Raging Love Chapter 14

14 To The Kingdom Of Wind

"Are you to ready" Klover said "yes!"they both said "ok go to the bathroom or if you feel like your forgetting something go get it"Klover said seriously " umm dad I don't know where the bathroom is can you help me find it and momma also Said I can't go by myself and that some one needs to help me since I'm two"David said while blushing "ok I'll go with you and I'll help you" Klover said with a sad defeated tone of voice

~ 4 minuets after the bathroom and on the road~
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"So dad where are we going to first" David said in curiosity "first is the wind kingdom most kingdoms are pritty nice and they don't give us hard core task just deals but one kingdom does give us a really hard task the kingdom of destruction they are a hard nut to crack and I did learn some spells from the dragon book" Klover said " why do we have to go to the wind first the princess and the prince are a-"Rebecca said before being interrupted by Klover "they are just annoying that was the word your mom was going to say" Klover said nervously not wanting his son to repeat what his mom said "ya that is definitely what I was going to say" Rebecca said sarcastically "ok dad and mom can I go to sleep I'm tired and my stomach hurts from all that cake"David said while holding his cake filled stomach and looks like he's going to cry "see this is why we shouldn't have Brought all that cake it's unhealthy and ya of course you can sleep it will be about a hour of driving by carriage"Klover said with compassion while also upset "thank you hmmm"David said after drifting to sleep "well I'm sorry you need to really have fun and lighten up dear he's only 2 years old let him be please and what can you know more them me hmmm I've had him since he was a baby Hmmm" Rebecca said as she angerly crossed her arms in anger "sorry your right well I'm sorry I'm estimating this should take about 8 days and counting probably that super hard task it's about 9 this is going to take a while well I'm going to sleep to wake me up when we're there" Klover said while trying to sleep "no don't not only will I need someone to talk to also you do remember that if you sleep you move and David will wake up especially with his head on your lap and his feet on my lap.....wait a second why is his feet on my and not his head! I've lived with my son more I shouldn't have to deal with him kicking me you should have to deal with him kicking you" Rebecca said like it was unfair "I'm surprised you noticed now and by the way you do know he like me more right I took him out more when he was a baby even though he's still a baby and I'm tired please can I sleep"Klover said logically "fine go to sleep" Rebecca said "thank you I love you so much" Klover said

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