Raging Love Chapter 12

12 To Be Heading Ou

"Look I'm sorry what do you expect me to say *hey Klover your actually half dragon and I'm half dragon to* you wouldn't have believe that "Rebecca said sarcastically still while upset "your right sorry I should not have yelled at you truth be told I couldn't have blamed you for not telling me 'Klover said while trying to sit down' I'm just i a little mad I've been told that I have to save the world and it's so stupid I don't want to do it I just want to be.... with you I miss everything.....I.... miss us maybe if you want to can we have a second try not just because of David because of you too I love you will you take me back as your fianće I love you" Klover said while being so tired of life but also romantically "What am I suppose to say yes... while then yes I think we should be together not just for David but for us my love "Rebecca said happily " thank you but first we have to take care of the whole saving the world stuff do you have any ideas"Klover said happily "we'll first if we are going to save the world we first have to be under a Alliance then we have to gather all our allies then get maybe some more allies because all together we only have 10,000 men maybe like 10,000 more that will be a pain in the ass" Rebecca said cheerfully "then we best be heading out saving the world won't happen by its self we should bring Klover it would be great experience for him" Rebecca said respectfully and happy " ok we'll bring Klover gathering allies shouldn't take more than 20 more days but minus the ones out of the country that probably already know 10 days" klover said intelligently

~2 hours later~

"Hey David s....so...son how would you like to come with us to be traveling for a while" Klover said awkwardly "k..Klover I mean dad what do you mean how many days" David said awkwardly " it's ok call me what ever you want and also 10 days" Klover said while still awkward but also happily "ok dad I'll come with you and obviously mom will be coming so ok let's go" David said " ok and yes she is coming let's get ready I already told her to get ready so how about I help you get ready packing food and clothes should take no longer than 4 hours now then let's begin
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