Raging Love Chapter 13

13 To Much Candy Cake

"So David which clothes do you want the clothes with blue overalls and red shirt or a red overalls with blue shirt oh they seem to both have the same type of socks hmm boring much well the socks and shoes are black formal shoes with black long socks so which clothes" Klover said with a cool tone of voice and a bored tone too "um can we take both I like them both" David said confusingly "why didn't I think of that you know your a smart kid even smarter than me you will be a great kid I bet when you grow up I still can't believe though that you are my son" Klover said jokingly "well I can dad and by the way I'm already grown up see" David said as he takes of his shirt and tries to flex even though his stomach is mostly full of chocolate and vanilla cake and he looks chubby " aww thats my little man but I guess since your already a grown up I can't give you a super kiddy thing I'll just have to give it to my other son"Klover said sarcastically "wait I have a brother and what y....yo.....your going to leave me waaaa" David said while crying and running while Klover tried to follow him but David goes to his mom and Rebecca is going super mommy " you have another son how dare you cheat on me" Rebecca said as she also cry's "it was a joke god it's everyone sensitive these days your my only son and your my only fiancé" Klover said with a cool and romantic tone " really dad so your not replacing me and your not leaving me " " really dam I fell for that didn't I " they both said but different words " wait a second what is that is that ....candy cake! Why so many the kid is going to have a lot of cavity's " Klover said uncool like "well we will be going in a few minutes the fairy cake is just a snack and there called fairy cake not candy cake" Rebecca said cool like "ok sorry let's go then we got 10 minutes and I got to train in my magic ok so ya" Klover said with Fear of his fiancé and son "ok well you better get learning with that magic dad or I'll hit you with my magic of cake " David said with love and anger
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