Raging Love Chapter 103

103 The Dark Red Eye

As klover wakes up towards a breeze of hot air he noticed Jareth but something he didn't know before he has a big scar that cuts from his left eye down to his neck but to klover that's not the strangest part Jareth's eye the one with the scar is dark red and it's color is black "what's w-wrong with your eye" "oh this" Jareth said pointing at his left then klover nodded "it was a long time ago I was a young lad in a group of explorers we were mainly focusing on expeditions well anyway I was a young magic user mainly healer Or summoner our group were great explorers until one day wait have you ever heard of the group dancing undead" "yes they were a Notorious expedition and explorer I heard from someone that one of there jobs got them killed" "yes I was one of the members" "what but how they said the last children of dancing undead died" "lies let me tell you the whole story" Jareth said as he is prepared "a long time ago a adventure group named the dancing undead were notorious for how many members and dungeons they took down until one of there job a expo got them killed let's start like I said I was just a lad my mother was the groups healer but she was also easily tricked so most people called her a prostitute but she wasn't that she was just easily manipulated I was one of 10 kids I was the youngest to actually join them in jobs well during the elven heirs birth like every birth of a heir there were jobs so there was this super nice one promising 1Mill gold our genius in the group thought it was to good to be true and it had to be very hard but as group leader he already accepted it but the leader should have listened to the Genius as this job was very difficult the job was a SSS+ ranked relic had gone into the hands of a truly disgusting creature the creature was originally a weak water gecko but because of the relic it made it into a fearful water wyrm well we did our best until we got to the final floor it was a big cave the creature got us by surprise" Jareth said crying "we couldn't find it we looked everywhere we insisted for the leader to just give up but he didn't budge we later found out the creature somehow held onto the ceiling the only reason we knew was because..."Jareth said crying but as klover puts his hand near him to stop he insisted on continuing "because- it-it ate my father by stretching his head and biting my dads body everyone was surprised so my mom and I quickly went to somewhere to hide but we should have left my but I couldn't blame her for not leaving my mother was 9 month pregnant but still we should have ran but it was all to late everyone died when it finished eating them I tried to protect my mother but it's claw sharp as any blade cut my left eye then ate my mother alive she said something but I couldn't remember but I started to scream because everyone In the fighting group was dead including my mother and father so I grew into a fit of rage I grabbed a sword of course it was still too big for my body but I could not feel the pressure of it's weight and my special magic ability kicked in and I teleported I had teleported into the things heart somehow and I of course did what I had to I stabbed the beast through the heart then I teleported outside and stabbed it's stomach opened and I was surprised to see it's cuts spill out it's gut then I saw something that raged me even more my mothers corpse was hanging by her head then as I continued to look I saw something that I at that age should not have seen especially in that moment the babies birth it spilled out of her body still alive and crying I was filled with so much rage I had took the baby by the neck and almost killed it..." Jareth said crying "I only stopped after i realized what my mother said she said I love you and take care of your brothers and sisters so I did just that but before I left I saw the Wyrm was healing so I went to the dragons head and cutted out the relic it was a demon eye so I thought should I give it to the magic council or keep it so after a long thought I forever up my eye and I took my eye out then I put the eye in and felt it connect my nerves to its own and I felt my wound become a scar I went back to my sibling but of course I kept my eye closed it was sad our family went into chaos 2 of my oldest siblings went to there relatives while the rest of us stayed together in a orphanage"

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