Quick Transmigration System: Male God Come Here Chapter 405

Chapter 405

The Red Second Generations Abandoned Former Wife (58)
Su Shians eyes were bloodshot, his voice hoarse, That is the thing I most regret ever having done in my life. So it should be you who kills me. When I die, you have to be happy and celebrate.

Bai Weiwei: Dont fake good intentions, you think that death can make up for the injuries I have suffered?

Su Shian suddenly said: Are you worried about me?

Bai Weiwei suddenly shut her mouth. Her eyes flashed with a little panic.

Su Shians sadness was gone, and his heart was full of fireworks.

She would actually rather die by herself, so that he could live.

Su Shian only felt that he had gotten the whole world. A flame of happiness crackled in his brain and exploded.

He couldnt help but reveal a happy smile.

Ding, the male leads favorability is at 90.

Su Tang: Whats going on with this prime time TV series melodrama plot? This paradoxical conversation, this zero IQ behavior, the sour aroma of love could be sensed in the air.

The system covered its eyes: No. This image that was embarrassing enough to fly, this hypocritically affectionate pair of dog men and women. It would make its eyes blind again.

Su Shians eyes were filled with little happy sparks, Thank you, Weiwei, we will meet again in the next life.

With that, he was going to pull the trigger in his head.

Su Tangs heart was tight. For his plan, preserving Su Shians life was necessary.

He immediately reached out to stop him. Su Shian had waited for this moment for who knew how long.

He saw through Su Tangs weak point at a glance. He stood up firmly on his feet, burst out all his strength to catch and ruthlessly break Su Tangs wrist.

The gun flew out of Su Tangs hand and he screamed.

Su Shian neatly took his arm and viciously bent it backwards. Kacha1. He had directly broken the bone.

Then he strangled Su Tangs neck and slammed the gun in his hand against his head.

Su Shian was unparalleled in his relentlessly brutal strikes. He darkly said: Abducted me but didnt even do your homework. Laozis legs are fine. Did you really think I was disabled, ah.

Su Tang was only so careless with him because he thought he was crippled.

And you wanted to kill my wife. Who gave you so much courage?

The butt of the gun was covered in Su Tangs blood. He couldnt even speak.

If Su Shian were not afraid of frightening Bai Weiwei, he would have pulled out Su Tangs still beating heart to prove he had one.

The other kidnappers outside the warehouse rushed in when they heard the commotion.

Su Shian immediately took Su Tang and pointed the gun to his head, Let my wife go for me. Do not make me kill him.

Su Tang knew that Su Shian was cold enough to do it, he immediately said with difficulty: Let her go.

The rest of them had no choice. They could only untie Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei stood up with slightly numb limbs. She saw Su Shian holding someone hostage, his expression grim.

With a devil-like darkness.

But when he looked at her, his eyes flashed with a tender light.

You go first, Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei hesitated, before turning and stepping out.

To stay now would only drag him down. It was better to find some reinforcements quickly.

She ran out of the warehouse, but couldnt help but look back, Live, Shian.

Su Shian revealed a soft smile.

He was actually at the end of his strength, his body almost unable to support himself.

Clearly, he might die, but he was only concerned about whether or not she could escape.

Bai Weiwei ran out of the warehouse and regained her calm, Where is the rescue party?

The system took a look, In the vicinity, but they still cant find this warehouse.

Bai Weiwei: Give me the directions.

The system gave some rough directions and Bai Weiwei ran like crazy.

The system couldnt help but remind, Youre still pregnant. Although its a simulation, its particularly realistic.

Bai Weiwei couldnt bear it, Shut up, if were late Su Shian will die.

1: A sound effect for the bones that snapped.
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