Pursuit Of The Truth Chapter 1341

1341 A Mistake Is Required


When the three black-robed men called up many clones with Su Ming's appearance and stirred up waves of resentment with their slaughter in Saint Defier's camp, Xuan Jiu, one of the three lords, had already turned into a puddle of black water.

When Fei Hua opened her eyes, anguish appeared on her face. She did not need to touch her face to sense that her life force was about to be extinguished. Even so, she still had one thousand years left to her.
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However… her looks could no longer be seen. Her face was old, and her dark locks had turned white. It looked like too much of her life had been extracted from her, and she had withered like an old flower.

Fei Hua sighed softly. There was little reluctance to part with her looks in her heart. The calmness of her personality allowed her to just accept it. Scheming against the powerful warrior from Arid Triad she had never seen before was something she had not agreed to, but the other two had joined their hands, and she then gave silent c @@
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