Raging Love Chapter 104

104 Cursed

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@@"Lord klover wake up" Jareth said then he woke opened his eyes after many tries and was wondering why he had to wake up "why must I wake up" "lord klover you must leave like now" "why" "ugh! Fine a curse mage is down here trying to curse you with gods know what" Jareth said "well you should have led with that are the kids ready" klover said while packing up "the mage is only after you so they can stay" "ok" klover said as he ran out angered that his family won't follow he ran until he saw a mage flying over him it was the curse mage "oh shit that's not a curse mage that's a time mage" klover kept on running until he heard a shout "klover i got it all wrong it's a time mage!" "short notice much!" "Sorry!" "Oh just stop klover ill cat you eventually get it cat mahaha" "oh gods and this one can't even tell jokes" "screw you" the mage said then she threw a spell at klover then he got knocked out

@@ ....

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