Raging Love Chapter 10

10 To Be Forgotten

"why are you forgiving me so quickly don't you hate me for keeping our son a secret for so long I mean he is your son how are you not mad please I deserve to be punished for it don't hate me Klover please don't" Rebecca said while crying "I forgive you because a little piece in me knew he was my son but I just thought it was my imagination I will forgive you but you have to promise me something"Klover said patiently"what is it please anything" Rebecca said still crying "I want to you find him and please take care of him and ask him to forgive you you were just trying what you thought was best"Klover said passionately "ok" Rebecca said while clearing her eyes "now go" Klover said

~ 1 hour of trying to find David ~
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"Sis-mom why are you here!"David said "because I need to explain to you why I did it" Rebecca said "fine" David said impatiently" you know you are so like him" she tries to to touch his face but she stops at the last minute "I had to lie to you my son to protect let me explain ok you see a long time ago when me and your dad were together a lot of other princes from other countries were after my hand in marriage my father your grandfather had arrange marriage he allowed me to reject or accept so it wasn't arrange I rejected a lot of people until one day I saw the prince of ice your dad like the others I got to know him but this time this was different unlike the others I liked him I got engaged to him you see and before that I found out I was pregnant with you when I was in labor I lied to him saying you died because if people were to know you were alive a lot of your father's enemy would come and try to kill you and him so to protect you two I lied and I broked our engagement then he left there wasn't one moment in my mind that I have regretted my decision but I did it for you and him I'm sorry for lying but I had to for your safety and his to I understand that you won't forgive me so soon but just so you know I love you" Rebecca said "momma I-I forgive you" David said after hugging her "but mom if you do that again I will hate you forever but for now all is forgotten"David said while puffing his cheeks and crossing his arms" hm ahaha you are so like him when we were kids but of course we were a tiny bit older"Rebecca said
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