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Pursuit Of The Truth summary:

Description Three thousand years of bowing down to the Demon Lord, I would rather be a mortal than a celestial being when looking back, but for her I will… become one who controls life and death! Qiú Mó 求魔

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Pursuit Of The Truth Chapters

Time uploaded
1478 Opened Eyes7 months ago
1475 Gu Hong7 months ago
1470 Bai Lu Dies7 months ago
1460 Some People8 months ago
1454 Ill Help You8 months ago
1432 I Am Xu Hui8 months ago
1430 I Am Not You8 months ago
1428 His Dao8 months ago
1427 Tian Xiu Luo8 months ago
1410 Price9 months ago
1405 Or Fight9 months ago
1404 One Dao Sect9 months ago
1392 Sect Rules9 months ago
1383 Reveal9 months ago
1364 Three People10 months ago
1360 Regre10 months ago
1351 Lu Ya Dies10 months ago
1346 Sacred Wood10 months ago
1345 Dao Divinity10 months ago
1338 Ruthless10 months ago
1337 Test10 months ago
1333 You Ming10 months ago
1330 Backlash11 months ago
1327 Love Menace11 months ago
1325 Dazed Eyes11 months ago
1320 Baldys Anger11 months ago
1317 Viridian Gods11 months ago
1316 Fragment11 months ago
1311 Spirit11 months ago
1309 Hmm?11 months ago
1302 Arid Triad11 months ago
1297 I Am Here11 months ago
1295 You Set Me Up11 months ago
1294 Lowly11 months ago
1292 Art Of Time11 months ago
1291 A Wedding11 months ago
1287 Three Things12 months ago
1283 Now Its Fair12 months ago
1276 Truth12 months ago
1271 Exile12 months ago
1268 Lei Chen12 months ago
1266 It Has Come12 months ago
1261 Qian Chen12 months ago
1260 I Swear12 months ago
1259 Turning Point12 months ago
1248 Seal It Tigh12 months ago
1231 Old Friendone year ago
1226 Helloone year ago
1219 Fangone year ago
1214 Soul Nucleusone year ago
1209 South Unionone year ago
1204 Six Yearsone year ago
1202 The Truthone year ago
1199 My Creationone year ago
1196 Sacred Ladyone year ago
1194 Its Hereone year ago
1182 Path Of Lifeone year ago
1180 Four Yearsone year ago
1176 A Mysteryone year ago
1173 Copyone year ago
1170 Bosom Friendone year ago
1168 Reunionone year ago
1163 An Fangone year ago
1162 Moone year ago
1157 Fingerone year ago
1145 Xu Huione year ago
1140 Dusone year ago
1137 Possessionone year ago
1130 Deceitone year ago
1129 Greedone year ago
1121 Godone year ago
1117 Evil Arone year ago
1116 Thirsone year ago
1113 War Chamberone year ago
1111 Home And Kinone year ago
1087 Hu Zione year ago
1083 Legendone year ago
1082 Just Say Ione year ago
1064 Hostilityone year ago
1062 Ignoreone year ago
1047 Huo Zhuone year ago
1041 My Universeone year ago
1036 Shut Upone year ago
1031 A Wastelandone year ago
1029 Try Ione year ago
1027 Part Waysone year ago
1026 Chang Heone year ago
1025 One Yearone year ago
1024 Promiseone year ago
1023 Ashesone year ago
1022 Buildone year ago
1021 Cloudone year ago
1010 Su Xuan Yione year ago
1009 Your Rulesone year ago
1007 I Wont Dieone year ago
1001 Zhu You Caione year ago
999 A Chessboardone year ago
997 I Promisedone year ago
994 Real? Fake?2 years ago
988 A Puny Shoo2 years ago
987 Now2 years ago
981 Su2 years ago
980 Gamble2 years ago
974 Has He Died2 years ago
967 A Show2 years ago
966 Main Soul2 years ago
951 Arrival2 years ago
948 Four People2 years ago
944 Them2 years ago
936 Your Life2 years ago
934 Hearers2 years ago
923 Indistinct2 years ago
922 Thank You2 years ago
921 Purer2 years ago
915 Return2 years ago
911 Light Blue2 years ago
Chapter 502 Gap2 years ago
Chapter 447 6972 years ago
Chapter 333 Boy2 years ago
Chapter 281 Roc2 years ago
Chapter 262 Boy2 years ago
Chapter 145 Him2 years ago
Chapter 102 Why2 years ago
Chapter 21 Poor2 years ago
Chapter 7 Gift2 years ago
Chapter 6 Dream2 years ago
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