Pursuit Of The Truth Chapter 1384

1384 Sect Elder Lan

Chapter 1384: Sect Elder Lan
“He reached a breakthrough again? This has never happened in the trials in the past!”

“This is strange. There’s definitely a problem!”

“Unless this boy’s potential is the rare kind that only appears one in tens of thousands or once in a blue moon, there is definitely something odd about him!”

“If there’s nothing strange about him, then… I will be his Master!”

All of the ten something sect elders in the field stopped looking at the other pictures, and all of them cast their gazes on Su Ming.

The level of cultivation he reached after his two breakthroughs might still be weak in their eyes, but the meaning of the breakthroughs was completely different, which was why they paid so much attention to it.

After all, the legendary thirteen old monsters in Seven Moons Sect who reached Avacaniya Realm in one hundred years had reached Dao Spirit Realm by then, and among them, six constantly trained in the inner sect’s land. The seventh… was right by their side at that moment—he was the red-robed man.

The seven had all once showed astonishing potential in the trial grounds, but even so, none of them were as unbelievably incredible as Su Ming.

The three hundred something tall blood moon formed by Su Ming turned into a nightmare in the trial grounds. Wherever he went, few disciples dared to provoke him. Usually, when they saw him, they would be stunned, and then they would turn around and leave.

The battle against the hundreds of people moments earlier had caused Su Ming’s name to travel to all those in the outer sect via voice communication. Because of that, the blood moon turned into a sign… Its master could never be offended!

Su Ming already had one hundred and forty spirit plates in his hand!

The sounds created by the spirit plates knocking into each other came from inside the blood moon and echoed in the area. The clear sounds no longer incited greed in others when they heard them, but fear.

The blood-red moon was a true nightmare in the trial grounds.

When four hours passed, Su Ming came to a halt and looked into the distance. He saw a few long arcs charging forward. There were a total of five people, and they were originally heading towards him, but upon noticing the blood moon, they instantly changed course.

The person in the lead was a girl, the one who had sucked away all the life force from the boy Su Ming had Possessed, and the four people beside her were the people who knew him.

When they saw the blood moon in the distance, their expressions immediately changed. Yet the moment they turned around and were about to leave, Su Ming appeared right in front of them. His face in the blood moon clearly appeared in the five’s eyes.

Once they saw him, their expressions changed drastically. They filled with shock, especially that of the girl. She looked as if she had seen a ghost. She came to an abrupt halt and stared at Su Ming in disbelief.

She sucked in a sharp breath. When she took two steps backwards, she cried out instinctively, “You… You’re still alive!”

Su Ming’s expression was originally aloof, but at that moment, he thought of something, and hatred as well as resentment appeared on his face. The sight of it caused the girl to release a sigh of relief in her heart.

The ten something sect elders also saw the hatred and resentment on Su Ming’s face.

At the same time, they also saw Su Ming move forward in the picture. Booming sounds shot into the air, and shrill screams of pain echoed in the area. Be it the girl or the other disciples, they were not Su Ming’s opponents, and it was clearly within the sect elders’ expectations.

But the moment Su Ming was about to kill the girl, the red-robed man sitting at the top of the field opened his eyes for the first time. He brought up his left hand and pointed at the picture of Su Ming. The girl immediately distorted and disappeared from before him.

Just as the sect elders expected, surprise and shock appeared on Su Ming’s face. He looked around him for some time, then with uncertainty on his face, he turned into a long arc and charged into the distance.

The ten something sect elders on the field did not say a single word at that moment. They looked towards the red-robed man together, and they saw the girl appear in front of him with fear and alarm on her face. With some unknown method, the red-robed man had forcefully brought her over.

Before the girl could even speak, the red-robed man lifted his right hand up in an aloof manner and pushed down gently against the top of her skull.

Shrill screams of pain tumbled out of the girl’s mouth. Her body twisted and trembled. Veins popped up on her face, which was due to her memories being searched through in detail by the red-robed man.

After the span of a few breaths, the girl shuddered and turned into nothingness, disappearing from the red-robed man’s hand.

“Wang Tao. Entered the sect seventeen years ago. Has quite promising potential, but his personality is weak. He had his body controlled by someone under the same Master using a Secret Art and also had his life force as well as cultivation base taken so that this girl could have an increase in her power for twenty hours.

“He should have died, but he managed to live. It’s easy to tell what happened…” A glint appeared in the red-robed man’s eyes, and he looked towards the incredibly beautiful woman sitting across him, who was still meditating.

“Sect Elder Lan, please cast your Art and find out what happened.”

The incredibly beautiful woman opened her eyes for the first time at that moment and looked towards the picture of Su Ming. In her eyes, the light of divination appeared, then she closed them.

“This boy possessed hidden potential. It is the type that would set his life matrix once his original one was broken. His whole life will be filled with serendipity that will mould him into someone great. He will be the strongest and most important person under the heavens, and the souls of deities will fill his four pillars [1]!”

“What is the meaning behind it?” the red-robed man asked slowly.

“His life is one of nobility, and we are not to involve ourselves with him. He is an entity rarely seen in Ancient Zang. If we can have him by our side, then our prosperity and fall will depend on a single thought from him. If we prosper, our sect will flourish and stand at the peak. If we fall, then our sect will degenerate and be reduced to ruins. His kismet…

“If we kill him, then we will incur the wrath of heaven, if we are killed by him, then our deaths will adhere to the will of Dao. There is no explanation for this,” the incredibly beautiful woman said softly. Her eyes were closed, hiding the hint of confusion and shock that had appeared in them at that moment.

Once the woman finished speaking, the ten something sect elders in the area immediately fell silent. Incredulousness appeared on their faces, and a glint appeared in the red-robed man’s eyes.

“Sect Elder Lan has never described someone’s life matrix as such…”

“I want this boy. I’ll take him in as my disciple!” the blue-robe scholar said firmly. The moment he opened his mouth and said those words, the eyes of the sect elders in the area all shone. They cast their eyes on Su Ming’s picture.

“You can’t do that. This boy’s personality makes him suitable to practice my cultivation method. It’ll be better if I become his Master.”

“How laughable. I was the one who saw this boy first. How can I have him fall into someone else’s hands? The one who first saw him is connected to him through fate. This fate cannot be spoken, but this boy will follow me, and he will surely reach Avacaniya Realm!”

The ten something sect elders immediately spoke. What they valued was not Su Ming… but Sect Elder Lan’s words about his life matrix!

“Enough. I will personally take this boy as my disciple!” the red-robed man said slowly with a scowl. Once he finished speaking, the sect elders in the area immediately fell silent. They might be slightly unwilling to accept such a decision, but they did not continue speaking.

Except for…

The incredibly beautiful woman opened her eyes at that moment, and determination as well as resolve showed up on her face. “Your life matrix clashes with this boy’s, and you show signs of dying. It’ll be better if he will become my disciple.”
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