Raging Love Chapter 18

18 Going To King Of Destruction Part2

"Why mommy and daddy I thought you to were good why....why.... why would you do that you guys when I was growing up we're my hero's I thought you guys where good not bad" David said as he cry's and starts to throw up thinking about the people "we are good but this world is bad and we'll do what ever it takes for you to be recognized isn't that right hun" Rebecca said as the carriage moves and Klover while looking at the window turns around and is really crying "You think I couldn't deal with that most of those people there... actually raised me my dad always was off and gone it was hard I didn't want to do it but I had to I had no other option and I want your dreams to come true"Klover said while still crying "there's always an option dad and I didn't want my dream to be used as a.. a fuel for this so stop using it as a fuel"David said as he starts to cry again "your right I shouldn't have done this I...I should pay for what I did I should die... I deserve it and it's like what the high council said I'll do anything to get something so I deserve to die"Klover said as he shifts his hands to his knife but David stop him "don't dad please don't I'm sorry I love dad just please don't talk like that's" David said as he's still trying to stop Klover from hurting himself and he hugs him and David slowly falls asleep whispering I love you to his dad and his dad whispering he loves him to
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~at fire kingdom~

"Hey wake up where here"Klover said Continuously but David isn't budging so he leaves David to his sleep and he carries David and kisses him on the forehead and tries to make sure david doesn't fall while Klover is carrying him "we are almost there"Rebecca said as both Klover and Rebecca look at the kingdoms poverty "okay where here I'll take David to a guard and tell them of prince ice and princess of fire have arrived"Klover said as Klover spots a guard he runs strait to him "hey mister guard can you tell your lord that the prince of ice and the princess and prince of fire are here" Klover said to the guard Klover was enjoying the conversation until...."why don't you tell him your fucking self you stupid rayon's always think your entitled but your not" disrespectful guard said with a massive attitude "please do it don't make me hurt you a lot!" Klover said as soon as he said that the guard hurried up and did as he asked because he was afraid for his life

~30 minutes of waiting~

It has past 30 minutes Klover and Rebecca we're impatient they both wanted there son on a bed then the guard comes back telling them that the king has sorted a room for the boy and the guard leads both of them into a nice red pearly room full of extract paintings and book and a fire place as Klovers strength is strong but his arms are tired because of his sons wait he thought is this boy 300 pounds or something as Klover walks towards the bed he tries to put David down on the bed but David won't let go of Klover's neck so Klover tries to life his arm and lay his arm and body on the bed but fails as David puts his arms immediately back on klovers neck but the guard notices and says the meeting will take place in 24 hours or so you might want to just lay down with your son "ok good idea thanks " Klover said as he lays down with David arms around his neck and tries to lay as comfortable as can be and it may have took a few minutes but Klover fell asleep and woke up 4 hours before the meeting and he was greeted by his sweet sons face wide awake and poking Klover to wake up to "what....what do you want? I'm so tired" Klover said "never mind maybe I'll just go ask mommy she's probably up"David said as he twiddle his Thumb and his pointing fingers together in embarrassment "No you don't have to sorry I was just tired I believe in 4 hours I got a meeting today and I'm just trying to get as much rest as possible"Klover said sorrowfully "are you sure daddy I can just go ask mommy"David said "yes I'm sure" Klover said "can you make me some food and can you help me in the bath please" david said "ok...so if you are eating I might as well to and I might as well go to the bathing room to" klover said but in his mind saying this is going to be awkward As Klover makes eggs and other stuff Klover and David both eat and they both when they are done go to the bathing room completely undressed with nothing but a towel around there waist "come on let's get you cleaned" Klover said while cleaning David and so many questions about klover's Willy and why is it hairy as minutes turn to an hour Klover and David get out and get dressed and Klover does stuff with his son for about 3 hours then head to the meeting
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