was totally red and hot, she fed him some ice water and then asked worriedly, Ziming, are you alright? Why is your face so hot? Your body temperature seems to be running high

The man frowned when he heard this.

There truly seemed to be something wrong with his body

I think you cant continue like this! Ill go call your family doctor now! After saying this, she did not care about his reaction and quickly got up from the bedside chair.

Mhm. He did not stop her because he could also feel that something was wrong with his body.

Hence, he lightly nodded and assented.

Wait here a little for me, then. Ill be back soon!

After saying this, she left the guest room with a frantic look.

The man was, thus, left in this huge guest room by himself.

When she left the room, he found the heat and dryness in his body to have amplified.

Haa haa haa!

He closed his eyes and lay in the bed; his breathing soon grew labored as he became even more uncomfortable.

This feeling was like a fish out of water; his breathing was so ragged that he seemed to be on the verge of suffocating.

Soon, he started to lose his consciousness.

His mind, which had just become slightly clearer, slowly became fuzzy

Qiao Jingyun did not actually leave and was just standing at the door. Through the crack, she peeked into the room.

When his breathing became more labored, the smile on her lips grew wider.

Worried that his mind would still be a little clearer, she waited patiently at the door some more.

After a long time, when the mans breathing got heavy enough and even started panting in his arousal, she could not bear to stand there anymore.

Ziming, how are you feeling? I went out and met Sister Yun along the way. I had her call a doctor and came back here as Im worried for you to be by yourself.

Ji Ziming, who had already lost his rationality just now, immediately woke up again when he heard her voice.

At this moment, how could he still not realize that he had fallen into someones trap?

Dont come in! Get out! Exerting all his strength, he weakly shouted this out.

His harsh words did not discourage the woman, though.

As though she did not hear him, she pushed open the door and entered the room.

Ziming, whats wrong? You

However, perhaps due to his thoughts being clouded by his desire or due to this woman not continuing to speak, he could not hear her response from the bed.

Still, before long, the door opened again.

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