Raging Love Chapter 21

21 It Was Hard..

"Hey stop there you brat give that food back NOW!" Random dude said while hurting for a child of that age of 5 or 4but the boy is to fast for the old random merchant who is to and when I mean to I mean to over weight "haha mister you can't catch I'm to fast while your to slow your a fat pig but bigger Maha! How embarrassing losing to a almost 5 year old!" unknown cloaked boy said as he continued to run for about six more miles he bumped into somebody "crap sorry mister I didn't know you were there!!" Boy said as he looked at the person he bumped into he shook and as the guy the kid bumped into he looked at his face and was angered "Klover!! What the hell are you doing" king author said "m' lord that brat took some of my stores food" "well that 'beat' is my son prince Klover of ice so you should watch your mouth-" king author said as he said that klover bumped into reality and as he saw his son running away he stopped him and as the merchant cane closer he stopped when he saw Klover "m'lord I'm so sorry for bothering you but that boy he...he stole a whole sack of food and I need to get it back and give him to the authorities" the merchant said while twinkling his thumbs and biting his lip "I'm so sorry for any inconvenience my son had caused....David give me the food" Klover said while stretching his hand out and signaling David to give it to him but it took a couple of minutes as Klover was getting tired he tried to snatch the bag out of his hands but it failed as David was holding onto it for dear life then when Klover speaks "David why don't you give it to me please so I can give it to him and what's a lot of food to you we got a lot more at the castle" Klover said "you wouldn't understand if I told you" "try me" "the fat bastard was eating the food instead of selling it and when someone begged he didn't give them any he just watched as they sat hungrly and even when he does sell food there mostly either expired or expensive so only the noble people or mid people can buy it it's just not fair dad" "language and is this true " "sorry dad" "that kid is lying you know all kids they lie" "well my kid doesn't lie and he's smart and kind unlike you for what my son told me because he never lies to me I will put guards guarding the area and stuff and I will have daily reports if my reports are good I'll stop and do something with my son but if the reports seem bad and one or all the guards has been paid to fake a report I will fire the guards and you will be arrested and if you think about killing my guards I will have you arrested and burned or other execution methods do I make my self clear" Klover said passionately "as crystal m'lord"merchant said hesitantly "guards take all the food to the poor and homeless people mostly the children an then put up post at the shop" Klover said "yes me' lord "all the guards said

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At dinner Klover,David, Ben and klovers new fiancé queen of wind Amy sat at dinner eating a banquet of food "so honey I was thinking can you take Ben out with you he needs time with his dad and plus it's almost his birthday and he's almost 2 plus maybe this could help him with his mental disability"Amy said when Ben was born they noticed a disability as he grown up when it was his first birthday as other kids would be able to walk or some type of talk Ben couldn't he still acted like a baby he could only crawl and cry that's it " sure I'll take him out to the riverbank then the candy shop and maybe more shops because I don't have anything tomorrow since tomorrow is his birthday in all and David I got to talk to you" klover said "ok dad bye little brother love you"david said as he places a small kiss on his brothers forehead and after he went to the hallway and his dad followers to "what is it dad" David said respectfully "what is wrong with you today you stole a merchants food if you wanted the homeless to have food you could've told me not rob a man" Klover said angrily "like you would listen I've been telling you about the homeless for weeks and what was it you said oh I'll get to that later you kept on saying it" David said mocking Klover "well I didn't realize it you should have said it louder and I know this isn't just about the homeless what else is it about is it about your mom come on tell me"Klover said trying to be calm and puts his hand on David's shoulder and kneel "no...yes it's just why did you have to marry her princess of wind the person my mom hated and why are you replacing mom it's stupid" he said angrily "because I had to how do I explain this not long before your mom broke my heart I had fell in the with the wind but when the stuff happened and I left to the fire and I'll skip the boring parts and plus she was pregnant " Klover said but surprisingly he didn't make much sense "never mind like you would understand as you don't miss my mom because you hated her"he said rudely "oh don't play this card again I must her as much as anything I love her sure she was a tiny... okay maybe not tiny a lot scary I still love her and miss her"Klover said as he started to tear up as memories come back "um dad i didn't mean to bring back memories I'm sorry I just miss her and I love you"david said apologizing and hugging his dad as he starts to cry to
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