Raging Love Chapter 102

102 Wakey Wakey Wakey

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@@As klover wakes up he he looks around and looks at the two ver mysterious people wearing black and purple robes and they too look surprised "hey" they both said "so introducing us I'm Jareth and this guy is oblivion we're both wizards you see your family came here after your confrontations with the dark figure" "yes we're are they how long has it been" "it has been roughly 2 months see look outside one week before Christmas " "2 months were are my family" klover said worried "so your two younger ones if you hadn't noticed somehow are sleeping next to your older one is outside playing games with my kids but you also needn't worry about the evil figure he left this world" "really! That's great all we need to do is rebuild my kingdom" "shh you might wake him but ok

@@ ....

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