Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God Never Stopping Chapter 633 68

Chapter 633 So What If Youre My Big Sister? Part 68

Chapter 633: So what if youre my big sister? (Part 68)

"It cant be a fake play turning real and youre really getting married, right!" Feng Xiao raised a brow and teased her, "I was actually worried for Su Mu."

It had to be said, Su Mu created a beautiful scene wherever he went.

He had just entered the school and instantly became as famous as Jiang Yi Jun, becoming the second school hunk.

"What kind of things are you thinking about?" Luo Qing Chen softly tapped Feng Xiaos head before saying, "Isnt the freshmen banquet coming soon? What are you planning to sing!"

Feng Xiao was very talented in singing, living up to expectations by winning second place and also being expected to perform at the freshmen banquet.

"I want to give you a song!" Feng Xiao looked at her and said, "Weve known each other for close to four years, so even if I have a big head, I should still know what is the memory in your heart"

Feng Xiaos voice was very soft, but her eyes were red at that moment..

There were some memories sealed deep in a box that could explode at any moment.

"So" Seeing Feng Xiaos honest appearance, she said with a faint smile, "What do you want to sing?"

"Time Boils the Rain."

The freshmen banquet came. This years winter came especially quick.

S City welcomed the first big snow of the year.

The snow was very deep, it was like a university in deep winter.

Luo Qing Chen was wearing a goose yellow sweater, this was the one she bought when she first came back.

The sweater was very new, but there seemed to be a young feeling to it.

Jiang Yi Jun waited for her at the entrance every day, walking with her down the longest path of trees.

"Its quite cold today!" Jiang Yi Jun looked at her and said, "Are you alright wearing this little?"

Luo Qing Chen heard this and shook the bag in her hand, "I brought a coat."

A white plush coat, memories and time intersected. The proud youth of that year taking all her cards and only leaving his card for her.

"I also have a performance tonight, so I cant invite you to play the piano with me." Jiang Yi Jun heard that she was going to accompany Feng Xiao, so a beautiful smile appeared on his lips.

When he heard the suggestion to make a proposal to the Luo Family, he was against it.

Although he didnt know what love was, he didnt want to use their families as a basis for love.

But now, he felt that this family arranged marriage was something that he decided on and expected in his heart.

"Oh." She softly said, "So, youre the one who won against Feng Xiao?"

Feng Xiaos voice was very good, each note was pure and clear. It was like she was a completely different person from when she normally talked.

But she never thought that the one who one against Feng Xiao was Jiang Yi Jun.

"Thats right!" He said with a confident smile, "Dont I look like it?"

"No!" She said with a faint smile, "Appearance has value."

As her voice fell, she turned at the separation between the medical department and the performance department.

"Luo Qing Chen." There was a sparkle in Jiang Yi Juns eyes as he said, "If I beat Feng Xiao tonight and take first place, can we go see a movie together?"

Luo Qing Chen slowly turned and looked at the snow in Jiang Yi Juns hair. Her lips curled as she said, "Sorry, I dont like watching movies."

"Is it you dont like watching movies, or you dont like watching movies with me?" He pursed his lips like a stubborn youth standing in the snow. His eyes were dim, but he said with a helpless smile, "I know your story, but three years has passed since that story"

After a while, Luo Qing Chen’s eyes looking up at the snow gradually turned warm. She pursed her lips and said, "Even if thirty years pass, it is the most beautiful story in my heart."

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