Raging Love Chapter 15

15 The Winds Proposal

"Hey sweetheart we're here and my love wake up" Rebecca said while slightly touching David and poking Klover and saying wake up repeatedly "I'm up momma yawn "David said while yawning "why is it so hard to wake your dad up what is he dreaming"Rebecca said while picking David up to make sure not to bump heads with Klover

~ while in Klover a dreams~

"Oh shit I'm here again why am I here"Klover said "Klover listen to me you don't know what you are doing stop trying to deal us away you are my son don't do this you don't even know the full story" the dragon of night said "oh so what is the full story hmm" Klover said angerly "I can't tell you you must look where it is day and night but the walls are only black and the emblem is a black crescent moon that is where you will find your answers" night dragon said cryptically "what the hell why is everyone in my life so god dam cryptic and what are you talking about where it is DAY AND NIGHT BUT THE WALLS ARE BL....your talking about the darkness castle aren't you and where there is a crescent moon your talking about the crescent moon library in the night kingdom which is also known as the dark kingdom..... wait a second do you not know the true answer that's why you can't tell me"Klover said figuring out the puzzle "yes that kingdom in the floor room thing and yes we can't really see in this world and if we do try to see we are not using magic we are instead using are life span look if we were trying to destroy your world don't you think we would have done that already" dark dragon said "what do you mean wait are you speaking cryptic again and what do you mean if you want to destroy the world you would have done that already explain what you can ASAP please"Klover said "no I'm not! Listen and ok look the spell that is holding us what ever your mom told you was a lie about bla bla bla us inslaving your race she's lying this is how it really happened well the short one any way look basically the spell that was used was ours but it was used by humans and over the time the spell that binds us had been weaken and if we really wanted to leave we would all have to use a bit of our life span together to overload the binding spell but we don't want to be confined into what the elf's dwarf and humans call us we want to be our own people please"dark dragon said "I know your licking I'm not on my mothers side because her story sounded a tad bit held back look we'll talk later just stop right now" Klover said "ok"dark dragon said

~normal world~
for visiting.

"Hmm were am i" Klover said confusingly "well since you weren't waking I had a guard drag your heave butt into the room with the king of winds "oh well dam"Klover said " ok sense he came to we shall put down our proposal the proposal is that you and my daughter shall have something that is of both kingdoms like a child and there is no negotiation it's either that or let the world end "king of winds "what! I can't have a child... you know what the world is more important then this proposal so i shall take you on this proposal after we save the world of course "Klover said cautiously" nope you and my daughter will do it today none stop until she gets pregnant" king of winds said "what the actual fuck is wrong with you people do you not know that me and Rebecca just got back together and I'm not looking to have any more responsibilities besides David "Klover said "well first it's called Insurance to make sure the bargain isn't held back on either ends and I guess you can do without me" king of wind said as he stands a walks towards the door as clear as wind "fine! I'll take the deal" Klover said
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